Chapter 2844 - Inside the Everchanging Mysteryrealm

Chapter 2844 - Inside the Everchanging Mysteryrealm

After being instructed by Xia Yun'er, the crowd all turned their gazes to the Victor's Seal.

As they looked to the Victor's Seal, everyone started to grow restless.

After all, as long as they could obtain the Victor's Seal, it would mean that they would've obtained the Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbeaker kissed by the Starfall Holy Land's Holy Daughter.

Overwhelmed with desire, someone actually sat down cross-legged right away and began to instill their spirit power into the spirit formation.

Once the first person began, the other people reacted as if they were afraid of losing some decisive opportunity to that first individual, and also hurriedly sat down before the spirit formation.

Since Chu Feng was planning to participate, he naturally followed the crowd, and also sat down cross-legged.

However, at that moment, some among the crowd discovered that Xia Yun'er didn't plan participate.

"Miss Xia, you're not participating?" Ren Xiaoyao asked.

Ren Xiaoyao was the person among the crowd who was most concerned with what Xia Yun'er was planning to do.

"There is a need for someone to activate the Everchanging Mystery Realm. As for me, I am the only person who is capable of activating it."

"As such, I will naturally not be participating," Xia Yun'er said.

Once Xia Yun'er said those words, the crowd realized that the Everchanging Mystery Realm must've recognized Xia Yun'er as its master.

Otherwise, it shouldn't be possible for Xia Yun'er to be the only person capable of activating it.

"Sigh, it is truly regretful to not be able to compete together with Miss Xia," Ren Xiaoyao shook his head and sighed.

“If young master Ren Xiaoyao is able to obtain the Victor’s Seal, you wouldn’t have any regrets,” Xia Yun’er said with a smile.

Hearing what Xia Yun’er said, Ren Xiaoyao’s eyes started to shine once again. He was acting as if he had been drenched with chicken blood.

[1. It is said that drenching someone with chicken blood will cause them to become berserk.]

After that, Ren Xiaoyao even said confidently, “Actually, what I regret is Miss Xia being unable to see the scene of me standing above everyone else.”

“Ren Xiaoyao, stop dallying around. You’re the only one left. Stop wasting everyone’s time.”

At that moment, someone called out to urge Ren Xiaoyao to instill his spirit power into the Everchanging Mystery Realm. After all, once Xia Yun’er activated the Everchanging Mystery Realm, everyone would be able to enter it.

“I will remind everyone again. It will only be your consciousness that will enter the Everchanging Mystery Realm. Thus, upon entering the Everchanging Mystery Realm, your actual cultivations will not be of any use in there.”

“Furthermore, you all will be able to leave the Everchanging Mystery Realm with a single thought. However, should you choose to leave, you will have forfeited the game.”

“After forfeiting, your consciousness will return to your bodies. However, you will no longer be able to enter the Everchanging Mystery Realm.”

“If there are no objections, I will activate the Everchanging Mystery Realm now,” Xia Yun’er explained to the crowd with a gentle voice.

“Miss Xia, please go ahead and activate it,” Many men replied with anxious tones.

“Then, I will begin.”

As Xia Yun’er spoke, she began to form a special hand seal with her hands. Then, the spirit formation that was the Everchanging Mystery Realm started to transform.


The next moment, Chu Feng felt his body sinking. He felt a change occuring to his body. When he opened his eyes again, he discovered that, while he was still sitting cross-legged, he was in a different location.

He was on top of a mountain peak. Below him were vast white clouds.

Furthermore, Song Yunfei, Jian Wuqing, Ren Xiaoyao and the others were all present on that mountain peak.

“My cultivation is actually gone? Heavens! I feel as if I’m just an ordinary person now. There is not even the slightest trace of martial power in me.”

“Haha, senior brother Song, never would I have imagine that I would actually be able to stand at the same level as you one day.”

“This is the Everchanging Mystery Realm? What miraculousness.”

The crowd were all very astonished. At the same time, they were all very excited.

It was as they felt, their cultivations were all gone. At that moment, they were like ordinary people. In fact, they felt that they would end up dying horribly should they fall off the mountain peak.

The Everchanging Mystery Realm had indeed transformed them. Even though it was merely their consciousness, even though they knew everything was not real, that everything was merely caused by being in the Everchanging Mystery Realm, they still felt it to be extremely miraculous.

“Chu Feng, you could be said to have entered that girl Xia Yun’er’s territory right now. She wouldn’t try to attack you, right?” Her Lady Queen was a bit worried.

“I doubt it. Although my consciousness has entered this place, I will be able to sense it should something happen to my actual body.”

“Furthermore, Xia Yun’er did not lie. As it is only my consciousness that’s here, if I wan to, I can leave this place at any time. It is very similar to returning my consciousness to my body from my world spirit space,” Chu Feng said.

“If that’s the case, then this Everchanging Mystery Realm is quite interesting,” Her Lady Queen said.

After all, it was not only Chu Feng whose cultivation was completely gone, returning him to a state akin to that of an ordinary person.

Instead, everyone that had entered the Everchanging Mystery Realm had lost their cultivation.

Thus, this made the situation fair for everyone.

“How do we play this game?”

At that moment, many people started to question how to play the game.


Right at that moment, sounds of chains began to be heard from all around the mountain peak.

The crowd were able to see many chain bridges appearing on the mountain peak. They extended continuously past the thick layer of clouds. No one knew where those chain bridges lead to.

Furthermore, the number of chain bridges was actually identical to the number of people on the summit.


Following that, light started to flicker in the sky above.

Looking up, they saw that a series of words had appeared in the sky.

‘Search for the Bestowment Talismans. Different kinds of Bestowment Talismans will bestow different abilities and strengths, granting you all the ability to contend against and kill your opponent.’

‘Kill one another. The final survivor shall be the victor.’

‘Remember to distance yourself from the Soul-devouring Beast at all costs. It is a nightmare that you all will not be able to prevail against.’

“This… this is the rule of the game?”

The crowd were surprised upon seeing the words in the sky. The rules of the game were actually very simple. However, the crowd also felt this rule to be quite interesting.

The reason for that was because those so-called Bestowment Talismans seemed to all be different. Different sorts of Bestowment Talismans would be able to bestow different powers.

This meant that the game was filled with unknowns. The more unknowns there were, the more stimulating and interesting something would be.

“The final survivor is the victor? In that case, everyone here are enemies.”

Right at that moment, Ren Xiaoyao cast an ill-intended gaze across everyone present apart from Song Yunfei.

Ren Xiaoyao was famous for being fierce. Thus, even though he was only an ordinary person now, the crowd would still subconsciously dodge his ill-intended gaze. In fact, they even stepped away from Ren Xiaoyao.

Seeing those people that were deeply afraid of him, Ren Xiaoyao started to smile proudly. It was as if he had achieved his goal.

He had simply never planned to attack those people. He merely wanted to scare them. There was only a single target in his mind - Chu Feng.

Thus, while smiling proudly, Ren Xiaoyao began to walk toward Chu Feng.

“Ren Xiaoyao, the game has only just started. None of us have obtained power from the Bestowment Talismans. If you are to attack now, wouldn’t it be too uninteresting?” Jian Wuqing said.

“The hell do you know? What I’m doing here is to strike first to gain the upper hand. After all, my skill in physical combat is powerful to begin with. Even without martial power, I will still be superior to others.”

“Thus, I am currently in my most dominant state. If I do not attack now, I would instead be a fool,” Ren Xiaoyao said.

After hearing what Ren Xiaoyao said, Jian Wuqing shook his head lightly. He knew what Ren Xiaoyao was thinking very well. His so-called dominance was merely an excuse. The reality was that he was anxious to beat up Chu Feng.

Jian Wuqing seemed to greatly look down on Ren Xiaoyao for taking advantage of the rules of the game to retaliate against Chu Feng.

Thus, he began to walk toward Ren Xiaoyao. He was planning to stop Ren Xiaoyao and win an opportunity for Chu Feng to escape.


Suddenly, Jian Wuqing stopped his footsteps. He stopped moving toward Ren Xiaoyao.

The reason for that was because he had inadvertently taken a glance at Chu Feng. That accidental glance had changed his intentions.

He had discovered that even when faced with Ren Xiaoyao, who clearly harbored malicious intentions, Chu Feng did not have any trace of fear on his face. Instead, there was a trace of anticipation in Chu Feng’s eyes.

This made Jian Wuqing realize that Chu Feng simply did not fear Ren Xiaoyao.

Chu Feng simply did not need his help.