Chapter 2896 - Heaven-defying Queen

Chapter 2896 - Heaven-defying Queen

“You are wrongly accusing me too excessively, no? It was clearly you who collapsed into my bosom and hugged me first.”

“Even if someone is being taken advantage of, it is you who was taking advantage of me,” Chu Feng spoke with a face of grievance.

“Pah! Pah! Pah! This Queen came in to see if you were alive. I just so happened to collide with you by accident, and got dizzy after colliding with you.”

“It was not my intention to hug you, alright?”

Her Lady Queen spoke with a proud expression. However, her exceptionally beautiful face was red like a ripe apple. It was a truly adorable look.

Seeing Her Lady Queen like that, Chu Feng became even more excited. He stood up and said with an extremely shameless smile on his face, “I don’t care, it remains that you’ve taken advantage of me. It is I who was taken advantage of. As such, I must take advantage of you in return.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng rushed toward Her Lady Queen.

“You damned scoundrel! You are simply too daring! You dare to want to take advantage of this Queen?! If you dare to mess around, this Queen will become impolite with you!”

Seeing Chu Feng coming toward her, Her Lady Queen immediately dodged.

“Hehe, Milady Queen, don’t think that you will be able to contend against me just because your cultivation is that of a rank five True Immortal like me. Do not forget that I’ve trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

Chu Feng suddenly stopped. With a thought, the Divine level Lightning Mark appeared on his forehead.

After the Divine level Lightning Mark appeared, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased from rank five True Immortal to rank six True Immortal.

“Milady Queen, you’ve taken advantage of me. Thus, I must take advantage of you back today.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng smiled shamelessly once more. Then, he took a leap and pounced toward Her Lady Queen’s delicate and soft body like a fierce tiger toward its meal.



Right when Chu Feng was about to reach Her Lady Queen, a burst of power suddenly exploded.

Before that power, Chu Feng was actually powerless to resist. After letting out a scream, Chu Feng’s body was knocked flying. In the end, he smashed ruthlessly into the palace walls.

Although Chu Feng was not truly injured, his eyes were wide open by the time he landed.

“Eggy, you…”

Chu Feng was astonished. He was surprised to discover that even after he used the Divine level Lightning Mark and increased his cultivation to rank six True Immortal, he was still no match for a rank five True Immortal-level Her Lady Queen.

The reason for that was because Her Lady Queen not only possessed the cultivation of a rank five True Immortal, she also possessed a power that True Immortal-level experts had lost, heaven-defying battle power.

Furthermore, Her Lady Queen’s heaven-defying battle power was actually capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation!!!

“Eggy, you actually managed to retain your heaven-defying battle power into the True Immortal realm?”

Chu Feng was endlessly surprised. One must know that Chu Feng also possessed a powerful heaven-defying battle power back when he was a Martial Ancestor.

However, after Chu Feng entered the True Immortal realm, his heaven-defying battle power disappeared.

It was not only him. Everyone’s heaven-defying battle power disappeared upon entering the True Immortal realm. That was the price of becoming a True Immortal-level expert.

However, evidently, this sort of price was not something that everyone had to pay. At least… Her Lady Queen’s heaven-defying battle power was still present.

“That’s right, this Queen’s heaven-defying battle power is still here. Thus, if you dare to act impudently again, do not blame this Queen for being ruthless,” Her Lady Queen spoke proudly.

“Amazing, Milady Queen, how did you accomplish that?” Chu Feng asked.

“This is the legendary ‘talent.’ A mere nobody like yourself would not be able to understand it,” Her Lady Queen raised her little face and spoke in a joking manner.

“Could it be that all Asura World Spirits are like this?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course not,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I understand now,” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke with a serious expression.

“What did you understood?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I finally understand why my mother would not capture other world spirits, and instead insist on sealing you within my body,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Her Lady Queen frowned. She was speechless.

Even though Chu Feng was clearly praising her, she felt very uncomfortable after hearing those words. After all, she was forcibly captured by Chu Feng’s mother. Who would be fond of being forcibly captured and then imprisoned like a criminal?

“Regardless, from now on, this Queen will be able to protect you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Of course. With Milady Queen here, likely no one beneath the Heavenly Immortal level of cultivation would dare bully me.”

Chu Feng was not joking around when he said those words.

Her Lady Queen possessed the cultivation of rank five True Immortal. Furthemore, she possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation. She was truly capable of looking down on True Immortals from above.

Even if she were not considered to be truly unparalleled among True Immortals, extremely few True Immortals would be able to defeat Her Lady Queen.

“If anyone dares to bully you, this Queen will take their measly little life,” Her Lady Queen spoke proudly.

Then, she looked to the palace and started frowning. She said, “This is the so-called Legacy Inheritance? There’s nothing here.”

“No, Milady Queen, please look.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his spirit power soared out of his body like flames.

“That is… Exalted level spirit power?! Chu Feng, you’ve become an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist?!”

Her Lady Queen became extremely excited upon seeing Chu Feng’s spirit power.

“This is nowhere near what I’ve obtained from here,” Chu Feng said.

“What else did you obtain?”

“Quickly, show this Queen,” Her Lady Queen said with extreme curiosity.

After seeing Her Lady Queen in there, Chu Feng no longer felt any urgency to leave. As such, he sat down with Her Lady Queen and began to tell her about his encounter in the palace.