Chapter 2827 - Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong

Chapter 2827 - Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong

“Awaits our arrival? Yuwen Yanhong, is this how your Yuwen City welcomes guests?” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master looked to the enormous golden-bright and dazzling spirit formation that covered the entire Yuwen City.

“Lord Villa Master has arrived ferociously. This Yuwen Yanhong was somewhat panicky. Because of that, I was a bit on guard. I hope that Lord Villa Master does not take offense to this,” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“Yuwen Yanhong, don’t you play dumb. Since you know why we came here, why are you not not giving yourself up?” Ma Changchun said furiously.

“Sure enough, you all have come because of that.”

“However, Lord Villa Master, I have merely killed your Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples. You couldn’t possibly be planning to eradicate our Yuwen City, right?”

“Although our Yuwen City is indeed inferior to your Sacred Pellet Villa, we are definitely not going to allow ourselves to be bullied and humiliated without a fight. If we are truly to go to war, even if our Yuwen City will be defeated by you, your Sacred Pellet Villa will definitely have to pay a price too,” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“Yuwen Yanhong, are you trying to scare me?” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master frowned slightly. A strange smile emerged on his face.

It was a very dangerous smile. Chu Feng noticed that smile. The Yuwen City’s City Master also noticed that smile.

Because of that, the Yuwen City’s City Master hurriedly explained, “I, Yuwen Yanhong, absolutely do not have that intention. Merely, there was a reason for my actions. I hope that Lord Villa Master will listen to my explanation.”

“Explanation? What’s there to explain? One should pay with one’s life for murder. Do you not dare to accept the consequences of your actions?” Ma Changchun asked furiously.

However, at that moment, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master waved his hand to indicate to Ma Changchun to say no more.

Upon seeing his action, Ma Changchun hurriedly shut his mouth.

Although Ma Changchun was someone with status in the Sacred Pellet Villa, that was only the case among the Heavenly Immortals.

Faced with his own Lord Villa Master, he did not dare to show any disobedience.

“Go ahead and give me your explanation,” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master said.

“That Chu Feng crippled my son and my disciple’s cultivation. The two of them are our Yuwen City’s successors. Lord Villa Master, let me ask you, shouldn’t I avenge them?” The Yuwen City’s City Master asked loudly as he pointed at Chu Feng with an ominous gaze in his eyes.

“You should.”

“However, as far as I know, there was a reason why little friend Chu Feng crippled the cultivations of Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong,” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master said.

“I also know about that. However, with my own son and my disciple’s cultivations being crippled, how could I not stand up for them?”

“If it was you in my shoes, could you possibly ignore this?” The Yuwen City’s City Master asked.

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master smiled and shook his head. Although he didn’t answer with words, he had answered with his action.

“However, your Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders were protecting Chu Feng. If I did not kill them, how could I kill Chu Feng?” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“With your strength, they would not have been able to stop you,” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master said.

“That’s right, they would indeed not be able to stop me. However, I was only able to find Chu Feng and them because of Shi Fufang providing me with their location.”

“However, before Shi Fufang gave me their location, he demanded a deal with me. He wanted me to give him an Immortal Armament and eliminate Ma Changchun and the others. Only then would he be willing to tell me Chu Feng’s location.”

“This was a transaction. I had no choice. Since I accepted the transaction, I had to uphold it.”

“Since you’ve come here, I believe you must’ve already thoroughly investigated what happened. You should know that I have paid Shi Fufang an Immortal Armament.”

“I, Yuwen Yanghong, am someone who will always keep my promises. Since I agreed to Shi Fufang’s demands, I must accomplish them.”

“That is why I not only gave him the Immortal Armament, but also planned to kill Ma Changchun and the others,” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“Your have your own reasons. However, I also have my own justifications for leading my expedition against you today.”

“Regardless of what your reasoning might be, it will not be able to change the justification our Sacred Pellet Villa has in our expedition to suppress you,” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master Said.

“I know that no matter what I say, I will be in the wrong. However, I will definitely not have Lord Villa Master journey here in vain.”

“Lord Villa Master, I am willing to compensate you for killing your Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples.”

After the Yuwen City’s City Master said those words, he waved his sleeve, and a hundred rays of light shot out of his Cosmos Sack like meteors. In the end, they appeared in an orderly manner before him.

They were Immortal Armaments. There were all kinds of Immortal Armaments. All of them were actual Immortal Armaments.

They numbered a hundred in total.


Upon seeing the hundred Immortal Armaments, the expressions of many Sacred Pellet Villa elders changed, and greed appeared in their eyes.

At that moment, all of the Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders turned their gazes to their Lord Villa Master.

Although the Sacred Pellet Villa was not without Immortal Armaments, the value of Immortal Armaments was still no small matter. In fact, the amount of Immortal Armaments a power possessed would generally represent how strong that power was.

They all knew very well what those hundred Immortal Armaments signified.

This would serve as an enormous loss for Yuwen City. It also served to represent how sincere they were in their apology.

“Lord Villa Master, I have meticulously chosen these hundred Immortal Armaments. If you are willing to forgive my mistake, I am willing to hand them to you as compensation,” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master merely looked at those Immortal Armaments pensively and did not say anything.

This caused the Yuwen City’s City Master to frown slightly.

He had originally thought that these hundred Immortal Armaments would be sufficient to settle the issue. After all, this was an enormous concession.

However, judging from the way things were playing out, it seemed it wouldn't be that simple. This came as a slight surprise to the Yuwen City’s City Master.

“Lord Villa Master, this is the greatest act of concession that I am able to make. If you insist on looking further into this matter, our Yuwen City will have no choice but to confront you.”

“However, even if your Sacred Pellet Villa is able to eliminate our Yuwen City today, my master will definitely not be willing to let this matter go should he return in the future,” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

Upon hearing the word ‘master,’ the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master started to frown. His expression had changed somewhat.

“Chu Feng, this is bad, that Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master is likely going to reach terms,” Her Lady Queen’s voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

“I have also thought about this on the way here. The Sacred Pellet Villa has all these disciples; casualties when they go out to experience the world are very normal.”

“It would be impossible for the Sacred Pellet Villa to exterminate an entire power because of something like that. Generally, they will reach terms after being receiving some compensation.”

“Merely, this time around, the situation was a bit different, as the ones that killed their disciples were the Yuwen City’s City Master and young city master. Furthermore, they were planning to kill many of their Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders too. As such, their crimes were much more serious.”

“However, the compensation being provided this time around is more than sufficient. After all, those are a hundred Immortal Armaments.”

“I still remember the expression of pain those people from the Immortal Armament Villa had when I obtained that Immortal Armament there. From this, it can be seen how valuable Immortal Armaments are.”

“Furthermore, I believe Yuwen City possesses a backer too. That ‘master’ the Yuwen City’s City Master spoke of should be their backing,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, it would mean that we will not be able to avenge Li Xiang and the others today?” Her Lady Queen said.

“No, I will definitely avenge them.”

“While the Sacred Pellet Villa will not avenge them, I, Chu Feng, will definitely avenge them,” An unwavering and determined expression was present in Chu Feng’s eyes as he said those words.

Sure enough, as Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen had anticipated, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master was unable to withstand the enticement of the hundred Immortal Armaments. In the end, he ended up reaching terms.

After the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master reached terms, the people from Yuwen City immediately removed the massive defensive formation to welcome the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master.

It could be seen that they trusted the Sacred Pellet Villa, and were not afraid that they would go against their words.