Chapter 2699 - Murderous Gaze

Chapter 2699 - Murderous Gaze

“Our Holy Daughter saw you and felt that fate had brought you here. Thus, she wants to see you,” the old man said with a smile.


The words spoken by the old man were like a sudden clap of thunder that exploded in the hearts of everyone present.


“The Holy Daughter actually felt that fate brought him here?”

At that moment, countless envious gazes began to run up and down Chu Feng’s body.

In fact, Chu Feng even received many voice transmissions.

Those voice transmissions were all from the people present. They were all asking Chu Feng how he got to know the Holy Daughter. There were also some asking for his name and a few that started to flatter him directly.

Of course, there were also reckless individuals that started to threaten Chu Feng, telling him that he must not act impudently toward the Holy Daughter unless he wanted to be taught a lesson.

It was as if the Holy Daughter belonged to them. Chu Feng felt very speechless from those threats.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt his body starting to float. Then, his body started to automatically float toward the summit of the mountain peak.

Soon, Chu Feng arrived at the summit. Upon landing on the summit, he was able to see those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations at close range.

They were revealing very ugly gazes. In fact, Chu Feng was able to sense deep hatred and anger from their eyes.

Evidently, they who had considered themselves to be extraordinary were already feeling very displeased after being refused entrance by the Holy Daughter.

And now, someone actually managed to receive the Holy Daughter’s invitation. This caused them to feel extra displeased.

“Young master, please enter.”

Right at that moment, one of the Starfall Eight Immortals opened the entrance to the palace.

“Thank you.”

Chu Feng courteously clasped his fist at that old man, then, showered with gazes of envy and hatred, he entered the palace.

After Chu Feng entered the palace, the entrance closed by itself.

Inside the palace, Chu Feng was able to see that the palace was much larger than he had imagined it to be.

It possessed many floors. At this moment, Chu Feng was on the first floor. It was a vast palace hall.

There were thirteen doors outside the palace hall. However, all of them were closed.

The decorations and arrangements inside the palace hall were very impressive. The palace hall itself was also emitting a dignified air all around.

That said, a faint aroma was coming from somewhere.

That aroma was very pleasant-smelling. However, it was evidently not the natural fragrance of the Holy Daughter. Instead, it should be some sort of aroma-emitting substance.

In short, being in that palace hall made one feel very comfortable.

Chu Feng did not randomly walk around the palace hall. Instead, he courteously clasped his fist and said, “I am Chu Feng. I have come here after receiving the invitation from the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter.”

However, Chu Feng did not receive any response after saying those words. It was as if the palace hall was completely empty.

Feeling helpless, Chu Feng spoke again. However, he still didn’t receive a response.

“The heck is this? She called you in here, but is not planning to meet you?”

“Is she trying to deliberately toy with you or deliberately putting on airs? Chu Feng, go and find her.”

Her Lady Queen was growing impatient. She felt that Chu Feng was being toyed with.

The reason for that was because those people from the Chu Heavenly Clan were clearly conversing with the Holy Daughter outside the palace. This meant that she was most definitely there.

Yet, she was not showing herself to Chu Feng. There would only be a single explanation for this. That is, she did not plan to see Chu Feng.

“Let it be. I never planned to see her anyways. It’s fine if she doesn’t plan to see me,” compared to Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng remained very indifferent.

Then, Chu Feng clasped his fist again and said, “It would appear that the Holy Daughter is not planning to see me. Since that’s the case, this one shall take his leave.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng began to walk toward the exit. However, upon reaching it, Chu Feng discovered that he was unable to open the gate. Furthermore, regardless of how he knocked on the door or shouted, there was no reaction from the people outside.

He was able to clearly see the people outside and hear their conversations. Yet, it appeared that the people outside were simply unable to see or hear him.

Just like that, Chu Feng continued to stay in the palace hall for roughly an hour. Finally, the gate opened.

Merely, it was opened by the old man standing outside the gate.

When the gate opened, Chu Feng was able to sense tens of ill-intended gazes shooting toward him in a uniform manner.

Like invisible blades, they were fixed onto him. Those gazes wanted to pierce into his body, rip his flesh apart and scatter his blood all over.

Chu Feng was not surprised by the ice-cold gazes.

Perhaps this was due to the fact that Chu Feng had stayed in the palace for an entire hour.

During this period of time, the people outside had attempted to continue to chat with the Holy Daughter. This was especially true for that Chu Xianshuo. He even called out for the Holy Daughter many times in a very gentle manner.

Unfortunately, there was no response from the Holy Daughter at all.

This led those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations to feel even greater hatred for Chu Feng. In fact, he was able to sense killing intent aimed at him.

Likely, they must be thinking that the Holy Daughter had decided to ignore them because she was wholly concentrated on chatting with Chu Feng.

“Young master, have you enjoyed a delightful chat with our Holy Daughter?” That old man asked Chu Feng with a smile on his face.

He most definitely also felt those ill-intended gazes from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations. However, he was reacting as if he didn’t see them at all.

At that moment, Chu Feng smiled lightly. He said, “Your Holy Daughter possesses quite a personality.”

“Haha. That’s an interesting evaluation. It is the first time that I have heard someone giving such an evaluation of our Holy Daughter,” that old man said with a faint smile.

“If there’s nothing else, this one will take his leave,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was growing impatient. He felt that he had been toyed with by the Starfall Holy Land. Or, at least, he had been toyed with by the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter and the Starfall Eight Immortals.

“What is your name?”

Right at that moment, an ice-cold voice sounded. It was that Chu Heavenly Clan’s Chu Xianshuo.

Chu Feng turned around and replied, “Chu Feng.”

“Got it. You can go.”

Chu Xianshuo waved his hand at Chu Feng impatiently. It was as if Chu Feng were his slave that he could order to leave and go at will.

However, Chu Feng did not bother to argue with him. Instead, he planned to jump down from the summit and leave.

Right at that moment, a man from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s group of younger generations asked curiously, “Big brother Xianshuo, why did you ask for his name?”

“I merely wanted to know exactly who it was that stepped on such dog shit luck,” Chu Xianshuo said mockingly.


“So that’s the case. I was right, how could big brother Xianshuo possibly care about a nameless nobody like that?”

After hearing what Chu Xianshuo said, those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations burst into mocking laughter.

Not only were they laughing mockingly, but they even started to belittle Chu Feng. In fact, they were even looking at Chu Feng with mocking gazes. It was as if they were looking at a weakling, mere trash.

They firmly believed that Chu Feng did not possess the courage to even turn around. Faced with their mockery, Chu Feng could only quickly escape like a feral dog.

After all, they were young masters and young ladies from the Chu Heavenly Clan. They possessed status capable of making countless people respect and revere them in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.


However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly stopped walking.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were startled by Chu Feng’s sudden stop. This was not what they had expected him to do.

As for what Chu Feng did next, it shocked them even more.

Chu Feng turned around and looked to the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations with a smile on his face. He was not angry. Instead, he was very calm.

“Dog shit luck?”

“Could it be that you all are referring to the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter as ‘dog shit?’”

“Elders, they are disrespecting your Holy Daughter here.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng looked to the Starfall Eight Immortals.