Chapter 2941 - Battle Between Exalted

Chapter 2941 - Battle Between Exalted

“Humph, Chu Xuanzhengfa, you are truly looking down on this old man too much.”

“Today, if it were your father stopping me, I, Yuwen Huazang, would naturally not dare to do anything.”

“However, you? Haha… it is not that this old man is looking down on you, but you’ve just become an Exalted not too long ago, no?”

“As for this old man, I have been an Exalted for many years now.”

“Very few people among rank one Exalted would be able to contend against this old man.”

“Much less a brat like you who’s just become an Exalted,” Yuwen Huazang said to Chu Xuanzhengfa.

Yuwen Huazang’s attitude at that moment was completely different from before. It turned out that he was not really afraid of Chu Xuanzhengfa. Instead, he was deliberately acting submissively earlier.

He was actually waiting. He knew very well that he would not be able to do anything to Chu Feng with that Illusory Blood Lotus present. The reason for that was because not even he could pass through the crimson fog.

The restrictions brought forth by the Illusory Blood Lotus were most definitely not a legend. Instead, they truly existed. Even he had suffered at the hands of the Illusory Blood Lotus before.

Thus, he was waiting for the Illusory Blood Lotus to disappear. Once it did, he would immediately reveal his fierceness.

And at that moment, not only had Yuwen Huazang completely revealed his nature and determination to kill Chu Feng, but he even showed that he held Chu Xuanzhengfa in contempt.

“That’s true, even though Chu Xuanzhengfa is powerful, he is not very old. He should have only just become an Exalted not long ago. After all, when I saw him last time, he was still a peak Martial Immortal. Will he really be able to match that old demon Yuwen Huazang?” Hearing what Yuwen Huazang said, many people present started to worry for Chu Xuanzhengfa.

Yuwen Huazang was simply too infamous. The attitude that he was expressing at that moment had indicated that he was not afraid of Chu Xuanzhengfa.

Furthermore, it was common knowledge that the Exalted-level martial power was extremely difficult to control. Through the different levels of mastery toward one’s Exalted-level martial power, one’s strength would also differ. Yuwen Huazang had been an Exalted-level expert for many years. Furthermore, he was very talented in terms of martial cultivation. Among the rank one Exalted, he was indeed a well-known figure.

Faced with such a Yuwen Huazang, Chu Xuanzhengfa was truly in a very difficult position.

That said, compared to the worries from the crowd, Chu Xuanzhengfa’s expression remained unchanged. He remained very calm.

He continued to look at Yuwen Huazang with a sharp gaze. With an extremely calm tone, he said, “I’ve already said it. You can give it a try.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa’s words were spoken very indifferently. However, they were very domineering.

While Yuwen Huazang did not place Chu Xuanzhengfa in his eyes, Chu Xuanzhengfa had never placed Yuwen Huazang in his eyes either.

Faced with such contempt from Chu Xuanzhengfa, a member of a younger generation, Yuwen Huazang’s expression grew even more sinister.

“In that case, I will take care of you first,” As Yuwen Huazang spoke, he immediately unleashed his attack.


Suddenly, ear-piercing explosions rang out. Heaven and earth started to tremble violently. The powerful force was visible to the naked eye. It was currently sweeping through the surroundings with an extremely fast speed.

At that moment, the people present, regardless of their cultivations, all felt a certain sensation.

Death. It was the sensation of death. At that moment, they all felt death before them.

However, the sensation of death soon disappeared. Another surge of power had enveloped them.

It was Chu Xuanzhengfa’s aura. It was Chu Xuanzhengfa who had acted to save them.


That said, while Chu Xuanzhengfa’s aura had managed to protect the crowd before Yuwen Huazang’s attack arrived, Yuwen Huazang’s attack still arrived immediately after.

When Yuwen Huazang’s attack arrived, the crowd lost their ability to fly. Like a bunch of loose leaves encountering a powerful storm, the crowd were immediately blown several tens of thousands of meters away.

At that moment, the crowd were feeling even greater appreciation and joy. They were rejoicing at the fact that Chu Xuanzhengfa had protected them. Otherwise, that one attack would have be sufficient to take their lives.

At that moment, they were all feeling extremely thankful toward Chu Xuanzhengfa.

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

After the crowd were all blown far away, the rumbles where Chu Feng, Chu Xuanzhengfa and Yuwen Huazang were started to grow even more intense. Many energy ripples began to sweep forth unceasingly.

From a glance, that place was akin to the apocalypse. It was truly frightening.

The crowd were all far away, and did not dare to approach. However, even though they were so far away from it, they were still able to clearly see the enormous and powerful energy ripples exploding and surging in the sky. Even space itself was shattered by the energy ripples. That region had turned pitch-black. However, when Chu Xuanzhengfa and Yuwen Huazang unleashed their martial skills, that region would turn dazzlingly bright. Following that, more waves of energy would sweep forth.

Likely, this was what hell would be like.

“It is truly frightening. So this is a battle between Exalted-level experts? It is truly amazing!”

At that moment, not to mention the people from the younger generation, even the experts from the older generation had lingering fear on their faces.

This battle between Chu Xuanzhengfa and Yuwen Huazang had far surpassed their expectations.

They were unable to even tell what sorts of attacks the two of them were using. Nor were they capable of catching sight of their silhouettes. They were only able to feel the surging power of their attacks that seemed capable of destroying this entire region.

With the situation being like this, the crowd noticed that the Ghost Sect Hall’s Grand Defensive Formation had been activated.

This was something that could not be helped. After all, Yuwen Huazang and Chu Xuanzhengfa were simply too powerful. If they did not activate their Grand Defensive Formation, merely the energy ripples from their battle would destroy the entire Ghost Sect Hall.

Exalted-level experts were that frightening. Even to peak Martial Immortals, they would still be existences akin to gods. It was an insurmountable gap.

At that moment, Xia Yun’er and the others were standing on the Ghost Sect Hall’s city wall. This could be said to be the most dangerous location.

Fortunately, the energy ripples from the two Exalted-level experts were blocked by the Grand Defensive Formation.

That said, the energy ripples were violently battering the Grand Defensive Formation, and even caused small cracks to appear on it.

When just the energy ripples were already like that, if an Exalted-level expert were to attack the Grand Defensive Formation directly, it would definitely not be able to block it.

“Senior, will Chu Feng be okay?”

Xia Yun’er asked the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master. Her worry for Chu Feng was present in her beautiful eyes.

Yuwen Huazang and Chu Xuanzhengfa’s energy ripples were spreading like waves of rapid explosions. Perhaps it was due to the abilities that they were using, but Xia Yun’er was simply unable to see through the energy ripples even when using her world spirit techniques. She was unable to see what sort of situation Chu Feng was in.

Because of this, Xia Yun’er grew worried for Chu Feng.

“Miss Xia, what you’re capable of seeing is also what this old man is capable of seeing. What you cannot see, this old man also cannot see,” The Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master said.

Once he said those words, Xia Yun’er started to frown.

Even the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall master was unable to see through the energy ripples. Exalted-level experts were truly powerful.

“However, you don’t have to worry. I feel that since Chu Xuanzhengfa was capable of protecting us, the spectators, he would naturally be able to protect little friend Chu Feng,” The Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master said.

“But, didn’t Senior Chu Xuanzhengfa only just become an Exalted?” Xia Yun’er was still worried.

She did not feel that Chu Xuanzhengfa would be capable of handling Yuwen Huazang.

“Indeed, one needs time to increase one’s martial cultivation and strength. However, there is a type of person that is capable of rapidly cutting down that time. Do you know what those people are?” The Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master asked.

“They’re geniuses,” Xia Yun’er said.