Chapter 2909 - Chu Feng’s Eyesight

Chapter 2909 - Chu Feng’s Eyesight

Seeing that Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er had separated, the crowd that had followed them up also separated in two.

Had it been before, a beauty like Xia Yun’er would definitely be the focus of the crowd. This was even more so when geniuses like Song Yunfei and Ren Xiaoyao were with her.

Logically, the great majority of people should be following Xia Yun’er and Song Yunfei.

However, the reality was that both Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er shared the limelight. Half of the people that had followed them up to the second floor actually chose to follow Chu Feng.

From this, it could be seen how much importance the crowd held Chu Feng in. To them, Chu Feng possessed a great amount of attractiveness.

Soon, Xia Yun’er’s joyous laughter and the crowd’s praises sounded from nearby.

Even without looking, Chu Feng knew that it must be because the Black Crystal Stone opened by Song Yunfei possessed quite a harvest.

As for Chu Feng, he was walking and observing with his Heaven’s Eyes. Merely, his Heaven’s Eyes did not appear to be different at all now.

To others, Chu Feng was simply looking around with an ordinary gaze. They simply had no idea that Chu Feng was using a special ability.

After observing the surrounding Black Crystal Stones, Chu Feng finally stopped before a meter tall Black Crystal Stone.

"Young Master Chu Feng, that Black Crystal Stone is of poor quality. You must not open it, or you will end up losing money."

"That's right. Young Master Chu Feng, you absolutely must not open it. Please trust me, I have been in this Stone Gambling Hall for three hundred years now. I am practically certain that there's nothing inside that Black Crystal Stone. It is simply useless trash."

"Truly! How could a worthless Black Crystal Stone like that be placed here? Isn't this simply trying to scam people?"

"That's right, that's right! What a scam! I had originally thought that the second floor's Black Crystal Stones would be of high quality; never would I have expected them to be this disappointing."

Before Chu Feng said anything, there were people from the crowd behind him that immediately warned him against it. They were determined that the Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had chosen was useless trash that did not contain anything.

"If you all knew things so well, you would not have been hanging out on the first floor for so long, and losing more than winning."

A mocking voice was heard. It was from an elder of the Ghost Sect Hall. After Chu Feng arrived on the second floor, that elder had been following Chu Feng. In his hand was a black blade.

That black blade was called 'Stone Opening Blade.' It was especially used to cut open Black Crystal Stones.

The reason why that elder had been following Chu Feng was because he was waiting for Chu Feng to select a Black Crystal Stone that he was interested in, after which he would cut it open it for him.

This guest service was a special characteristic of the Stone Gambling Hall. There were actually a lot of elders like that whose job was cutting open Black Crystal Stones for their patrons.

"Humph, it's a worthless lump of rock to begin with. No matter what you say, it's still worthless."

"That's right, that's a worthless lump of rock. Young Master Chu Feng, you must definitely not allow yourself to be deceived by him. He is trying to dupe you."

The surrounding crowd were filled with confidence. They felt that they possessed piercing eyes capable of seeing through the worth of the Black Crystal Stones. Even though that elder mocked them, they still refused to accept it, and continued to insist that their judgement was correct.

As for that elder, he merely chuckled at the words of the crowd. He did not bother to argue with them.

After all, in the Stone Gambling Hall, there were more gambling addicts than honored guests.

Those gambling addicts did not possess any skill, but were exceptionally confident, and frighteningly stubborn.

That elder had witnessed countless people like them, and had grown accustomed to their behavior. Thus, he had no desire to bother arguing with them.

"Senior, could you help me open this Black Crystal Stone?" Chu Feng took out eight hundred Immortal Martial Stones and spoke to that Ghost Sect Hall's elder.

Eight hundred Immortal Martial Stones was the price of that Black Crystal Stone. In the end, Chu Feng had decided to open that Black Crystal Stone.

"Young Master Chu Feng, why aren't you listening to our warnings? That really is a worthless lump of rock."

"That's right, Young Master Chu Feng, you must not be impulsive, you must reconsider things."

Seeing that Chu Feng had made his decision, a large group of people immediately started urging him against it again.

At that moment, that elder was finally unable to contain himself. He shouted, 'Shut up!" Then, he said, "Since you all are not planning to open it yourself, you should shut up. Do not disturb Young Master Chu Feng."

Seeing the reaction from that elder, the crowd became even more certain that it was a scam.

Even though they no longer said anything, they began to secretly send voice transmissions to Chu Feng to urge him against opening that Black Crystal Stone. They were sure that the elder was trying to dupe Chu Feng.

However, the following words spoken by that elder stunned all of the crowd.

"Young Master Chu Feng, our Lord Hall Master has given the order. If you are to come here to play, you would not have to pay anything. If any Black Crystal Stone fancies your interest, this old man will cut it open for you. As for the Immortal Martial Stones, there's no need for them," That elder said.

"What? There's no need to pay anything to cut open the Black Crystal Stones?"

"Heavens! What sort of treatment is this?! As expected of Young Master Chu Feng, what an enormous amount of face he has been given!"

At that moment, the crowd burst into an uproar. Admiration and envy filled their eyes as they looked to Chu Feng.

As gamblers, they deeply wished to be able to receive this sort of treatment. They yearned to be able to cut open any Black Crystal Stone in the Stone Gambling Hall without paying anything.

This was simply something that they would not even dare to dream about.

"Humph," Right at that moment, an extremely displeased cold snort sounded from Song Yunfei, who was not far away.

The reason for that was because he had also managed to hear what that elder said.

He had lost his composure precisely because he had heard those words.

After all, he was a frequent guest. However, the very most the Ghost Sect Hall had ever done for him was to charge him a cheaper price. Never had they ever let him open Black Crystal Stones for free.

Song Yunfei would naturally feel extremely displeased at the difference in treatment. This was even more so when Chu Feng was his enemy.

"I must still pay. Otherwise, it would be meaningless for me to play the game. Senior, please accept it."

However, Chu Feng insisted on pushing the Immortal Martial Stones in his hand to that elder's hand.

"Little friend Chu Feng, there really is no need for that."

The elder smiled. As he spoke, he raised the black blade in his hand and prepared to slice it at the Black Crystal Stone.


However, right before the blade could land, Chu Feng's hand grabbed the old man's arm. He said, "Senior, if you insist on this, this Chu Feng will not open that Black Crystal Stone."

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and planned to leave.


At that moment, that elder revealed a panicked expression. He looked to a figure not far away.

The location he was looking at was the entrance to the third floor. A grey-haired old man was sitting there.

That old man's hair was extremely long. It was over three meters long. Likely, the length of his hair surpassed his height.

At that moment, he was still there in a cross-legged manner. His long grey hair was scattered all over the floor. This caused him to give off a profound and mysterious sensation.

That grey-haired old man's eyes were closed the entire time. However, he seemed to know everything. With his eyes still closed, he said, "Lord Hall Master's desire is for Young Master Chu Feng to play to his heart's content. Since he insists on paying, you should follow his will and accept his payment."

"This subordinate is slow-witted. Milord, thank you for your guidance."

After hearing those words, the elder with the black blade hurriedly nodded. Then, he immediately stepped forth and pulled back the leaving Chu Feng. He then took the initiative to accept the Immortal Martial Stones Chu Feng held in his hand.

"Senior, that's more like it," Chu Feng said.

That elder replied with a beaming smile. "Little friend Chu Feng, this old man will cut open this Black Crystal Stone for you right away."

After he finished saying those words, he started to carefully cut open the Black Crystal Stone with the black blade he held.

His movements were very skilled. However, he was also very careful. The reason for that was because the Black Crystal Stones had to be cut open through special methods.

The one cutting the Black Crystal Stones had to make certain that the Immortal Martial Stones inside remained intact. As such, they had to be very careful.

"Young Master Chu Feng's battle power and world spirit techniques are definitely without question. However, his judgement of stones is simply lacking too much."

After that elder started cutting the Black Crystal Stone, many people started to shake their heads and sigh repeatedly. They were determined in their hearts that Chu Feng's eyesight was bad.

In fact, there were even people that refused to bother looking at the result. They were practically certain that it was a worthless lump of stone without any Immortal Martial Stones inside.

"Heavens! There really are Immortal Martial Stones inside?!"

Suddenly, someone let out a cry of alarm. Following that, everyone turned their gazes over.

Upon doing so, the surrounding crowd were all astonished. In fact, even the elder cutting the stone revealed a surprised gaze.

One must know that he had only cut over a dozen times so far. He had only cut the outer layer. However, golden-bright Immortal Martial Stones were already visible.

Furthermore, judging by its appearance, it was no small amount of Immortal Martial Stones.

This many had already revealed themselves even before the Black Crystal Stone was completely cut open.

If it were completely cut open, how many Immortal Martial Stones would there be?