Chapter 2790 - The Furious Xia Yun’er

Chapter 2790 - The Furious Xia Yun’er

“Cough, cough. Miss Xia, I didn’t see anything. You don’t have to be nervous.”

Seeing Xia Yun’er’s reaction, Chu Feng felt a bit embarrassed. Subconsciously, he lied and said he didn’t see anything.

“Even if you’re lying, you should plan your lies properly. You said you didn’t see anything, then what is with your body’s reaction?” Chu Lingxi pointed at Chu Feng’s crotch.

It was only after hearing what Chu Lingxi said that Chu Feng noticed a certain region on his body was reacting like an awakened beast.

Perhaps that ferocious beast was too powerful. Even though Chu Feng was clearly wearing pants, the ferocious beast’s might was still unable to be stopped. Even with his pants on, that awakened beast was still completely obvious.

As such, even Chu Lingxi had noticed the change that had occurred to Chu Feng’s body.

Chu Feng coughed. “It’s due to holding back my piss. You wouldn’t understand, it’s very difficult for men to hold back their urge to pee.”

Chu Feng laughed awkwardly as he adjusted his pants to make his awakened beast not so obvious.

Seeing Chu Feng reacting like this, Chu Lingxi covered her mouth and laughed.

Even though Chu Feng explained it in a deadpan manner, Chu Lingxi knew very well that Chu Feng’s explanation was something that only fools would believe.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded from below. Following that, a large wave of water surged forth violently from below.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately turned serious. He was able to sense a very powerful killing intent from below.

“Chu Feng, I’m going to kill you!”

Following that, Xia Yun’er’s furious shout was heard.

Soon, she reappeared before Chu Feng.

Not only was Xia Yun’er fully clothed, but she was also holding two silver swords in her hands. Furthermore, a furious expression covered her face.

Seeing the current Xia Yun’er, Chu Feng realized one thing: even beautiful women would appear to a bit frightening when their face was filled with anger and killing intent.

Most important of all would be Xia Yun’er’s current aura.

Chu Feng clearly remembered that Xia Yun’er’s cultivation had been that of a rank one True Immortal when he first met her.

However, the aura Xia Yun’er was currently emitting was that of a rank four True Immortal.

“This girl, could it be that she concealed her cultivation from the very start?”

Chu Feng was very surprised. That said, he also became serious.

Thus, not only did Chu Feng immediately unleash his Divine-level Lightning Mark to increase his cultivation, but he also took out his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Xia Yun’er’s dual swords were being thrust forth repeatedly. Blade rays that blazed gold began to shoot toward Chu Feng.

It was not an ordinary attack. Rather, it was a Taboo Martial Skill.

That being said, Chu Feng was absolutely not one to be trifled with either. Chu Feng brandished his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler repeatedly and blocked all the incoming blade rays.


An ear-piercing sound was heard. Then, Xia Yun’er’s dual swords were thrust toward Chu Feng.

Xia Yun’er’s speed was simply too fast. She had arrived before Chu Feng the moment he finished blocking her sword rays.

As Xia Yun’er’s Incomplete Immortal Armaments were coming at Chu Feng head-on this time around, they were even more powerful.

As such, how could Chu Feng possibly dare to attempt to dodge the incoming attack? He immediately swung forth his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler to block.

Sparks splattered about everywhere, and energy ripples surged forth. The water in the lake was overturned by the battle between the two.

At that moment, Chu Feng and Xia Yun’er began to fight one another head-on using their respective Incomplete Immortal Armaments.

Chu Feng’s ability in close-range fighting had always been extremely excellent among people of his generation. It could be said that he had never met his rival.

However, as he fought Xia Yun’er, Chu Feng started to feel that he had met his rival.

Xia Yun’er’s swordplay was extremely sharp. Her swords were like two silver dragons that would become fierce and powerful from time to time.

It was as if those two swords were simply not Incomplete Immortal Armaments, but rather Xia Yun’er herself. It was as if they had already fused with her. Her mastery over her weapons could simply be said to be perfection.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was not one to be trifled with either. Thus, no matter how sharp Xia Yun’er’s attacks might be, regardless of how fatal they were, Chu Feng was still capable of blocking them.

“Miss Xia, it’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding,” While blocking Xia Yun’er’s attacks, Chu Feng tried to explain himself.

After all, at that moment, Chu Feng truly felt Xia Yun’er’s killing intent. He knew that she was not joking around. That girl was truly planning to kill him.

However, what was the power behind Xia Yun’er? It was the Starfall Holy Land, the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s huge monster, inferior to only the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Although Xia Yun’er was a dangerous character, she and Chu Feng were not irreconcilable enemies.

Although Xia Yun’er was the mastermind behind what had happened to Li Xiang, it remained that it was not her who had crippled Li Xiang’s cultivation.

Chu Feng naturally wanted to avenge Li Xiang. However, he felt that it was not time yet. Furthermore, he did not feel that there was a need to kill Xia Yun’er either.

At the very least, before Chu Feng could withstand the Starfall Holy Land, he could not become bitter enemies with Xia Yun’er.

That was the reason why Chu Feng was trying so hard to explain himself.

“Misunderstanding? Fine, dig out your own eyes, cut off your own tongue and then bring forth your life. Do that, and I’ll believe that it’s a misunderstanding,” Even the tone with which Xia Yun’er spoke had changed.

She was no longer hypocritical like before. The current her was the most dangerous, most unreasonable and most murderous. She had completely unleashed her fierceness and viciousness at that moment.

In other words, this was the actual Xia Yun’er.

Thus, no matter what Chu Feng tried to say, it would be useless. The current Xia Yun’er only had a single thought in mind: killing Chu Feng.

“Don’t do that. Miss Xia, aren’t we friends? You were the one who said we were friends.”

“Since you said that we’re friends, how could you want to do all those things to me just because I happened to see you naked?”

“Moreover, it’s not like I did it on purpose. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’d taken off all your clothes, I wouldn’t have seen you naked either.”

“Oh, that’s right, why did you take off all your clothes? Why can’t you be like Chu Lingxi and stay inside the water properly? Why must you have a strange hobby of undressing after entering the water?” Chu Feng said.


“Chu Feng, I will tear your mouth apart!”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Xia Yun’er grew even more furious.

“Huu, huu, huu~~~”

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that cyan flames were actually being emitted from Xia Yun’er’s body.

The cyan flames were wiggling and transforming. Like armor, the flames enveloped Xia Yun’er’s body as they continued to burn.

Even though those were clearly flames, they showed no sign of dying out even though they were in water.

The flames were also not emitting heat. Instead, they were emitting a bone-chilling aura that filled the deep water with cold.

This was especially true when being in such close proximity to her. Chu Feng was able to feel with great certainty how cold those flames were.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng immediately unleashed his trump card, the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

Chu Feng had fought against Xia Yun’er once before. Thus, he knew that this was Xia Yun’er’s Divine Power.

Xia Yun’er was extremely talented, and her Divine Power was also extremely powerful. It was not as simple as merely increasing one’s battle power. Instead, her Divine Power was capable of increasing her cultivation by an entire level.

Sure enough, after the cyan flames appeared, Xia Yun’er’s aura increased from rank four True Immortal to rank five True Immortal.

She thrust forth one of her swords. Its might was even stronger. Chu Feng was simply unable to block it.

Fortunately, Chu Feng had already unleashed his Ancient Era’s War Sword, one of his trump cards.

Thus, before Xia Yun’er’s sword could reach Chu Feng’s body, it was blocked by the Ancient Era’s War Sword.


Controlled by Chu Feng, the Ancient Era’s War Sword started to shine brightly with golden light. Its light illuminated the deep dark water.

Then, the Ancient Era’s War Sword also began to enlarge in size. It was growing larger and larger.

Under that sort of situation, Xia Yun’er was forced further and further away from Chu Feng by the Ancient Era’s War Sword.


Suddenly, Xia Yun’er let out a scream.

Rather than calling it a scream, it would be more accurate to call it a furious shout.


Seeing the current Xia Yun’er, Chu Feng started to frown, and shouted, ‘oh no’ in his heart.