Chapter 91 Unite

MGA: Chapter 91 – Unite

*rumble rumble rumble*

The battle continued as Chu Feng fought against 3 experts of the Origin realm by himself. Although he did not have the advantage, he was certainly not disadvantaged.

An unheard miracle was being performed right in front of the crowd. The Chu family all urgently hoped that Chu Feng could win. Not only did it represent that they could be saved from this calamity, it also meant that the Chu family could reach a whole new peak.

With the young man who could create miracles, they knew that their Chu family would not be unordinary anymore. At least, they would not be curled up in the small little Leaning Mountain Town.


Suddenly, several lightning snakes stacked on one another and swept past. It was like a long lightning whip and it scattered all of the martial skills from the 3 family masters, continuously pushing the 3 of them back.

“Boy, don’t even think of being imperious.” Being shattered by one attack, the three family masters counterattacked at the same time. They condensed an even stronger Origin power, displayed even stronger martial skills and started to attack Chu Feng.

However, no matter how much strong the attacks were from the family masters, in front of Chu Feng’s lightning, it was in vain and it could not even harm Chu Feng in the slightest.

“Is this boy even human? Does he have endless spiritual energy in his body?”

“No need to rush. Since he used rank 5 martial skills, it meant that he also trained in the Mysterious Techniques. Having sturdy spiritual energy in his body is very normal. However, rank 5 martial skills consumes a lot of spiritual energy. With his cultivation, he can’t go on for long.”

“That’s right. Even if his spiritual energy gets more sturdy, there will be a time when he gets dried out. He cannot endure past us. If this goes on, he will lose without a doubt.” The three family masters quietly communicated.

That was because Origin power and spiritual energy could be said to have the difference of heaven and earth. So, even if Chu Feng used his might of the rank 5 martial skill and was able to fight against them temporarily, they thought that Chu Feng’s spiritual energy would dry up sooner or later. When that time arrived, naturally, they could win against Chu Feng.


But just at that time, strong wind started to rise under Chu Feng’s feet and he instantly disappeared. When Chu Feng reappeared, he was behind the master of the Ma family. The hand that was like a blade already chopped towards his neck.


Everything happened too fast and too sudden. They only saw Chu Feng’s hand which was covered with lightning chop like a scythe. Blood sprayed out and before the master of the Ma family could even react, his head already fell with that proud smile still hung on his face.

“Old fellows, don’t be careless when fighting me.”

As he killed the master of the Ma family with one strike, on the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth was an evil smile. He stepped forward and formed strong wind again before disappearing.

“This boy is too fast, be careful.”

Seeing that, the remaining two family masters frowned and did not dare to have even a trace of carelessness. They stood back to back and started to strictly defend.


Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly appeared. His arm suddenly flashed, and the lightning that was on his hand suddenly surged out and became a lightning sword. It chopped towards the back of the two people.

“Boy, don’t look down on us.” The two family masters used their strong methods at the same time to block Chu Feng’s attack.

*whoosh* But, they only saw Chu Feng lightly smile. Before the sword of lightning even sliced down, his body disappeared once again and he arrived behind the master of the Wang family.

“Careful!” The master the Xu family reacted first and he quickly yelled out.

But it was too late. Chu Feng already attacked and the lighting swept past. With a poof, the head of the Wang family master also flew up and he died right there.

Seeing two people who were killed by Chu Feng within a blink, the anger that was on the face of the Xu family master no longer remained. Replacing it was fear. Under the threat of death, he finally felt fear.

At that instant, he had a thought. It was that when they fought against Chu Feng, there was never a chance of victory. From the start, the young man seemingly never truly fought with them. It was more like he was toying with them.

“You…You…I’ll kill you!"

Knowing that his life was reaching the end, the master of the Xu family could only put everything he had and left nothing behind. He used his most fierce attack on Chu Feng.

However, in Chu Feng’s eyes, even stronger attacks were useless towards him. In front of his Imperial Sky Technique, in front of that absolute speed, the strength of the 1st level of the Origin realm was really not enough.

*whoosh* Chu Feng’s body shot forward and arrived behind him like a demon. With the wave of his hand, he easily killed the master of the Xu family.

With that, the 3 experts of the Origin realm all died by Chu Feng’s hands. Their death was the same as their family. They were decapitated.


At that instant, the Chu family crowd couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air. Chu Feng’s performance was too unexpected and he was simply so imaginably strong.

At that instant, there was no one cheering and only there was only silence. So silent that other than breathing, one could only hear the beating of hearts. Their hearts which were full of emotion.

A young man who was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm could kill 3 people at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

A young man who was only 15 years old but had already became a core disciple of the Azure Dragon School and could use rank 5 skills.

That young man, no matter where, was going to be called a genius. That genius belonged to the Chu family. Every single Chu family member knew that not only were they saved, they were even destined to rise abruptly as long as the young man was willing to.

The curtains of the huge battle fell and the Chu family started to clear the corpses that were everywhere in the Leaning Mountain Town. No matter if it was the Chu family members or town citizens, they all got a dignified bury.

However, the heads of the Wang, Xu, and Ma family, they were hung on the walls of the Leaning Mountain Town. That could be said to be “killing the chicken to warn the monkey” but it was really a flaunt of power.

In the Chu family’s conference hall, the place where Chu Feng was not qualified to enter before, all of the Chu family’s backbones were there. As for Chu Feng, he sat on the seat of the head.

“Feng'er, following what you said, invitation letters were sent towards the various powers in the mountain area.”

Chu Yuanba’s injuries were already taken care of, but this main backbone of the Chu family was reporting some things to Chu Feng and his attitude was very humble.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded and didn’t say much. He didn’t even look at Chu Yuanba as he continued to look over the book within his hands.

Facing Chu Feng who had that attitude, Chu Yuanba could only dryly laugh. As for the other backbones of the Chu family, they did not dare to say anything. They knew that from today on, in the Chu family, it was not Chu Yuan’s words that counted nor Chu Yuanba’s. It was Chu Feng’s words.

It had nothing to do with experience nor seniority. It was because Chu Feng had the strength. After all, without him, everyone would have been dead.

“Feng'er, I wonder why you sent out invitations to those powers?” Finally, Chu Yuan spoke. Today, only him, his foster father, dared to speak to Chu Feng like that.

After hearing Chu Yuan’s words, Chu Feng closed the book in his hands, raised his head, slightly smiled and said,

“I just feel that it’s time to unite all the powers in this mountain area.”