Chapter 2816 - The Story Of The Sacred Vestiges

Chapter 2816 - The Story Of The Sacred Vestiges

“Six Great Sacred Vestiges? Tell me about them,” Chu Feng revealed a curious expression.

After all, all cultivators yearned for exotic and wondrous locations. Chu Feng was no exception.

Furthermore, as the others nearby heard the conversation between Chu Feng and Li Xiang, they all cast their gazes toward them.

In fact, even Ma Changchun and the other elders looked over.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Li Xiang became the focus of the group of people.

Under such circumstances, Li Xiang appeared even more prideful. He coughed sternly a couple more times.

Then, he began to explain, “Big brother Chu Feng, our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s Six Great Sacred Vestiges possess an enormous origin.”

“They are respectively…”

“The Primal Sea Sacred Mountain.”

“The Ethereal Sacred Gate.”

“The Darknight Sacred River.”

“The Nine Moons Sacred Domain.”

“The Purple Sun Sacred Palace.”

“And the Void Sacred Tree.”

Li Xiang was bursting with life, and his spit splattered all around. The more he talked, the more enthusiastic he became.

Seeing how cheerful he was, it was as if he had forgotten that his cultivation had been crippled, that he was no longer a True Immortal, and was only a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

From what Li Xiang said, Chu Feng learned that the so-called Six Great Sacred Vestiges were six locations that had suddenly appeared in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Not only were their origins mysterious, but they were all extraordinary too. They were either sacred places for one to train in or contained precious treasures.

For example, the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain was actually that Sacred Mountain by Song Xi’s home.

Before the Sacred Mountain appeared, there was a vast sea in its place. That sea was called the Primal Sea.

Although the Primal Sea was replaced by the Sacred Mountain after it appeared, the Sacred Mountain was called the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain because of the Primal Sea that was there before it.

As for the Ethereal Sacred Gate, it was an enormous ever-moving gate. Reportedly, that gate was connected to a different world, a world filled with endless treasures.

However, no one had ever managed to open the Ethereal Sacred Gate. Furthermore, the Ethereal Sacred Gate had not appeared in a long time. Thus, no one knew exactly what sort of treasures the Ethereal Sacred Gate contained.

It could be said that the Ethereal Sacred Gate was the most mysterious of the Six Great Sacred Vestiges.

As for the Darknight Sacred River, it was a river that would only appear at night. This river could flow on the surface, above the mountains, below the ground, within the vast ocean or even in the air and void itself.

Due to the fact that the location of the Darknight Sacred River was ever-changing, very few people were ever able to see it. That being said, the Darknight Sacred River’s waters were golden. Reportedly, the water was made of gold. The reason for that was because if one were to retrieve water from the Darknight Sacred River, it would immediately turn into gold.

The more water one retrieved from the Darknight Sacred River, the more gold one would obtain. Furthermore, it was most definitely not ordinary gold. Rather, they were treasures for weaponry refinement, and could be used to refine Immortal Armaments, or even more powerful weapons.

Because of that, that gold was known as Darknight Sacred Gold.

Not only was the river water itself a treasure, but there were even more mysterious treasures inside. Merely, no one had managed to obtain those treasures yet.

As for the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, it was a special region. During the day, it was an ordinary boundless prairie. One would not be able to notice anything special regarding it.

However, whenever night arrived, three moons would appear above that prairie. Sometimes, there would even be five, six or seven moons.

Reportedly, when nine moons appear above the prairie, the Nine Moons Sacred Domain would appear above the prairie. As for the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, not only did it contain treasures unknown to anyone else, but it was also a great place for martial cultivation.

Unfortunately, the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was located within the Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory. Apart from the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan, practically no one had ever witnessed the appearance of the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

Even though the Nine Moons Sacred Domain existed, its state was the same as the ever-moving Ethereal Sacred Gate and Darknight Sacred River. To the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, the Nine Moons Sacred Domain was merely a legend.

After all, they had no way to witness it.

As for the Purple Sun Sacred Palace, it was reportedly a palace. Originally, it was located on an ocean, and would open once every twelve years. Furthermore, due to the fact that it was a sacred place for cultivation like the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain, the various powers, including even the experts and people of the younger generation from the Chu Heavenly Clan, would enter the Purple Sun Sacred Palace to train when it opened.

However, the Purple Sun Sacred Palace would only open for twelve days every time. When the twelve days time limit arrived, everyone had to leave. Otherwise, one would never be able to leave again.

There were once many people that attempted to stay inside the Purple Sun Sacred Palace to continue training. Thus, they decided to not leave after the Purple Sun Sacred Palace closed its doors.

However, when the Purple Sun Sacred Palace reopened after twelve years and people entered it again, only the remains of those people were left in the Purple Sun Sacred Palace. Furthermore, their source energies were all gone. Even their remains, those bones, were filled with bruises and scars. It was a truly frightening sight.

Through their remains, one could imagine what sort of torment they suffered before they died.

However, the treasures that they carried with them were still present with their remains.

Regardless, there was no need to explain how strange this matter was. No one knew what they were killed by.

However, in any case, the crowd all realized how dangerous the Purple Sun Sacred Palace was after it closed. Thus, gradually, no one dared to continue to stay in the Purple Sun Sacred Palace after it closed. Even those that entered it to train would leave before it closed.

However, the Purple Sun Sacred Palace was snatched away by someone nine hundred years ago.

“Snatched away?”

Hearing up to that point, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and interrupted Li Xiang.

That Purple Sun Sacred Palace opened once every twelve years. Not even the Chu Heavenly Clan was able to do anything to it. Who could possible snatch away something like that?

“Snatching it would be a misleading description. To be exact, it was taken away. Li Xiang, you must not mislead little friend Chu Feng,” right at that moment, Elder Ma Changchun added with a smile.

“Right, right, right. It was taken, not snatched,” Li Xiang hurriedly corrected himself. Then, with a beaming smile, he said, “Lord Elder, all I know are only rumors. It would be better for you to explain it to big brother Chu Feng.”

“This old man was indeed fortunate enough to witness that happening. If I must describe it, then I can only say that it was extremely astonishing,” Elder Ma Changchun said.

“Senior, exactly what happened with the Purple Sun Sacred Palace?” Chu Feng asked Ma Changchun curiously.

He also felt that Li Xiang was spouting a lot of nonsense. Comparatively, Ma Changchun’s words would be much more trustworthy.