Chapter 88 Die

MGA: Chapter 88 – Die

So it turned out in the period of time when Chu Feng and the other left, something huge happened in the Chu family. In the mining zone on the mountain, a rare, black iron ore was excavated out. After more exploration, they discovered that there was a lot more of the ore.

The black iron ore was the best material for weapon creation. The value of it was even higher than gold ores and that mine was a extremely precious mineral deposit. It could increase the Chu family’s profits by several hundred times.

So, when the black iron ore was discovered, at the same time that the Chu family rejoiced, they also started to secretly extract the ore and strict secrecy measures were taken.

But, in the world, there were no walls that did not let any wind pass. No one knew who spread the news of the black iron ore, but when the information was leaked out, very quickly, it attracted the envy of the various neighbouring town’s powers.

Under the lead of the Chu family’s nemesis, the Xu family, they united with the two strongest families in the mountain area, the Ma family and the Wang family. Together, they attacked the Chu family and they wanted to equally divide the black iron mine amongst them.

Chu Renyi was originally handling business outside of town. When he received the news, he instantly hurried back. But, he never would have thought that he would meet the Ma family’s ambush. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng who arrived just in time, he would have certainly got killed.

“This Xu family must be tired of living.”

After hearing what happened, Chu Feng grinded his teeth in anger. The killing intent from his gaze filled the air, and not even going on the horse, he went straight forward as he crazily ran towards the direction of the Chu family.

“Feng'er, don’t go. It’s too dangerous.” Seeing that, Chu Renyi hurriedly spoke to stop him.

But it was in vain. Chu Feng’s speed was simply too fast and with the sweep of the wind, Chu Feng disappeared. At that instant, Chu Renyi who wanted to say something could only swallow his words back down.

After a while, he recovered back before saying with incomparable shock, “Feng'er’s speed! Is his strength past the Spirit realm already?”

Hearing Chu Renyi’s words, the heavily injured Chu family members widened their mouth in shock. What did it mean when he surpassed the power of the Spirit realm at that age? It simply exceeded what their brains could bear.

The Leaning Mountain Town was based off of the Chu family. The order was maintained by the Chu family and the citizens were protected by the Chu family. To say that the little town was a small-sized country would not be exaggerating.

Also, because of the recent black iron mine, the Chu family already prepared several layers of defense in the Leaning Mountain town to defend against anyone who had ill intents towards them.

But, in front of them, the attack of the Xu, Ma, and Wang family, the Leaning Mountain Town’s layers of defenses were broken through and almost all of the citizens within the town were massacred. The Chu family were the only ones to continue to struggle.

However, no matter how much stronger Chu Yuanba was, while facing the three masters of the Xu, Ma, and Wang family, naturally, he would be at a disadvantage. The current him had a face that was as white as paper. He had blood all over his body and he was half-kneeling on the floor while violently panting and coughing.

“Father.” Seeing that Chu Yuanba had no more strength to fight, Chu Yuan quickly arrived next to him. He swept his gaze of alert towards his surroundings and he was deeply afraid that someone would kill his father.

When Chu Yuanba was defeated, the forces from everywhere also stopped battling. Finally, a short moment of peace arrived for the bloody battle.

“Chu Yuanba, seeing that you are quite a person, I’ll give you a dignified death. Go and suicide.” Within the people, there was an old person that was slightly fat and short with a black beard. He was the master of the Xu family.

Looking at the three old men in front of him and then using his gaze to sweep over the heavily injured and the dead Chu family members, Chu Yuanba said with sorrow across his face,

“I, Chu Yuanba, can suicide. But please let my Chu family go.”

“I guarantee that my Chu family will leave this mountain and never come back.”

“Haha! Are you an idiot or do you take us as idiots to let go of your Chu family? You want us to release the tiger and let it return to the mountain? Leaving diseases alone?”

“Chu Yuanba. If you have to blame something, you can only blame your inability to reason. If you had promised and shared the black iron mine with us, how would the things that happened today happen? The only reason why your Chu family fell to this point is because of you.”

“Not a single Chu family member will leave here alive. You should all go and suicide. We’ll leave you with a complete corpse.”

The tone of the master of the Xu family was icy cold and it had unmatched heartlessness. After facing the Chu family for so many years, he hated the Chu family down the bone. How could he give any breathing chances to the Chu family?



But just at that time, sudden cries came outside of the Chu family residence. The cries were connected one after the other and some even happened at the same time. Within the continuousness, it was quite terrifying.

At that moment, the expression of every single person within the Chu family courtyard changed greatly. Especially the people from the Xu, Wang, and Ma family. Instantly, they became uneasy.

That was because currently, the people from the Chu family were already forced within the Chu family residence. Only their men remained outside of the residence.

But, the wretched yells only happened for a moment. Very quickly, silent sank in. However, the silence made people restless.

*ta ta ta*

“Family master, save me!”

But before he even ran for 3 steps, behind him, a cold wind swept by and a black iron blade came flying over.

With a poof, that Xu family member’s head, under countless of gazes, flew into the air. At the end, it fell on the ground like a watermelon with his body still standing there, maintaining the running posture.


At that instant, be it the Xu family or the Wang family, they were endlessly shocked. Their faces turned pale white because the Xu family member who was killed was an expert of the 8th level of the Spirit realm.

The 8th level of the Spirit realm. A person like that was so easily killed. It was even done in front of the 3 family masters, so it could be imagined how strong the person who attacked was.

Just as everyone’s nerves were tightening, clear sounds of footsteps suddenly resonated outside of the Chu family residence and broke the current silence.

But, when the unhurried footsteps sounded out at that time, it made people uneasy and even frightened as if every step violently throbbed their hearts.

Finally, under the gazes of the crowd, a figure appeared within their vision. It was a young man.

A young man that was wearing a blue, long robe and holding a big banner.

The banner was very special. On it was a green coiling dragon. In the middle, there were three big words. It was the symbol of the Azure Dragon School, the “Azure Dragon Banner”.

But compared to the domineering Azure Dragon Banner, the young man was clearly more terrifying. On his young face was blood and his entire body was emitting blood stench and also an extremely pressing killing intent.


Suddenly, the big banner in the young man’s hand dropped. With a bang, he stabbed the banner into the stone slabs and the jolt created several cracks.

“Today, those who invade my Chu family, die!”