Chapter 2875 - Extraordinary Status

Chapter 2875 - Extraordinary Status

Right at that moment, that blue-haired woman said, “Don’t worry about it. You only failed to breach my defensive formation. It still can't be consider your loss yet. Unless… I am able to breach your defensive formation.” 

Hearing those words, Asura Zhao Kun was immediately relieved.

He suddenly recalled that this match between world spirit techniques was one where both parties would attack and defend. The party that first defeated both one’s opponent’s defensive and offensive formations would be the one to win.

Earlier, Xia Yun’er had only decided to concede because she realized that the disparity between her and that blue-haired woman was too enormous.

However, he, Asura Zhao Kun, could not just give up like that.

“Very well. Miss, your abilities are truly outstanding.”

“However, I, Asura Zhao Kun, will get serious now. Miss, you…”


Before Asura Zhao Kun could even finish his words, that woman clasped her palm, and a golden dagger appeared in her hand.

That was also a weapon formed through a spirit formation. Merely, it appeared to be excessively simple and crude.

It could be said that the blue-haired woman’s dagger was simply unable to compare to Asura Zhao Kun’s Three Dragons Heaven-splitting Sword. The disparity between them was simply too enormous.

“Miss, what is the meaning of your action? Could it be… you’re planning to use that spirit formation to defeat my defensive formation?” Asura Zhao Kun asked.

“What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to do that?” The blue-haired woman asked.

“No, of course you’re allowed. Merely, this time around, I am going to get serious,” Asura Zhao Kun said.

“You don’t have to concern yourself with how long I use to set up my spirit formation, your time limit is still an incense stick’s worth of time. You can start calculating it based on when you start setting up your spirit formation,” the blue-haired woman said.

Arrogant, this was what it meant to be truly arrogant. Even though the blue-haired woman spoke with a very deemphasizing tone, she had thoroughly revealed how arrogant she was.

“Humph, since that’s the case, I will begin then.”

That blue-haired woman’s arrogance had enraged Asura Zhao Kun. As he spoke, he began to set up his spirit formation. He was determined to win against this blue-haired woman.

Thus, he was extra serious when setting up his defensive formation, and only finished setting it up as the time limit arrived.

With the arrival of the time limit, Asura Zhao Kun’s defensive formation was also completed.

What Asura Zhao Kun had set up was an extremely exquisite spirit formation. It was like a fort. Not only did it gave off an impregnable sensation, but it was also guarded by over a thousand guards. It was simply a pinnacle-quality defensive formation.

Furthermore, the defensive formation Asura Zhao Kun set up was most definitely very powerful. At the very least, it should be quite famous in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm since those two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples were completely stunned for a very long time upon seeing Asura Zhao Kun’s completed defensive formation.

At the same time, anticipation filled their eyes.

They were all looking forward to seeing how that blue-haired woman’s tiny dagger would be defeated by Asura Zhao Kun’s exquisite spirit formation.


Right at that moment, the dagger held by that blue-haired woman turned into a ray of light. It shot straight toward Asura Zhao Kun.


At that moment, shouts of ‘kill!’ could be heard. It was the guards of Asura Zhao Kun’s defensive formation. Even though they were formed through a spirit formation, they were extremely vivid and lifelike. Like an actual human army, they held their weapons and swarmed toward the incoming dagger.


However, right at the moment when that dagger came in contact with that spirit formation army, it disappeared.


The next moment, a loud explosion was heard. Asura Zhao Kun’s seemingly indestructible defensive formation was actually shattered..


Asura Zhao Kun was still standing there with expectation in his eyes when he saw his defensive formation being shattered before him. Seeing this scene, his eyes were completely stunned. Astonishment filled his face.

He simply did not dare to believe that the spirit formation that he had meticulously set up using an entire incense stick’s worth of time was actually shattered so easily by his opponent’s spirit formation that she set up with a wave of her hand.

“You’re cheating! You must be cheating!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was those two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples.

The two of them had furious expressions on their faces. They refused to believe that the blue-haired woman would be able to so easily defeat Asura Zhao Kun’s spirit formation.

One should know that Asura Zhao Kun was the most outstanding world spiritist among the younger generations of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Even if he was to be defeated, he shouldn’t have been defeated so miserably.

Thus, they felt that there could only be one way to justify what had happened. That is, that the blue-haired woman had used some sort of despicable trick.

“Shut up!”

Right after those two Starfall Holy Land’s disciples shouted that the blue-haired woman was cheating, they were immediately rebuked by Elder Tuoba.

After shouting down the two disciples, Elder Tuoba turned to the Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man. With a smile on his face, he asked, “Brother Li, those two little friend’s world spirit techniques are truly exceptional. I believe they should be infinitely close to becoming Exalted-cloak World Spiritists, no?”

“Among the people of our Ancestral Martial Starfield, only the disciples of that person should be able to possess world spirit techniques so powerful, no?”

“Furthermore, I happened to hear that that person’s disciples just so happened to be a pair of twins.”

“Could it be that you’ve managed to bring that person’s personal disciples?” Elder Tuoba asked earnestly.

“Haha, I truly cannot conceal anything from you, brother Tuoba. Since that’s the case, I might as well tell you the truth.”

“Those two little friends are called Liangqiu Lanyue and Liangqiu Hongyue.”

[1. Lanyue -> Blue Moon. Hongyue -> Red Moon]

“The two of them are Grandmaster Liangqiu’s sixteenth and seventeenth disciples.”

“The two of them are also the last two personal disciples being taught by Grandmaster Liangqiu right now,” that Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man explained.

Once that Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man said those words, not to mention the others, even Asura Zhao Kun and his grandfather Zhao Kuangfengyi’s expressions turned sluggish with shock.

Grandmaster Liangqiu, oh how grand a character he was.

He was the person publicly accepted to be the strongest world spiritist in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Before Grandmaster Liangqiu, even Zhao Kuangfengyi would be incompetent by comparison.

As such, how extraordinary would his disciples be?

At that moment, Asura Zhao Kun, who previously had a humiliated expression on his face, started to look a bit better.

Should he be defeated by others, he would feel completely humiliated. However, to be defeated by one of Grandmaster Liangqiu’s final disciples, he felt it to not be something humiliating.

After all, Grandmaster Liangqiu was the strongest world spiritist in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

“Never would I ever have imagined these two misses to be Grandmaster Liangqiu’s disciples. No wonder you’re so exceptionally powerful.”

“Today, I, Asura Zhao Kun, have been rightfully defeated, rightfully defeated,” Asura Zhao Kun said to the two women with clasped fists.

“To misses, we apologize for any offense that we might’ve caused. I hope you do not take it to heart.”

The two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples eagerly apologized. They were trying to worm their way into being friends with the two women.

At that moment, Xia Yun’er was actually the only person that was still slightly haughty.

Even though Xia Yun’er knew that the two women possessed extraordinary status, she did not lower herself to attempt to befriend them.

This came as a surprise to Chu Feng. It would seem that his understanding of Xia Yun’er was still not sufficient. However, it must be admitted that Chu Feng was actually quite fond of such an unyielding Xia Yun’er.


Right at that moment, the boulder that sealed the Inheritance Cave’s entrance started to tremble violently.

“The Inheritance Cave is about to open. Little friends, prepare yourselves to enter,” that silver-haired old man spoke sternly.

At that moment, everyone’s gazes were turned toward that Inheritance Cave.

“The sparring remains unfinished, why rush to enter?”

Right at that moment, a voice was heard from Chu Feng’s mouth.

The crowd were all alarmed by those words. At that moment, they all turned their gazes toward Chu Feng.

It was only then that they discovered that Chu Feng was no longer standing behind the Starfall Holy Land’s crowd. Instead, he had arrived in front of Asura Zhao Kun.

“Chu Feng, what are you talking about?” A male disciple from the Starfall Holy Land asked.

“I believe this young lady here knows what I’m talking about,” Chu Feng looked to the blue-haired woman.

“Could it be that you wish to spar against me?” The blue-haired woman asked.

“Precisely,” Chu Feng said.


Chu Feng’s words were like a sudden clap of thunder. It shocked all of the crowd present, causing them to feel their heads buzzing.

Has he gone insane?

Even Asura Zhao Kun was no match for her. Yet, Chu Feng actually...

…wanted to spar with her?!!!