Chapter 2793 - Why Stop Him?

Chapter 2793 - Why Stop Him?

“This sensation.”

At that moment, Chu Feng, who was originally feeling unreconciled suddenly had a massive change in his mood, and began to feel extremely pleased.

He discovered that after the runes and symbols appeared, the lake water actually started giving off a gentle sensation. The runes and symbols present in the water actually possessed a healing function.

Furthermore, the healing effect was extremely strong. It was actually much more effective than Chu Feng’s healing formations.

Chu Feng hurriedly removed his healing formation so that his entire body could be immersed in the lake water.

A scene that brought joy to Chu Feng soon occurred. When Chu Feng was completely immersed in the lake water, the runes and symbols reacted as if they were alive, and began to make their way into Chu Feng’s body.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng’s injuries began to heal at an unimaginably fast speed.

Soon, Chu Feng’s injuries were completely healed. Compared to healing his injuries himself, this was at least ten times faster.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s mental state was also extremely good. Chu Feng knew that this was most definitely also caused by the power of the runes and symbols erupting from Buried Spirit Lake.

“Truly miraculous. This Buried Spirit Lake’s reputation is not in vain,” Chu Feng was overjoyed, and began to praise Buried Spirit Lake nonstop.

“Chu Feng, quickly, close your eyes and carefully comprehend. Do not miss this opportunity. After all, you will only have a single day,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Got it.”

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He immediately closed his eyes and began to wholeheartedly comprehend.

At that moment, Chu Feng was able to clearly sense that the runes and symbols emerging from the lake water were acting as if they were alive, and entering his body and soul in an unending stream.

Those runes and symbols were not only effective at healing one’s injuries, but they also gave Chu Feng a very warm and cozy feeling.

However, if one was to think that one would be able to receive the power from the symbols and runes after they entered one’s body, then one would be gravely mistaken.

Everyone said that how much one could obtain from Buried Spirit Lake would depend on one’s own comprehension. That was most definitely not made up. It was the truth.


Meanwhile, as Chu Feng was wholly focused on comprehending the contents of Buried Spirit Lake...

Outside the mountain at the location where everyone was gathered, a pillar of light started to flicker. Then, a figure walked out from it.

That person was Yuwen Hualong. At that moment, Yuwen Hualong had a dissatisfied expression on his face. Evidently, he was feeling upset about being unable to ascend the mountain and reach Buried Spirit Lake.

“This maze is simply too difficult. Did anyone really manage to reach Buried Spirit Lake?”

There were many others coming out from the pillars of light at around the same time as Yuwen Hualong. All of them were complaining.

They were all people that wanted to try their luck. However, the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief had just made an announcement that Buried Spirit Lake’s eruption had begun. Yet, they did not even know how to enter Buried Spirit Lake. As such, they felt that there was no chance for them, and decided to walk out through the pillars.

“You are simply deliberately making things difficult for us!” Yuwen Hualong said to an Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder. His tone was extremely bad.

“What do you mean by that?” That Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder asked.

“It is simply impossible for anyone to get through that maze. You all are simply refusing to allow us to enter Buried Spirit Lake,” Yuwen Hualong said.

Once Yuwen Hualong said those words, many of the people from the younger generation present also revealed the same sort of complaint-filled gaze.

“Indeed, the maze is very difficult to get through. That I will not deny. However, the fact that you all are unable to enter Buried Spirit Lake is merely because your own comprehension is lacking.”

“Otherwise, how could little friend Chu Feng, the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter and the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Miss Chu Lingxi manage to enter Buried Spirit Lake?” 

“What?! You said Chu Feng entered Buried Spirit Lake?!”

Once Yuwen Hualong heard those words, his expression changed enormously. His eyes were brimming with irreconciliation and anger.

If one were to ask Yuwen Hualong who he hoped would not enter Buried Spirit Lake the most, then it would most definitely be Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t want to happen ended up happening. Chu Feng actually managed to enter Buried Spirit Lake.

In fact, it was not only Yuwen Hualong that was shocked. Many of the people present were shocked. This was especially true for the disciples of the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa that had followed Chu Feng earlier. They were even more shocked.

They all knew very well that Chu Feng had indeed managed to find the method to reach Buried Spirit Lake. However, it was snatched away by Xia Yun’er.

In that case, it would mean that Chu Feng had discovered another method to reach Buried Spirit Lake.

Thinking of that, they all started to feel slightly regretful. They regretted leaving the mountain so soon. Else, if they were to continue to follow after Chu Feng, Chu Feng would most definitely have brought them to Buried Spirit Lake.

“Senior, you’re saying that only Chu Feng, Miss Xia and Lady Chu Lingxi managed to enter Buried Spirit Lake?” A disciple from the Immortal Armament Villa asked.

“That is what I’ve heard,” the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder replied.

“That Chu Feng is simply too lucky.”

At that moment, countless members of the younger generation revealed looks of envy. This was especially true for the men. They all revealed deep jealousy in their eyes.

To spend time alone with two of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s Three Great Beauties by oneself was something that many people did not even dare to dream about. Yet, Chu Feng had managed to accomplish that. Thus, how could the crowd not feel envious of him?

“Humph,” at that moment, Yuwen Hualong let out a cold snort. It could be seen that he was extremely furious.

“Yuwen Hualong, you have the time to feel envious of Chu Feng? You should go and concern yourself with your Yuwen City’s Young City Master instead,” right at that moment, a Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciple spoke to Yuwen Hualong with a mocking tone.

Yuwen Hualong noticed that the tone that disciple spoke to him with was abnormal. Immediately, he glared and asked coldly, “What do you mean by that?!”

“Why are you asking me that? The people from your Yuwen City are all over there, you’ll know once you go and check things out for yourself,” that Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciple pointed to a direction outside the crowd.

Hearing those words, Yuwen Hualong took a fierce glance at that disciple. Then, he quickly proceeded toward the direction indicated by that disciple.

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you!!!”

After a short moment, a furious shout sounded from nearby.

It was Yuwen Hualong.

The disciples from the Sacred Pellet Villa all revealed a smile on their faces.

They knew that Yuwen Hualong must’ve found out that Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation was crippled by Chu Feng.

Thus, they knew that the current Yuwen Hualong must be feeling extremely furious, and extremely pained.

As for this, it was precisely what they had hoped for.

“Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan, what is the meaning of this?!”

Soon, Yuwen Hualong returned. His complexion was extremely red, and his veins were all bulging. It could be seen that he was truly furious.

“Little friend, I do not understand what you mean by that,” that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder revealed a puzzled expression.

“Don’t you act dumb. I know for certain that you all have people monitoring the situation inside the mountain. Otherwise, you all wouldn’t have known that Chu Feng and the others were able to enter Buried Spirit Lake,” Yuwen Hualong said.

“Indeed, we have been monitoring the situation inside the mountain with our spirit formation. However, I must clarify one thing, we do not and are unable to monitor the situation inside Buried Spirit Lake itself.”

“As for the eruption of Buried Spirit Lake, we have determined its timing based on its previous eruptions, and verified its eruption through the sounds of the eruption,” that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder said.

“I do not care how you determined whatever about the eruption, all I care about is that since you all have set up a monitoring formation over the entire mountain, then you should know about Chu Feng crippling Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation. Thus, why did you all not stop him?” Yuwen Hualong asked.

“Oh, so that’s what you’re concerned about,” that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder smiled. Then, he asked, “Why should we have stopped him?”