Chapter 2695 - Strange Gate

Chapter 2695 - Strange Gate

“It’s too late, he has already left,” The old man said.

“Damn it,” Hearing those words, the woman started to stomp her feet angrily. There was even killing intent in her eyes.

“Master, why didn’t you stop him when you knew he had stolen the natural energies?”

“Should I have waited ten years in vain?” The woman grumbled to the old man.

“Haha, I’ve already said that I’m leaving this place to you. Thus, you are to manage this place.”

“Since you failed to manage this place properly, you cannot blame others,” The old man said with a smile on his face.


The woman curled her lips. Although it was an adorable look, the expression in her eyes grew more and more complicated. One could not fathom what she was thinking.


Not long after Chu Feng left that place, the feeling of unease gradually disappeared.

Merely, Chu Feng still did not dare to proceed for the light vortex. He was afraid that the woman possessed the backing of an expert, and that that expert was secretly tailing him.

That light vortex was connected to the mystical wasteland. Chu Feng did not wish for others to find out about it.

That said, Chu Feng was feeling unreconciled. Thus, after he walked down the mountain, he did not leave immediately. Instead, he continued his observation of the Sacred Mountain from outside.

Chu Feng felt that with how vast and mystical the Sacred Mountain was, it might be possible that the spirit formation he had discovered was not the only thing people had utilized the Sacred Mountain for. Perhaps there were others that had left things behind in the Sacred Mountain.

To Chu Feng’s joy, not long afterward, he discovered another unusual region.

That place was not as obvious as the place with the grand formation that was controlled by that woman. However, Chu Feng was certain that this place was definitely strange.

Thus, Chu Feng entered the Sacred Mountain again and proceeded directly toward that location.

That place was the same as the grand formation capable of absorbing natural energies that he had discovered earlier. Upon reaching it, however, Chu Feng was unable to discover anything special about this place.

This meant that whoever concealed it had concealed it extremely well.

With the situation being like that, Chu Feng could only set up the Secret Ground Revealment Formation to use with his Heaven’s Eyes.

Fortunately, Chu Feng succeeded again.

There was a remnant hidden deep beneath the ground.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to enter that remnant. The reason for that was because there was only a single entrance. The entrance was a large, dark purple gate.

That gate was a hundred meters tall and fifty meters wide. It stood before Chu Feng like a small mountain. Compared to it, Chu Feng appeared to be extremely small.

The gate seemed to be made of stone. However, it was extremely tough. With the strength that Chu Feng possessed, he was simply unable to force the gate open.

Furthermore, carvings filled the entire gate. Those carvings were all skulls. It was a very malevolent and frightening sight.

Those were not only human skulls. There were also many monstrous beast skulls. Those skulls looked very vivid and lifelike. It was truly extremely strange.

Upon seeing the gate, Her Lady Queen said, “Chu Feng, this remnant is likely very remarkable.”

“Eggy, by remarkable, do you mean that this remnant is very dangerous, or that it contains treasures?” Chu Feng asked.

“Merely this gate is already emitting an overwhelming demonic aura. Likely, this remnant is extremely dangerous.”

“I think that it is best that you do not open that gate,” Her Lady Queen said.

Her Lady Queen was rarely afraid of anything. However, that gate caused her to feel extremely uneasy.

“Even if I wanted to open that gate, I would not be able to. A special key is required,” Chu Feng said as he pointed to the center of the giant gate.

There was a recess at that location. That recess was very small. It was roughly the size of two palms.

The shape of that recess was very peculiar. From its shape, one could tell that the key to the gate was also extraordinary.

“Since we can’t open it, let’s leave,” Her Lady Queen urged.

She was feeling increasingly more uneasy, and wanted Chu Feng to leave this place quickly.

Her Lady Queen felt that this remnant was an ominous place.

“Yes, Milady Queen. This servant will leave immediately,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. Then, he left that place and began to walk toward the outside of the Sacred Mountain.

“Milady Queen, why did you urge me to leave? Could it be that… you also felt that sort of uneasy sensation?” Chu Feng asked.

“So you also felt it?” Her Lady Queen was very shocked.

“I have. However… you’re still in my world spirit space. You shouldn’t have been able to sense that sort of uneasiness.”

“It would appear that this should be visual shock. Merely by seeing it, one would feel uneasy all over one’s body,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean by that?” Her Lady Queen said.

“There are only two possibilities. Either unpredictable danger is really contained behind that gate, or the uneasy feeling was an illusion deliberately put in place by the creator of this place.”

“It could be that this giant gate is not as dangerous as it appears to be. Merely, the illusion that brings about unease will scare away all those that arrive there,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, which possibility do you think is true?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“It’s hard to tell. Either one could be true,” Chu Feng said.

“After hearing what you said, I feel that the second possibility is true,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Why is that?” Chu Feng asked.

“What sort of thing could possibly make this Queen feel fear? It is most definitely an illusion, most definitely fake,” Her Lady Queen raised her exceptionally beautiful face and spoke in a very proud manner.

“Mn, that must be the case. I agree with you,” Chu Feng echoed agreement with a pretend serious expression.

After that, Chu Feng walked down the Sacred Mountain again and began to continue to survey the Sacred Mountain using his Heaven’s Eyes.

This time around, Chu Feng made an entire trip around the Sacred Mountain. However, he was unable to discover anything else unusual.

This caused Chu Feng to feel slightly disappointed. That Sacred Mountain was simply too vast. Chu Feng had surveyed the Sacred Mountain for an entire week. Yet, he was unable to find anything.

Naturally, he would feel somewhat disappointed.

After finding nothing while surveying the Sacred Mountain from the outside, he did not blindly enter. Instead, he returned to Song Xi’s home.

Chu Feng had returned to bid farewell to Song Xi. Chu Feng was planning to leave.

At that time, Song Xi’s mother was still unconscious. However, both her aura and appearance no longer resembled that of a sick individual.

This made Song Xi feel with greater certainty that Chu Feng had truly completely removed the poison from his mother’s body. Seeing Chu Feng’s return, Song Xi was extremely grateful, and started to thank him repeatedly. He even kneeled to Chu Feng.

“That’s enough. Why are you always this courteous? How many times must I tell you to stop acting like this?” Chu Feng cast a side eye at Song Xi.

“Chu Feng, it is truly not that I am being overly courteous. Rather, you are the person who saved my mother’s life. The grace that you’ve bestowed upon me is simply so enormous that I am simply unable to return the favor.”

“If I do not thank you some more, I, Song Xi, will truly have been ungrateful,” Song Xi said.

“Who said that you’re unable to return the favor? I will give you the chance to do so right now,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, please go ahead and order me to do anything. Even if you want me to climb a mountain of blades or pass through a sea of flames, I, Song Xi, will not hesitate in the slightest,” Song Xi said.

“It’s not that serious. Merely, do you know where I can find materials to create weapons with?” Chu Feng asked Song Xi.

Although Song Xi’s cultivation was not very strong, he was someone who had traveled extensively. Although he couldn’t be said to be someone with a vast amount of knowledge, he was someone who knew about the general situation of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Although Chu Feng was impatient to find Wang Qiang and the others, he could not forget about his mission in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Since he was unable to find Wang Qiang and the others, Chu Feng could only continue on with his mission.

Chu Feng’s mission was no ordinary mission. His mission was to obtain the acknowledgement of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

If Chu Feng wanted to obtain the Chu Heavenly Clan’s acknowledgement, he had to increase his cultivation quickly.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng had refined a vast amount of natural energies in that grand formation located in the Sacred Mountain, he now had enough natural energies to make multiple breakthroughs in his cultivation.

Right now, what Chu Feng needed the most, was to reach the junction to make a breakthrough in cultivation. Through the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart, Chu Feng would be able to obtain martial comprehension. This would allow him the opportunity to reach a breakthrough in his cultivation.

The only problem was that he needed materials to refine weapons with. Currently, Chu Feng did not possess very good materials. That was why he had to search for weaponry refinement materials.