Chapter 2894 - The Actual Inheritance

Chapter 2894 - The Actual Inheritance

In other words, if Chu Feng were to reconstruct a weapon through using both the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique and the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart, not only would Chu Feng’s world spirit power increase, but he would also gain martial comprehension that would allow him to increase his cultivation.

To put it simply, this Weaponry Reconstruction Technique was simply made for Chu Feng.


Just when Chu Feng was engulfed in admiration, the series of words in the sky started to gather. In the end, they formed a ray of light that shot straight into Chu Feng’s head and assimilated with Chu Feng’s mind and body.

It turned out that the inheritance had gone straight to Chu Feng’s body. It was directly acquired by Chu Feng. Furthermore, the inheritance could not be conveyed through words, making it impossible to impart to others.

In other words, the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique was something that only Chu Feng could use.

At that moment, Chu Feng was overwhelmed with excitement. He was thinking about how his cultivation speed would become even faster now that he had obtained the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique that he could use together with the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart.

“Say, senior, what is the meaning of this?”

Soon, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He looked to Exalted Archer’s tombstone with a helpless expression on his face.

He was surprised to discover that the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique in his head was actually incomplete.

Incomplete, it was actually incomplete.

The Weaponry Reconstruction Technique that Exalted Archer considered to be a treasure was actually incomplete.

‘Wouldn’t this mean that he’s toying with me?’

Chu Feng immediately felt black lines running down his head. He felt a great amount of malice.

That Weaponry Reconstruction Technique was actually incomplete. This meant that it would have no use at all.

Thus, Chu Feng felt as if he had been toyed with by Exalted Archer.


Right at that moment, a ray of light suddenly emerged from the stone case. It was a vast spirit formation.

That spirit formation was extremely exceptional. It was something created by a world spiritist above Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak.

That spirit formation was something created by a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

“Could it be that Exalted Archer reached the Saint-cloak level?”

“If that’s the case, how powerful was his cultivation?”

“No wonder, no wonder not even the Nine Profound Sect’s Sectmaster was able to forcibly open the remnants he left behind. It turns out that Exalted Archer was actually really powerful.”

After seeing that spirit formation, Chu Feng felt a whole new understanding toward Exalted Archer.

As a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng was able to clearly sense how powerful that spirit formation before him was.

Most importantly, that spirit formation had completely enveloped Chu Feng. Waves of power were being instilled into Chu Feng’s body unceasingly.

Those waves not only contained spirit power, they also contained all sorts of mysteriousness and profoundness regarding world spirit techniques.

When such a situation occurred, Chu Feng hurriedly sat down cross-legged and began to earnestly experience all that was happening around him.

Chu Feng knew from the moment that spirit formation appeared that Exalted Archer was not toying with him.

It turned out, that so-called Weaponry Reconstruction Technique was simply not the actual inheritance.

The actual inheritance was that spirit formation. That spirit formation would bestow the actual inheritance upon Chu Feng.

Sure enough, the power contained within the spirit formation surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

From that spirit formation, Chu Feng actually managed to attain enough comprehension to break through to Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Upon sensing the opportunity to make a breakthrough, Chu Feng immediately started attempting to breakthrough.

“I do not care who you are. However, please enter a contract with me and allow me to come to your world.”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was focused on making his breakthrough, a voice suddenly entered his ears.

The sudden voice startled Chu Feng. He hurriedly asked, “Who are you?”

It was a woman’s voice, a very sweet-sounding yet powerful voice.

She was clearly asking for Chu Feng, and spoke a request, but the tone Chu Feng felt from her voice was very powerful.

“I am from the Asura Spirit World. I wish to follow you,” That sweet-sounding yet powerful female voice was heard once again.

“It’s you? The one that called out to me last time was you?”

Chu Feng felt surprised. When he managed to breakthrough to Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, he had sensed the call of a world spirit. Merely, it was very indistinct that time around. Chu Feng was unable to be certain of the strength and gender of that world spirit.

However, it was different this time around. As the two of them continued to converse, Chu Feng was able ascertain that the person that was calling out to him was a female.

Most importantly, her aura was very powerful. She was not a True Immortal. Rather, she was a Heavenly Immortal.

This person that was calling out to Chu Feng and wanted to become Chu Feng’s world spirit was at least a Heavenly Immortal-level existence.

“It is me. Please enter a contract with me and allow me to follow you,” That woman’s voice sounded again.

“Your strength far surpasses my own. Why do you want to follow me?”

“How did you find me? How was it possible for you to contact me? I have never attempted to contact you before.”

Chu Feng was filled with confusion, and began to ask numerous questions.

However, Chu Feng’s questions were not answered.

That voice had disappeared. No matter how Chu Feng continued to question, she never responded to him.

Soon, her aura also disappeared, completely disappeared. It was as if she had never appeared before.

“The connection with me has been severed?”

“Exactly what’s happening?”

Chu Feng opened his eyes at that moment. Confusion filled his eyes.

Chu Feng felt this matter to be very strange and fishy. He felt that this was not a coincidence. Rather, there was definitely a reason for all this.

However, why would a Heavenly Immortal-level Asura World Spirit seek to follow Chu Feng of her own accord? Furthermore, her tone was so unyielding.

One should know that Chu Feng had attempted to connect with Asura World Spirits before. However, the world spirits from the Asura Spirit World were extremely arrogant and conceited. Any one of them with a slight bit of strength would be unwilling to enter a contract with Chu Feng.

Thus, it was extremely fishy that a world spirit with strength far superior to Chu Feng’s would seek to enter a contract with him of her own accord.