Chapter 2890 - Gates Of Life And Death

Chapter 2890 - Gates Of Life And Death

Once Chu Feng said those words, the entire place grew quiet.

One against five, how arrogant and confident must one be?!

Even Xia Yun’er revealed a different sort of warmth in her eyes as she looked to Chu Feng.

As a woman, this was the first time that she had felt a sense of security from a man of the same generation as her.

There was simply no need for her to do anything, no need for her to take on risks, no need for her to worry.

Chu Feng had shouldered all of this by himself.

“Since it’s decided, let us begin then,” Liangqiu Lanyue said.

“Please,” Chu Feng waved his arm to indicate for the Liangqiu sisters to proceed first.

After the Liangqiu sisters proceeded to walk toward the ninth Inheritance Site, Chu Feng and all the other people of the younger generation present followed after them.

This ninth Inheritance Site was the never-before-seen Legacy Inheritance Site. Everyone wanted to personally witness how that Legacy Inheritance would be unlocked.

That said, this ninth Inheritance Site was different from the previous eight Inheritance Sites.

After the crowd reached it, the wheel on the ninth Inheritance Site remained unmoving.

However, the crowd knew that the wheel would soon spin. At that time, the puzzle of the ninth Inheritance Site would emerge before them.

Thus, the Liangqiu sisters had already activated their observation ability.

As for Chu Feng, his Heaven’s Eyes were also active. Merely, as they were concealed too well, no one noticed them.


Right at that moment, a dazzling light was emitted from behind Chu Feng and the Liangqiu sisters.

It was Asura Zhao Kun. Asura Zhao Kun had once again unleashed his observation technique. He was actually going to participate in the deciphering and unlocking of the ninth Inheritance Site.

“What is Asura Zhao Kun trying to do?”

A male disciple from the Starfall Holy Land was very confused by Asura Zhao Kun’s sudden action.

“Likely, he does not want to change his name. After all, as long as Chu Feng defeats the Liangqiu sisters, he will have to change his name to Coward Zhao Kun.”

“Rather than resigning himself to fate and hoping that the Liangqiu sisters will be able to defeat Chu Feng, it is better that he himself attempts it too. After all, if he by chance managed to decipher and unlock the ninth Inheritance Site, it would mean that Chu Feng and the Liangqiu sisters would’ve tied, and he will not have to change his name,” the other Starfall Holy Land’s male disciple said.

“Humph, serves him right,” the male disciple that had asked the question opened his mouth and spoke in a very mocking manner.

Actually, the two of them had originally thought very highly of Asura Zhao Kun, and had been very respectful toward him. In fact, they’d even flattered Asura Zhao Kun repeatedly.

However, after Asura Zhao Kun decided to stand on Liangqiu Hongyue’s side and belittle Chu Feng, they, as disciples of the Starfall Holy Land, had a complete reversal in their attitude toward Asura Zhao Kun.

After all, to them, Asura Zhao Kun was simply helping their enemies. No one would want a helper that helps one’s enemies.

By comparison, Chu Feng was much more worthy of their respect. He was someone that they could depend on.


Right at that moment, the ninth Inheritance Site that had remained inactive for a very long time finally started shining with light.

At that moment, Chu Feng, the Liangqiu sisters and Asura Zhao Kun all immediately started concentrating. They were all focused on that wheel.

However, the change that they were anticipating did not occur. Instead, an unexpected change occurred.

This change was not a change to the wheel. Rather, it was a change to the entire Inheritance Site.

The gate of the ninth Inheritance Site actually split into two. It had turned into two gates.

Furthermore, there was a wheel at the center of both gates.

“What is the meaning of this?”

The crowd were all bewildered. They were completely at loss with regards to this strange transformation.


Right at that moment, a muffled sound was heard. The next moment, a series of words appeared in the center of the ninth Inheritance Site.

‘The Gates of Life and Death. Through the Life Gate, the inheritance. Through the Death Gate, death.’

“Gates of Life and Death?”

“Wouldn’t this mean that only one of the gates is correct, whereas the other would be wrong? Furthermore, should one enter the wrong gate, one will die?!”

Seeing the series of words, the crowd present were all greatly alarmed. In fact, they even revealed fear in their eyes.

It was merely an ordinary inheritance. No one anticipated that they would be met with the danger of death in there.


Right at that moment, the wheels on the two gates began to spin at the same time.

Chu Feng and the Liangqiu sisters began sweeping their eyes across the two gates repeatedly.

They knew that it was not as simple as determining the victor. Most important of all, they must select the correct gate. Otherwise, they would end up losing their life.

“Chu Feng, how are you going to choose the correct gate? Do you have any certainty?”

Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

As the matter concerned life and death, Her Lady Queen was also very worried.

“Milady Queen, don’t worry. The one on the right is the Life Gate,” Chu Feng reacted very calmly.

“On the right? That doesn’t seem to be the one, no?” Her Lady Queen was puzzled. She felt that the one on the left resembled the Life Gate more.

“Eggy, carefully look at the spinning wheel on the right gate. Doesn’t its diagram resemble the map of Exalted Archer’s Tomb?” Chu Feng said.

“Now that you mention it. But, how can you determine that it is the Life Gate based on that?” Her Lady Queen was still worried.

“Apart from that, it’s the intuition from my Heaven’s Eyes,” Chu Feng said.

“Then, did you have any intuition from the left gate?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I do. Merely, it’s very dangerous,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, just follow the intuition from your Heaven’s Eyes. It most likely wouldn’t deceive you,” Her Lady Queen said.

Her Lady Queen was confident in the Heaven’s Eyes. After all, it was something taught to her by a senior from their Asura Spirit World.

Eggy knew how powerful that senior of hers was. Thus, she firmly believed in the power of the Heaven’s Eyes.


Right at that moment, Liangqiu Lanyue said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, let us decipher and unlock this gate together.” However, the gate that she was indicating was the one on the left, the gate Chu Feng had determined to be the Death Gate.

“Miss, are you joking with me? That is the Death Gate,” Chu Feng said.

“What did you say? Death Gate?”

“That is clearly the Life Gate,” Liangqiu Hongyue said.

“That’s right, the way we see it, the gate on the left is the Life Gate, whereas the gate on the right is the Death Gate.”

“Chu Feng, have you looked over it clearly? You couldn’t have mistaken things, right?”

At that moment, the other members of the younger generation present also started speaking. They too were examining the two gates while Chu Feng and the Liangqiu sisters were examining them.

“I can be certain that the left is the Death Gate, whereas the right is the Life Gate,” Chu Feng said.

“But, the way we see it, it is clearly the one of the left that is the Life Gate,” the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples said.

“If even you all are able to so easily determine which is the Death Gate and which is the Life Gate, what use is there in having Life and Death Gates then?” Chu Feng said.

“Are you trying to say that you look down on us?” Liangqiu Hongyue asked in a very displeased manner.

It was one thing for Chu Feng to look down on the others. However, he actually looked down on even these sisters. This caused Liangqiu Hongyue to feel very angry.

“Listen to me. Decipher the gate on the right. Otherwise, even if you all manage to unlock the gate on the left, it will only be death that awaits you inside,” Chu Feng said.

“The gate on the right is the Death Gate. Chu Feng, could it be that you possess grievances toward us, and want to kill us?” Liangqiu Hongyue asked coldly.

“I have already told you all which is the Life Gate and which is the Death Gate. It is up to you all whether or not you will believe me. If you all insist on dying, there is nothing that I can do.”

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders. He was reacting as if he did not care should they want to die.

Right at that moment, Xia Yun’er said, “How about this, life and death are major events. If we’re unable to determine which is which, let us have Senior Zhao Kuangfengyi’s opinion. What say you all?”

“That’s fine. Let us have Senior Zhao Kuangfengyi’s opinion,” the Liangqiu sisters agreed to it without hesitation.

It was as Xia Yun’er had said, this was a matter that concerned life and death. It would be better for them to be certain first.

Actually, Zhao Kuangfengyi had managed to tell which was the Life Gate and which was the Death Gate long ago. The reason why he didn’t say anything was because he wanted Chu Feng to lose. Only by Chu Feng losing would his grandson not have to suffer the humiliation of changing his name.

However, as the people of the younger generation were turning to him for an answer now, how could he not provide them with an answer? Furthermore, he could not give them an incorrect answer. Otherwise, he would bring ruin upon his own reputation.

Thus, helpless, he slowly said, “The one on the left is the Life Gate, whereas the one on the right is the Death Gate.”

Once Zhao Kuangfengyi said those words, the Liangqiu sisters and even the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples all revealed pleased expressions. They began to look to Chu Feng with a ridiculing gaze.

They seemed to be saying with their gazes, ‘Look, you’ve misjudged things, no? Even Senior Zhao declared the left one is the Life Gate. Are you still going to refuse to admit your mistake?’

However, no one would’ve expected that Chu Feng did not concern himself with the eccentric gazes from the crowd. With resolution, Chu Feng said, “I’ll say the same thing again. The left side is the Death Gate, whereas the right side is the Life Gate. If you all insist on throwing away your lives, do not blame me for not having warned you beforehand.”