Chapter 2927 - You’ve Courted A Major Disaster

Chapter 2927 - You’ve Courted A Major Disaster

After being surprised, Chu Feng actually felt even more at ease.

If the Goldenstone Royal Clan had come for him to begin with, if their intention was to kill him from the very start, Chu Feng's decision to provoke them was most definitely the correct one.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to understand why the Goldenstone Royal Clan wanted to take care of him. After all, before this, there had been no conflict between him and the Goldenstone Royal Clan.

Could it be that someone had requested their assistance?

But... who could it be?

Who was capable of requesting the assistance of the Goldenstone Royal Clan's Clan Chief?

"Forty million Immortal Martial Stones, is there a higher bid?"

During the moment when Chu Feng was pondering, Old Man Gui Chou was closing the bidding on the stage. He was confirming the result of the auction.

Once he said those words, the crowd in the auction hall all started to spiritedly discuss the matter.

How could there be an even higher bid than that?

Even if the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram was an extremely rare treasure, ten million Immortal Martial Stones for it was already extremely expensive.

As for forty million Immortal Martial Stones, it was simply not worth that much, simply not worth that much!!!

"Fifty million Immortal Martial Stones."

However, right at that moment, another bid was heard.

Once that bid was heard, the crowd were all astonished.

There was actually really someone bidding even higher?

Fifty million Immortal Martial Stones? That person was truly crazy!

Even if it was a bidding war, there shouldn't be a reason for the bids to be this enormous, no?

An increase in a hundred thousand or a million Immortal Martial Stones would do. Why directly increase the bid by ten million Immortal Martial Stones? If this wasn't insane, what would it be?

At that moment, everyone's gazes were focused onto the source of the voice. Even Chu Feng and the others on the summit looked over to the direction of the voice.

At that moment, countless eyes were fixed on a single person.

That individual was wearing a grey gown. His gown covered his face completely. It was simply impossible to see his face. As such, no one knew who he was.

"Who was it? He actually bid such a high price?"

At that moment, it was not only the people from the auction hall that were spiritedly discussing the matter, even the younger generation's geniuses at the summit of the auction hall were spiritedly discussing it.

Someone capable of bidding fifty million Immortal Martial Stones was most definitely not a minor character.

"Chu Feng, do you still plan to continue bidding?" Her Lady Queen asked.

She was actually asking this question because she wanted to urge Chu Feng against continued bidding. The price had gone too high. There was no reason for Chu Feng to continue.

Moreover, that person had bid fifty million Immortal Martial Stones from the get-go. Who knew if that person would continue to bid even higher if Chu Feng were to continue bidding.

"Forget about it, forty million Immortal Martial Stones is my limit. I would not be able to bear anything more than that," Chu Feng said.

Even though Chu Feng really did want to obtain the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram, things would either be worth it or not worth it.

Chu Feng felt that the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram was only worth forty million Immortal Martial Stones. Since he was determined on its value, he would absolutely not bid fifty million Immortal Martial Stones. Even if Chu Feng were capable of bidding fifty million Immortal Martial Stones, he would not bid that high.

"Fifty million Immortal Martial Stones, are there any higher bids than that?" Old Man Gui Chou asked.

At that moment, there was an unconcealable smile on his aged face. He was so excited that he was actually sweating uncontrollably.

As an auctioneer, he had stood on the auction stage for many years. However, never had he been so incapable of remaining calm and collected as at that moment.

His reaction was understandable. After all, the Grand Auction Assembly this time around was simply too abnormal. The bidding war actually pushed the final price much higher than anticipated.

The reason for that was because only the people from the Ghost Sect Hall knew that they had already purchased the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram. Furthermore, they had purchased it for only seven million Immortal Martial Stones.

Thus, they had most definitely profited enormously this time around.

"The current bid is fifty million Immortal Martial Stones. Are there any higher bids?" Old Man Gui Chou asked again.

In the end, no one attempted to bid again. The Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram had been won by that mysterious individual wearing a grey gown with fifty million Immortal Martial Stones.

"Look at Old Man Gui Chou. He's so happy that he is simply unable to stop smiling."

"Unfortunately for them, they don't even know who that grey-gowned fellow is. What if that person deliberately won the item without any intention to purchase it? What are they going to do then?"

A member of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation started to mock the current situation.

The reason he said that was because he did not believe the current situation.

He did not believe that there would really be someone who would spend fifty million Immortal Martial Stones to win the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram. As such, he felt that it was someone deliberately causing trouble.

"The Ghost Sect Hall has opened their auction hall for many years. They possess the experience to face all sorts of situations. If you don't believe me, have a look," Elder Xingyi pointed down below.

Upon looking, it was discovered that the Ghost Sect Hall had already dispatched elders to that mysterious grey-gowned individual.

Perhaps they were worried that the grey-gowned individual would leave, or did not possess a sufficient amount of Immortal Martial Stones. As such, they were planning to keep him there first.

"Humph, so what if they could contain him? Without Immortal Martial Stones, the most they can do would be to kill him. However, they will end up suffering enormous losses," That member of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation said.

At that moment, Chu Ruoshi said, "If someone tries to cause trouble and win an item without sufficient funds, that person would not only be seriously punished, but the item won would also go to the previous highest bidder."

"Of course, this is something that they would have to discuss with the previous highest bidder. If the previous highest bidder refuses to accept the item, the Ghost Sect Hall would have to bear the losses."

"So that's the case. Big sis Ruoshi, you sure know a lot. You have truly broadened my horizons."

Once Chu Ruoshi said those words, that member of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation immediately revealed an enlightened and grateful smile.

That smile seemed have the word “bootlicking”, written all over it.

That said, that member of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation dared to even contradict someone like Elder Xingyi. However, he reacted very respectfully toward Chu Ruoshi. From this, it could be seen that Chu Ruoshi's status in the Chu Heavenly Clan was no small matter.

After the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram had been won by someone else, Chu Feng was not interested in the following Immortal Armament. Thus, he bid his farewell to Chu Ruoshi, Chu Lingxi and the others, and then prepared to leave.

Seeing Chu Feng leaving, Xia Yun'er and Elder Xingyi actually followed Chu Feng and left as well.

After they left, a man arrived beside Song Yunfei and asked quietly, "Brother Song, why is it that I feel like Miss Xia and Elder Xingyi are not people of your Starfall Holy Land, but rather Chu Feng's attendants?"

"If you dare continue to blabber nonsense, I will cut out your tongue," Song Yunfei revealed an extremely displeased expression upon hearing those words.

That man hurriedly lowered his head and did not dare to say anything anymore.

Even though he was also a person of extraordinary status, he was still fearful of Song Yunfei.

While Song Yunfei was extremely displeased by what that man had said, he still turned to look in the direction which Chu Feng, Xia Yun'er and Elder Xingyi had left in. Coldness filled his eyes as he clenched his fists tightly.

'Chu Feng, you must die,' Song Yunfei said to himself.

Chu Feng, Xia Yun'er and Elder Xingyi directly arrived at the Ghost Sect Hall's location for auctioned goods transactions.

Even though the Grand Auction Assembly was still not over yet, Chu Feng was able to receive the goods that he had won through the auction ahead of time.

To Chu Feng's surprise, he was once again invited to the Ghost Sect Hall’s grand palace. Furthermore, the person receiving him was once again the strongest expert in the Ghost Sect Hall, the Ghost Sect Hall's Hall Master.

At that moment, the Ghost Sect Hall's Hall Master was sitting on a seat. In his hand was a teacup. He was currently enjoying his tea.

While he had a frightening appearance, his movements were extremely refined.

When he saw Chu Feng, he immediately lowered his teacup.

He said, "Little friend Chu Feng, you've courted a major disaster."

"I'm afraid that you will not be able to leave our Ghost Sect Hall safely today."