Chapter 2871 - Arrival Of The Nine Profound Sect

Chapter 2871 - Arrival Of The Nine Profound Sect

Having journeyed in the world of martial cultivators for so many years, Chu Feng had seen countless world spiritists. In fact, after arriving in to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, he had found that practically everyone was a world spiritist.

After all, the essential requirement for becoming a world spiritist was spirit power.

For experts, they were able to forcibly instill spirit power into someone.

If world spiritists were extremely rare existences in the Nine Provinces Continent, then since the Eastern Sea Region, they could no longer be considered marvels.

That said, while Chu Feng had met many world spiritists, Asura World Spiritists were still akin to legends.

Apart from the Asura Ghost Tower from the Nine Provinces Continent, Chu Feng had not even seen any reflection of Asura World Spiritists.

It was as if he was the only Asura World Spiritist in the entire martial cultivation world.

And now, Chu Feng had finally met another Asura World Spiritist.

Chu Feng had always felt his world spirit techniques to be very strong. The reason for that was because he was able to extract spirit power from the Asura Spirit World.

And now, he had encountered someone who also extracted spirit power from the Asura Spirit World.

As such, Chu Feng would naturally want to compare himself with that Asura Zhao Kun.


“Humph. Indeed, that green-haired brat has indeed encountered his match. This Queen will make him suffer dearly,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Aiyoh, Milady Queen, you seem to be very confident?” Chu Feng said with a mischievous smile.

“Of course. Did you think… forget about it, you will understand when the time comes,” Her Lady Queen wanted to say something, but ended up hesitating.

“So what if he’s an Asura World Spiritist? Asura World Spiritists are only rare. They are not necessarily the strongest.”

“Chu Feng, I am thinking highly of you. You must not disappoint me.”

At that moment, Xia Yun’er walked over to Chu Feng and looked to him with expectation in her eyes.

“Miss Xia, if you are to say that sort of thing to me, it’ll put me under enormous pressure,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“In any case, you cannot let that Asura Zhao Kun hog all the limelight,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Very well, I will do my best,” Chu Feng said modestly.

“Well then, let us proceed over there too. If we end up making Lord Supreme Elder wait too long, this old man will be lectured,” after saying those words, Elder Xingyi brought Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er together with him and proceeded toward the so-called Inheritance Cave.

The Inheritance Cave was a very hidden location. It was located in a remnant deep within the Flat Mount Valley.

Furthermore, the Starfall Holy Land had placed a powerful concealment formation over it. Thus, if an average person were to arrive at the location, they would find it truly difficult to discover the Inheritance Cave.

As for the so-called Inheritance Cave, it was actually a circular cave entrance. The words ‘Inheritance Cave’ were written brightly above the cave entrance.

The entrance of the cave was sealed by a huge boulder. Although that boulder looked normal, it was most definitely not an ordinary boulder. Instead, it was a sort of treasure. It was none other than that boulder that blocked the people from the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect from entering the cave.

Due to the fact that the time for the entrance to open hadn't arrived as yet, Chu Feng and the others had to wait.

As for Elder Tuoba and Zhao Kuangfengyi, although the two of both were both extremely arrogant and condescending, they got along with each other very well. They were chatting and laughing with one another.

As for Asura Zhao Kun, he, together with the two other disciples from the Starfall Holy Land, were winding around Xia Yun’er all day long.

As such, Chu Feng was left all alone.

However, Chu Feng felt this to be for the best. After all, Chu Feng did not want to converse with them anyways. Being left in peace, Chu Feng was able to reflect upon the way of martial cultivation.

However, not long afterward, a group of people arrived before the Inheritance Cave.

From a glance, Chu Feng was able to see that there were a total of twenty-one individuals.

Among them were five people from the younger generation. They were three males and two females.

The remainder were all people from the older generation. Their cultivations were all at the Martial Immortal realm.

Leading them was a silver-haired old man wearing a headdress and holding a buddhist fly-whisk.

His aura was extremely powerful. Chu Feng felt that he was an existence not weaker than Elder Tuoba.

“It would appear that the Nine Profound Sect has truly brought helpers with them.”

The reason why Chu Feng said this was because nineteen among the twenty-one people were wearing the same outfit. They all wore a white gown and carried a black metal sword with them. Furthermore, the words ‘Nine Profound’ were present on the title plates on their waists.

This meant that they were all people from the Nine Profound Sect.

Only two people were not wearing the outfit of the Nine Profound Sect, and not carrying the title plate of the Nine Profound Sect.

They were the two women among the five people of the younger generation.

Those two women were quite strange in appearance. They were both wearing multi-colored skirts. One possessed a head of long blue hair that was tied into a ponytail. As for the other, she also had a long ponytail. However, her hair was red instead.

That said, the reason why Chu Feng said that their appearances were strange was because the two of them were both wearing masks.

Their masks looked very charming. However, those masks had concealed the faces of the two women. Even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were unable to see through the masks. Those masks were treasures.

That said, while their faces could not be seen, those two women still caught the attention of the young men of the Starfall Holy Land when they appeared. Even the arrogant and conceited Asura Zhao Kun was staring at the two women nonstop.

The reason for that was because the two women possessed superb figures and excellent, alluring curves.

This was especially the case because they were wearing short skirts that exposed their snow-white legs. Those legs were so beautiful that one would start drooling after looking at them for a while.

“Brother Tuoba, it has been a hundred years since we last met.”

“Is she the Starfall Holy Land’s new Holy Daughter? She is truly gorgeous and charming.”

After the Nine Profound Sect’s leading elder approached, he began to praise Xia Yun’er.

“Senior is flattering me,” Xia Yun’er was very quick-witted. She immediately greeted him respectfully.

“Haha, not only is she charming, but she also understands manners very well. Very good. A lovely girl like yourself is truly hard to come by.”

That Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man began to think even more highly of Xia Yun’er.

At that moment, Elder Tuoba, who disliked Xia Yun’er, forced a smile on his face. It was slightly awkward.

Seemingly trying to shift the topic of conversation to something else, Elder Tuoba turned his gaze to the Nine Profound Sect’s three male disciples.

“It is the first time I’m seeing those three members of the younger generation. Not only are they all Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, but they’re actually all rank six True Immortals as well. Their talents are truly strong, truly extraordinary.”

“The Nine Profound Sect is still how it was before, a birthplace of a great number of geniuses,” Elder Tuoba said.