Chapter 2951 - Chu Feng’s Test

Chapter 2951 - Chu Feng’s Test

At the same time as Chu Feng, Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren were stopped, another scene was happening at the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Four Halls Main Palace.

There were five people there. Three among them were the Military Hall, World Spirit Hall and Treasure Hall’s Hall Masters.

As for the fourth one, he was the Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master, Chu Xuanzhengfa.

However, the current Chu Xuanzhengfa was no longer as domineering as before. He… was actually kneeling in the Four Halls Main Palace.

He was kneeling before an old man.

Although that person was an old man, he had the face of a middle-aged man.

The reason why he was obviously an old man and not a middle-aged man was because of his head of long, snow-white hair.

His snow-white hair was so long that it actually reached the ground, spreading across it.

However, not a strand of his hair was tainted by dust.

Apart from his head of white hair, this old man was also wearing a long white robe. His white robe resembled snow. It could be seen that this old man was someone who was truly fond of being clean.

That said, the most astonishing aspect of this old man was most definitely not his outfit or his middle-aged man’s face.

Instead, it was his domineering aura of a ruler. He was someone that others would feel reverence for with a single glance.

As for this person, he was the second strongest expert in the Chu Heavenly Clan right now, Chu Hanpeng.

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, do you know your wrong?” Chu Hanpeng asked calmly. However, although he was not angry, his question was very overwhelming.

“Lord Supreme Elder, this junior was indeed in the wrong for being disrespectful toward my seniors.”

“However, I do not feel there’s anything wrong with my calling for Chu Feng’s return to our Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“You want to bring some trash that we’ve exiled back into the clan, yet you dare to say that you’re not wrong?!”

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, you are truly daring! Do you not even place Lord Supreme Elder in your eyes?!”

“Fortunately, your wings are still not hard enough. Otherwise, could you be planning to unleash your oppressive might to suppress even Lord Supreme Elder?!”

Once Chu Xuanzhengfa said those words, he was immediately reprimanded by those three Hall Masters.

It would appear that Chu Xuanzhengfa had truly left an enormous grievance upon them after suppressing them with his oppressive might.

Now that the opportunity had presented itself, they were inclined to execute Chu Xuanzhengfa on the spot.

However, at this moment, Chu Hanpeng raised his hand. He did not say anything. However, he was indicating to the three Hall Masters to shut up.

This Chu Hanpeng was the backing of those three Hall Masters. Naturally, they would not dare to go against Chu Hanpeng’s desires. Even though they were feeling very unreconciled, they still immediately shut their mouths and said no more.

“Chu Xuanzhengfa, tell me why you think that it is not wrong to bring trash that we’ve exiled back into the clan.”

“If you are capable of providing with this old man a justifiable reason, we can consider this matter settled. Otherwise, this old man will definitely not let you off with only kneeling today,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“Lord Supreme Elder, firstly, when Chu Xuanyuan make that enormous blunder back then, Chu Feng was still only a child. That matter is unrelated to him. He should not have been implicated to begin with,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“Unrelated to him? If it wasn’t for him, would Chu Xuanyuan make that sort of enormous blunder? Would he do that sort of thing?” The Military Hall’s Hall Master interrupted.

“That was Chu Xuanyuan’s own decision, and not Chu Feng’s intention. Thus, how was it Chu Feng’s fault?”

“If someone goes and kills someone for you, must you be penalized alongside the killer?” Chu Xuanzhengfa asked.

“You…” Hearing those words, the Military Hall’s Hall Master revealed an ugly expression. He was at a loss as to how to refute Chu Xuanzhengfa.

However, right at this moment, the Treasure Hall’s Hall Master said, “Chu Xuanzhengfa, you are distorting the truth. The actual reason why Chu Feng was deemed trash and deposed of was not because of what Chu Xuanzhengfa did. Rather, it is because Chu Feng himself possessed no talent for martial cultivation.”

“Leaving someone like him in our Chu Heavenly Clan would be a disgrace to our Chu Heavenly Clan. That is the reason why we exiled him from our Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Hah…” Hearing those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Seeing the disdainful smile on Chu Xuanzhengfa’s face, the Treasure Hall’s Hall Master felt extremely displeased.

“Senior, you said earlier that Chu Feng was expelled from our Chu Heavenly Clan because his talent for martial cultivation was insufficient, right?” Chu Xuanzhengfa asked instead of answering.

“Of course,” The Treasure Hall’s Hall Master said with certainty.

“In that case, two seniors, do the two of you also feel that to be the case?” Chu Xuanzhengfa turned his gaze to the Military Hall and the World Spirit Hall’s Hall Masters.

“You are asking a question that you already knew the answer to,” The two Hall Masters said. Furthermore, there were a trace of ridicule in their tone as they said those words. They were looking at Chu Xuanzhengfa like they were looking at a fool.

“If that’s the case, then we should have Chu Feng return to our clan even more so. As everyone in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm knows, Chu Feng is not trash incapable of training in martial cultivation. On the contrary, he’s a martial cultivation genius,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“This…” Hearing those words, the three Hall Masters all frowned.

It was only at this moment that they realized that they’d actually fallen for Chu Xuanzhengfa’s trap.

“Lord Supreme Elder, do you think this junior is correct?” At this moment, Chu Xuanzhengfa turned his gaze to Chu Hanpeng.

“It is possible for Chu Feng to return to our clan. However, he must first undergo a test,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“Undergo a test?”

“Lord Supreme Elder, what sort of test do you want Chu Feng to take?” Chu Xuanzhengfa asked.

“It’s mainly a test of two aspects.”

“Firstly, we must prove if Chu Feng really possess talent for martial cultivation.”

“Secondly, we must prove that he is indeed Chu Xuanyuan’s son.”

“Thus, this old man has decided to have that Chu Feng ascend the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps,” Chu Hanpeng said.

Hearing those words, Chu Xuanzhengfa was immediately joyous.

As for the three Hall Masters, their faces sunk.

Chu Hanpeng had only just exited his closed-door training. Thus, he might still not understand Chu Feng well. However, the three of them had already heard about Chu Feng.

Merely by the things Chu Feng had done in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, it was simply an effortless task for him to ascend the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps.

However, right at this moment, Chu Hanpeng added, “Chu Feng must ascend to the eighth Heavenly Lightning Step. Otherwise… he will be considered to have failed the test.”

Once he said those words, those three Hall Masters and Chu Xuanzhengfa’s expressions immediately switched.

The three Hall Masters that originally had ugly expressions on their faces immediately became joyous.

As for Chu Xuanzhengfa, he started to frown.

As members of the Chu Heavenly Clan, they all knew very well how difficult it was to ascend to the eighth Heavenly Lightning Step.