Chapter 2935 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword

Chapter 2935 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword

“Chu Huanyu, Song Yunfei, do the two of you still feel that Chu Feng was trying to deceive you all, that he was deliberately trying to stop you all from entering the crimson fog because he himself did not dare to enter it?” Suddenly, a sweet-sounding voice was heard.

However, that voice felt extremely uncomfortable when it reached Chu Huanyu and Song Yunfei’s ears.

After all, that voice was filled with mockery.

Furthermore, the person who said those words was none other than a person with an extraordinary status, Chu Lingxi.

“Humph, the difficulty of the crimson fog was right before our eyes. There was simply no need for him to warn us.”

“Although we failed to obtain that Immortal Armament, we have, at the very least, attempted to do so. We at least possessed the courage to enter the crimson fog. What about Chu Feng?” Chu Huanyu mocked.

Even though he had already experienced the might of that crimson fog for himself, he did not feel that Chu Feng’s warning was important.


Right at that moment, after being cared for and treated by the various experts present, those people of the younger generation that had lost consciousnesses began to wake up.

After waking up, they all revealed expressions of lingering fear on their faces. After personally experiencing that sort of illusion, they were truly unable to remain calm.

Suddenly, a person of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation asked, “Where’s Chu Zhong and Chu Ban?”

He clearly remembered that those two people had entered the crimson fog together with him. How come he didn’t see them at the moment?

“That’s right, where’s Chu Zhong and Chu Ban?”

“Eh? How come the number of our Starfall Holy Land’s disciples has also decreased?”

Soon, the people that had just woken up realized that they were missing a lot of people.

Someone sighed and said, “They’ve already died.”

“What? Died?!!”

Upon hearing those words, not only those that had just woken up, but even Chu Ruoshi, Ren Xiaoyao, Song Yunfei and Chu Huanyu revealed a change in expression.

It was only at that moment that they realized that they actually had a brief encounter with death.

When they looked at the crimson fog above their heads, even they revealed lingering fear in their eyes.


Right at that moment, the Illusory Blood Lotus began to gather its petals once again.

It was like last time. Although the Illusory Blood Lotus had gathered its petals, the crimson fog emitted by it was still present.

Furthermore, there was no sign of it weakening.

Soon, that Illusory Blood Lotus bloomed once again. With that, the density of the crimson fog grew stronger once again.

In fact, this time around, the dangerous aura emitted by the crimson fog came right at the crowd. Everyone present could sense how powerful that crimson fog was.

However, at that moment, the crowd simply had no heart to concern themselves with the even more powerful crimson fog.

At that moment, the crowd’s eyes were deeply captivated by the center of the Illusory Blood Lotus.

The treasure there had changed once again. The peerless Immortal Armament from before had been replaced by a short sword.

That short sword was completely black in color. It was a meter in length.

[1. Quite certain that is not short… how long were the swords the people in MGA swinging around?]

At a glance, it did not appear extraordinary at all. In fact, even among Immortal Armaments, it could only be considered mediocre.

However, three characters were carved on that short sword. It was those three characters that captivated the crowd’s eyes.

Chu Hanxian!!!

On the black short sword was carved ‘Chu Hanxian.’

“It’s the Blackflame Ghost Sword!”

“The Blackflame Ghost Sword that has been lost for so long actually reappeared?!”

“It was actually in the Illusory Blood Lotus?!!”

Soon, an enormous commotion sounded from the crowd. They had become extremely excited upon seeing that Blackflame Ghost Sword. They were much more excited now than they had been when they saw that peerless Immortal Armament earlier.

At the same time as they were feeling excited, the crowd also turned toward the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

“That is the Immortal Armament Chu Hanxian personally refined, a clan-protection treasure of the Chu Heavenly Clan. The Chu Heavenly Clan would retrieve it, right?” Someone said quietly.

However, when they saw the sword, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations did not have much of a reaction. They were only captivated by the characters ‘Chu Hanxian’, and didn't seem to know the origin of the sword.

The person of the younger generation who became the most emotional upon seeing the Blackflame Ghost Sword would be none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had always been a calm individual. However, at that moment, his emotions ran out of control. When he saw the Blackflame Ghost Sword, even his body trembled slightly.

It was not that Chu Feng was not a calm individual. Rather, when he saw the characters ‘Chu Hanxian,’ he was simply incapable of keeping calm.

After all, that was his grandfather.

“Little friend Chu Feng, are you alright?”

The Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master noticed the change in Chu Feng, and turned to ask him about it.

Elder Xingyi, Xia Yun’er and several people from the older generation present also noticed the change in Chu Feng.

At that moment, their eyes were all focused on Chu Feng. They were looking at Chu Feng with profound gazes.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng shook his head. Then, he asked, “Senior, what is the origin of that sword?”

Hearing those words, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master revealed a slight change in expression. He had already guessed that Chu Feng’s current condition might be caused by the Blackflame Ghost Sword. And now, he was certain of it.

However, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master did not ask too much about it. Instead, he began to inform Chu Feng of the Blackflame Ghost Sword’s origin.

It turned out that the Blackflame Ghost Sword was the first Immortal Armament created by Chu Hanxian. Furthermore, the material used to refine it was a very rarely seen treasure called Blackflame Ghost Iron.

Blackflame Ghost Iron was reportedly a demonic item that appeared out of the blue. It was purchased by the Chu Heavenly Clan with a high price for the sake of refining a powerful weapon.

Unfortunately, the Blackflame Ghost Iron possessed an intelligence of its own. If one wanted to refine it, one must first subdue it. Unfortunately, subduing it was simply too difficult. Not a single person in the entire Chu Heavenly Clan managed to accomplish it.

Unable to do anything, the Blackflame Ghost Iron ended up being placed in storage by the Chu Heavenly Clan for an extended period of time.

Later on, Chu Hanxian emerged out of nowhere and became a super genius whose name shook the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Later on, he challenged the Blackflame Ghost Iron that no one had managed to subdue.

In the end, not only did Chu Hanxian successfully subdue it, but he even personally refined it into an Immortal Armament. That was how that Blackflame Ghost Sword came to be.

Whilst the Blackflame Ghost Sword did not appear to be powerful, the people that knew of it all knew very well how frightening it was. It was even deemed to be the strongest Immortal Armament before.

The reason why the Blackflame Ghost Sword was that powerful was mainly because it was composed of Blackflame Ghost Iron. Of course, the contributions from the creator of the Blackflame Ghost Sword, Chu Hanxian, could not go unnoticed either.

Because of that, the Blackflame Ghost Sword became a clan-protection treasure of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Originally, the Blackflame Ghost Sword was always the sword that accompanied Chu Hanxian.

That was the case until one day, when Chu Hanxian suddenly told the people of the Chu Heavenly Clan that he had lost the Blackflame Ghost Sword.

Due to Chu Hanxian’s status in the Chu Heavenly Clan, and the fact that he was the one to subdue the Blackflame Ghost Iron and refine the Blackflame Ghost Sword from it, the Chu Heavenly Clan did not say anything about it.

However, it remained that the Blackflame Ghost Sword was a clan-protection treasure. As such, the Chu Heavenly Clan felt extremely distressed by its loss.

Furthermore, rumor had it that the upper echelons of the Chu Heavenly Clan had been searching for the Blackflame Ghost Sword the entire time.

And now, the Blackflame Ghost Sword had reappeared. Naturally the crowd would feel extremely astonished. Likely, no one had expected the Blackflame Ghost Sword to be within the Illusory Blood Lotus.

Naturally, they also began to feel great expectations toward the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

They all felt that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations would likely not let this opportunity slip by, that they would retrieve this clan-protection treasure of theirs.