Chapter 2892 - Exiting Of Her Lady Queen

Chapter 2892 - Exiting Of Her Lady Queen

At that moment, the three Nine Profound Sect disciples and the Nine Profound Sect’s elders outside the Inheritance Site all revealed extremely worried expressions.

The Liangqiu sisters possessed an extraordinary status. The Nine Profound Sect had put forth great effort in order to request the assistance of the two of them. Only they themselves knew how much of a favor they’d asked for.

If the Liangqiu sisters were to really die, how would they explain it to Grandmaster Liangqiu?

Grandmaster Liangqiu was someone that their Nine Profound Sect could not afford to offend. Naturally, they would not be able to shoulder the repercussions.


At this moment when the crowd were all worried, they were shocked to discover that the gate chosen by Chu Feng had actually disappeared.

At this moment, there was only a single world spirit gate at the ninth Inheritance Site. It was the left gate which the Liangqiu sisters had entered.

In other words, even if Xia Yun’er and the others wanted to enter Chu Feng’s gate to search for him, they would be unable to do so.

Witnessing this scene, Xia Yun’er’s expression immediately changed, and a complicated expression appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She had truly wanted to kill Chu Feng before after he saw her naked. In fact, her desire to kill Chu Feng was still present before arriving at the inheritance site.

However, she now did not wish for Chu Feng to die. At the very least, she did not wish for Chu Feng to die fighting for them.

At the moment when Xia Yun’er was feeling dispirited by Chu Feng’s death, the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples and Asura Zhao Kun heaved a sigh of relief.

The gate chosen by Chu Feng had disappeared. Even though the Liangqiu sisters had not returned, this, at the very least, meant that they had chosen the correct gate.

As long as the Liangqiu sisters were fine, they would not have to worry anymore.

As for Chu Feng’s life and death, it was none of their concern.

Not to mention them, even those two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples only felt pity over Chu Feng’s death, and did not grieve over it.

After all, they didn't know Chu Feng well, and weren’t Chu Feng’s acquaintances either.

“This is what it means by ‘one will suffer should one refuse to listen to one’s elder.’ This truly serves that Chu Feng right,” Asura Zhao Kun was unable to contain himself, and started mocking Chu Feng and sighing mockingly.

“Asura Zhao Kun, even if Chu Feng failed, he has failed fighting for our Starfall Holy Land.”

“As for you, being someone also invited here by our Starfall Holy Land, not only did you fail to confront our enemies like Chu Feng did, but you even started making cutting remarks about Chu Feng. Do you really think this is appropriate?” Xia Yun’er asked Asura Zhao Kun with a very sharp tone.

“I… I… this…”

Asura Zhao Kun felt speechless. He didn't know how to answer, and an expression of awkwardness filled his face.

Actually, he was not only placed in a difficult situation and unable to find a way to explain himself, he was also scared by Xia Yun’er. This was the first time he saw Xia Yun’er reacting like that.

Xia Yun’er, that gentle beauty who always had an enchanting smile on her face, had actually revealed an expression of anger. This was something truly rare.

This was the high and above Holy Daughter of the Starfall Holy Land.

In fact, it was not only the first time that Asura Zhao Kun saw Xia Yun’er reacting like this, but it was also the first time those two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples saw Xia Yun’er reacting like that.

Thus, they knew that Chu Feng’s failure had truly had an enormous effect on Xia Yun’er.

Even though Asura Zhao Kun felt very displeased after being reprimanded by Xia Yun’er, the smile on his face was sufficient to drown out the displeasure in his heart.

As long as Chu Feng died, it would be something extremely pleasurable for him. Nothing else would matter anymore.


Right at that moment, a scream suddenly sounded from behind the crowd.

Turning around, the crowd discovered that a figure was currently lying by the first Inheritance Site.

That was Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit.

His world spirit had finally exited the Inheritance Site.

However, the manner in which the world spirit exited the Inheritance Site was somewhat outlandish.

Not only did Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit not gain any increase in cultivation, but he was also covered in blood and seriously injured. He was evidently beaten up by someone.

“Yan Xiao, what happened to you? Who injured you?”

Seeing this scene, Asura Zhao Kun’s expression sunk. He hurriedly leapt forth, arrived before his world spirit and helped him up.

“This is?!”

However, right after Asura Zhao Kun helped his world spirit back up, his expression changed. Then, he hurriedly flew into the sky and moved backwards.

Right after Asura Zhao Kun left the entrance of the first Inheritance Site, many figures began to fly out from the first Inheritance Site nonstop. Following screams, those figures all fell to the ground.

Those were all world spirits that had entered the first Inheritance Site. Merely, all of those world spirits were injured.

“What is going on? Why are you all injured?”

Witnessing this scene, the two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples rushed over.

Although Xia Yun’er didn’t say anything, she also walked over. After all, among those injured world spirits were her own world spirits.


Right at that moment, a ray of light suddenly flew out from the first Inheritance Site. The speed of that ray of light was extremely fast. When it landed, it had arrived before the ninth Inheritance Site.

“That is?!”

At that moment, the crowd were all able to see that the ray of light was actually a person.

No, to be exact, she was a world spirit, a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World.

She was precisely Her Lady Queen.

However, upon seeing Her Lady Queen, the expression of the crowd present all changed enormously.

The reason for that was because they were surprised to discover that Her Lady Queen’s cultivation was no longer that of a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

Rather… she was a rank five True Immortal!!!

“Rank five True Immortal, your cultivation… increased that much?!”

“How could this be? How did you accomplish that?”

The crowd were all stunned after sensing Her Lady Queen’s cultivation. The reason for that was because her cultivation had simply increased by too much.

Furthermore, after sensing Her Lady Queen’s cultivation, Asura Zhao Kun and the others inevitably started examining their own world spirits’ cultivations.

At that moment, they were practically certain that their world spirits did not manage to progress in the slightest.

This created a clear-cut contrast against Her Lady Queen’s unimaginable increase in cultivation.

When they looked at the injuries on their world spirits, they seemed to have realized what had happened.

It would appear that the first Inheritance Site possessed an enormous amount of inheritance for world spirits. Unfortunately… this extraordinary inheritance had been monopolized by Her Lady Queen alone.

Suddenly, a male disciple from the Starfall Holy Land opened his mouth and started to splatter saliva all around as he lashed out against Her Lady Queen. “Girl, you are being too excessive! You were merely invited to assist us. We were already being extremely benevolent and dutiful to allow you to enter the Inheritance Site to train. How could you do something like hogging all the inheritance for yourself?!”

He was truly furious. To him, the Inheritance Cave belonged to them. He currently felt as if his possessions had been snatched away by someone else. Naturally, he would feel very furious.

“Shut up!”

At the moment when that male disciple was prepared to seek an explanation from Her Lady Queen, Her Lady Queen suddenly shouted him down.

When Her Lady Queen spoke, her beautiful eyes turned to that Starfall Holy Land’s male disciple.

At that moment, that Starfall Holy Land’s male disciple was immediately petrified.

Not only did the anger on his face disappear completely, but deep fear even emerged in his eyes.

The reason for that was because he felt an intense amount of killing intent from Her Lady Queen’s beautiful eyes.

That was no joke at all. He felt as if Her Lady Queen would really kill him should he dare to spout another word of rubbish.