Chapter 2932 - Xia Yun’er’s Attitude

Chapter 2932 - Xia Yun’er’s Attitude

“Humph, defame you?”

Faced with Chu Feng’s words, Chu Huanyu merely sneered. Then, he asked, “Was it not you who won ten million Immortal Martial Stones from the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince?”

“What? The Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince?”

“Chu Feng won ten million Immortal Martial Stones?”

“What sort of situation was that? That couldn’t possibly be real, right?”

Once Chu Huanyu said those words, the crowd were all astonished.

They were curious as to exactly who Chu Feng had offended the entire time. What Chu Huanyu said revealed the answer to their question.

The person Chu Feng offended was actually someone from the Goldenstone Royal Clan. Furthermore, he was not an ordinary young master. Instead, he was the youngest prince.

What was the Goldenstone Royal Clan? Everyone present knew who they were.

They were the overlord of an Upper Realm. They were a huge monster on the same level as the Chu Heavenly Clan.

As for the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince, he was the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Clan Chief’s biological son. His status could be described using two words: extremely extraordinary.

For people of that level of status, not to mention ordinary people, even people with status and strength would not dare to offend them.

That said, since it was Chu Huanyu who said those words, the crowd were, although astonished, feeling slightly skeptical.

After all, they were unable to verify the certainty of the claims.

Thus, after Chu Huanyu finished saying those words, the crowd subconsciously turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

Being the focus of countless eyes, Chu Feng said calmly, “It was me.”

“It really was him? Chu Feng really won ten million Immortal Martial Stones from the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince?”

“Heavens! Ten million Immortal Martial Stones, wouldn’t that be a thousand Immortal Armaments?”

After the truth was verified, the astonished expressions on the crowd’s faces grew even more intense.

They thought to themselves, ‘This Chu Feng’s reputation of being a maverick and out of control is truly well-deserved.’

Upon thinking of that, they started to feel admiration for Chu Feng.

This was especially true for the people of the younger generation. Their feelings toward Chu Feng were no longer merely admiration. They were simply idolizing Chu Feng.

In fact, the eyes with which the women among the younger generation were looking at Chu Feng had changed. They were simply wanting to devote their lives to Chu Feng without seeking anything in return.

“During the auction, the one who started a bidding war against the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Clan Chief and forced him to leave; was it not you?” Chu Huanyu asked again.

“It was me,” Chu Feng said decisively.

Once Chu Feng said those words, the astonishment on the crowd’s face grew even more intense.

It turned out that Chu Feng had not only offended the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince, but he had even offended the most powerful existence in the Goldenstone Royal Clan, their Clan Chief himself.

As they became more astonished, the crowd also started to feel even greater admiration toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng actually managed to force the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Clan Chief to leave through a bidding war. This was no longer a question of boldness. Rather, Chu Feng really did possess a certain amount of strength. At the very least, Chu Feng’s financial strength was extremely powerful.

“The person that left the auction hall before the auction ended, was that not you?” Chu Huanyu asked again.

“That was me,” Chu Feng answered without the slightest hesitation again. However, after answering, he asked, “What’s this? Just because I left early, it means that I am afraid of retaliation and am running away?”

“If I was afraid, I wouldn’t have gambled against the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s youngest prince to begin with, much less enter a bidding war against his father after winning against him.”

“In that case, why did you leave the auction so hurriedly?” Chu Huanyu asked.

“I was merely not interested in the following items that were to be auctioned. That’s all,” Chu Feng said.

“Humph, who would believe you?” Chu Huanyu smiled coldly. He firmly believed that Chu Feng had escaped in fear.

“This old man can testify to what little friend Chu Feng has said.”

Right at that moment, the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master spoke. Then, he said to the crowd, “After little friend Chu Feng left the auction hall, he went to directly find people from our Ghost Sect Hall to convert his goods. During that entire time, there was no trace of panic on his face at all. That is not an expression of someone in fear of their life.”

Once he said those words, the crowd started to believe Chu Feng.

At the same time, they grew even more certain that Song Yunfei and Ren Xiaoyao were deliberately smearing Chu Feng’s name.

Of course, Chu Huanyu was included too.


Faced with the testimony from the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master, Chu Huanyu merely let out a cold snort. He continued to have an expression of refusing to accept that to be true.

It was as if he would remain indifferent to the fact regardless of what Chu Feng or anyone else said.

Seeing this, Xia Yun’er suddenly spoke. She said, “Actually, Elder Xingyi and I left the auction hall together with Young Master Chu Feng.”

“If leaving the auction early means that one is feeling afraid of something, then wouldn’t it mean that Elder Xingyi and I were also afraid?”

“However, we seem to have not offended anyone at all.”

Once Xia Yun’er said those words, an enormous commotion immediately emerged from the crowd. With even Xia Yun’er saying this sort of thing, it served to prove with greater certainty that Song Yunfei and the others were deliberately defaming Chu Feng.

After all, Xia Yun’er was also someone from the Starfall Holy Land.

What reason would she have to help Chu Feng and denounce Song Yunfei?

There could only be two possibilities for this. Either she was an extremely righteous person and was speaking the truth, or she had fallen for Chu Feng, and would rather go against her senior brother and place him in a difficult situation to stand on Chu Feng’s side.

Of those two possibilities, the crowd was more willing to believe the former.

After all, the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter was someone with an appearance akin to a celestial fairy. The crowd felt it very unlikely for her to fall for someone.

Regardless, Xia Yun’er’s words possessed a greater effect than the words from the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master.

The reason for such an enormous effect was because she was the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter. However, she said words that could be viewed as being detrimental to the Starfall Holy Land.

For the crowd present, this was an extremely enjoyable show. Regardless of whether they were feeling astonished, feeling admiration or feeling disdain toward anyone, it remained that they were merely spectators.

However, it was different for Song Yunfei. He was someone involved in the matter, someone who had fallen deeply in love with Xia Yun’er, someone that had considered Xia Yun’er his fiancee.

When he heard what Xia Yun’er said, he felt as if his heart was raging violently. He was enormously upset.

He was feeling as if his wife had eloped with someone else. Furthermore, she had even turned around to stab him in the back. It was a truly unbearable feeling.

Thus, at that moment, Song Yunfei’s expression had changed completely. It had turned extremely ugly.

“Look, the treasure from the Illusory Blood Lotus has been retracted.”

Right at that moment, someone let out a cry of alarm.

Turning over to look, the Illusory Blood Lotus that was originally blooming had gathered its petals again.

That said, while the petals had gathered together and retrieved the previously-exposed treasure, the crimson fog emitted by the Illusory Blood Lotus was still there.


At the moment when the crowd were confused, the Illusory Blood Lotus actually bloomed again.

This time around, it was no longer a crimson dagger in the center of the Illusory Blood Lotus. Instead, it was a black blade. That blade was also an Immortal Armament. However, its quality was much better than the crimson dagger from before.

It was an absolute gem of an Immortal Armament.

It was an Immortal Armament that was comparable to Chu Feng’s Immortal Archery Bow.

Thus, when that Immortal Armament appeared, the crowd’s eyes all changed.

After all, that was a peerless work of art among Immortal Armaments, a treasure worth ten million Immortal Martial Stones.

That said, whilst the crowd’s eyes were all deeply captivated by that absolute gem of an Immortal Armament, while they were feeling extremely excited, Chu Feng’s eyebrows narrowed even deeper.

Chu Feng discovered that the crimson fog this time around was even more intense than before.

However, that was not what was important. Most importantly, Chu Feng felt an extremely dangerous aura from the crimson fog.

That sort of sensation was telling him that he absolutely must not approach it.

‘That Illusory Blood Lotus is simply too strange,’ Chu Feng thought to himself.