Chapter 85 Danger Lurks Everywhere

MGA: Chapter 85 – Danger Lurks Everywhere

“I never would have thought that there was going to be a good show already. It’s already hard to say whether Chu Feng can even live past a year.”

“Yeah, how can he even survive in the core zone after offending senior Gong? Even if senior Gong doesn’t attack, many people would be troubling him. With his current strength, it’s really quite hard to continue in this place.”

As they looked at the scene in front of them, the surrounding crowd coldly smiled. They felt that Chu Feng was going to be crazily beaten up today. After all, Chu Feng’s strength was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm. In addition to his horrible talent, in the core zone, take any single person and they could beat him up to the point in which he would need to look for his teeth on the ground.

That was also why Gong Luyun’s underlings didn’t attack Chu Feng yet. They felt that Chu Feng was simply too weak and he was not worthy enough for their attack.

“What. You bunch of trash are going to come one by one or everyone at once?” Chu Feng swept over the crowd and disdainfully said.

“What an arrogant brat. Clearly a trash that doesn’t even have low-rank talent yet dares to say we’re trash. If we don’t give you a lesson today, you really won’t know how high the sky is and how deep the ground is.”

One of the core disciples was quite angered by Chu Feng. He stepped forward, and a hand with strength clawed towards Chu Feng. He started to attack directly.

*bam* But just as the hand was going to touch Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s hand tightly grabbed onto his wrist. A strong power made him unable to move even half an inch.

“He blocked that person’s attack?”

The observing crowd felt surprised. Although the person who attack Chu Feng was very weak, but he was still at the 8th level of the Spirit realm. The person whom he was taking care of, Chu Feng, was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm so he should have been more than enough. How was he so easily blocked by Chu Feng? Then, when the next scene happened, their surprise completely turned into shock.

Chu Feng used a bit of power in his hand and suddenly pulled down. With a snapping sound, the core disciple’s arm got broken by Chu Feng.

He was not done yet. Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked the person’s left knee. Another snapping sound rang out and the person’s left leg was broken. He then started to roll on the ground while painfully howling.


Just as they were shocked, Chu Feng shot in front of a disciple like a ghost. He struck with his fist and it fiercely landed on that person’s face, directly breaking his jaw.

“Cripple this bastard.” Seeing that 2 people fell within the blink of an eye, the group of core disciples were completely enraged. They attacked all together and they all leaped towards Chu Feng.

“Hmph, nice timing.”

When Chu Feng faced the group attack that contained all sorts of martial skills and every kind of power, he only coldly laughed. A ray of lightning flashed into Chu Feng’s eyes and instantly, his body was covered with snakes of lightning.


The lightning shot in every direction and it was as if the sun was falling. The bright light forced the observing crowd’s eyes close and the strong might caused them to continuously back away.

When they felt that the power was withdrawn, they couldn’t help but open their eyes. As they focused their attention and looked, their faces changed greatly as their eyes and mouth were wide open.

The 20 or so people that surrounded to attack Chu Feng were all laid on the ground. Their bodies were all black and they were not lightly burnt. They were currently rolling and flipping while painfully bawling.

They focused their attention back to Chu Feng and not a single hair was damaged. There wasn’t even any dust on his clothes. He was disdainfully looking at the people howling and he coldly said, “You are not qualified to give me a lesson.”

After he finished those words, Chu Feng cast his chilling gaze towards the observing crowd. Those who saw Chu Feng’s gaze shivered and coldness started to rise in their hearts. They couldn’t help but back away one step. Even experts of the Origin realm were no exception.

Looking at those who had faces of being joyful in other’s disasters yet currently had nervous expressions on, the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth rose to form a cold smile before leaving with Su Mei.

“Heavens. How is this guy so terrifying? How is he the trash of the Spirit realm with that atmosphere just now? Even people from the Origin realm may not even have that.”

“Not only that, the skill he just used was not just simply a rank 5 skill, it seemed like…”

“Like what?”

“From the airs of that skill, it should belong to the Three Thunder Styles.”

“The Three Thunder Styles? How is that possible? The Three Thunder Styles is only a rank 4 martial skill but it was clearly a rank 5 skill just now.”

“That’s right. The Three Thunder Styles is indeed a rank 4 skill, but you should know if one mastered the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles, it would be a rank 5 skill.”

“Your…Your meaning is?”

At that instant, people didn’t even dare to continue thinking. After all, until today, only the founder of the Azure Dragon School completely mastered the Three Thunder Styles.

Countless people cultivated it before but no one could completely master it. But right now, Chu Feng seemed to have mastered the legendary skill so how could people not be shocked by that?

“Hehe, it seems like this guy isn’t simple. No wonder he dared to provoke Gong Luyun.”

“The skill just now must have been the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles. I never would have thought that he had cultivated it to that extent. It seems like the person Leng Wuzui wants us to find is him.”

Just at that moment, in a certain location outside of the Martial Skill Building, a male and a female appeared. They looked at the back of Chu Feng who was leaving and cold glints surged in their eyes.

“Look, isn’t that senior Gao Le and Liu Bing?”

“Those two were on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard back in the days. After being defeated by Leng Wuzui, they removed their names from the leaderboard on their own accord.”

“I heard that after they were defeated by Leng Wuzui, for some reason, they chose to follow him. Up to today, they are still working for Leng Wuzui so very rarely do they appear in the Azure Dragon School.”

“Is that so? After getting defeated they chose to follow him? That means that Leng Wuzui is no simple person.”

“Of course! Leng Wuzui is the only disciple in the Azure Dragon School that has Spirit power. Although his talent is not as high as Gong Luyun, he has Spirit power which Gong Luyun doesn’t.”

“Yeah, he’s only 19 years old right now and 3rd on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard. On that topic, our #2 genius in the Azure Dragon School is not really worth being in that position so I believe that the 2nd spot in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard will belong to him sooner or later.”

As they mentioned Leng Wuzui, admiration surged onto the disciples’ face. After all, he was another publicly recognized genius after Gong Luyun.

After Chu Feng left the Martial Skill Building, he parted ways with Su Mei but didn’t return to his own residence. He left the Azure Dragon School and wanted to personally bring back the good news of him becoming a core disciple. He wanted to personally stab the Azure Dragon Banner in his Leaning Mountain Town.

However, Chu Feng did not know at the same time that he left the Azure Dragon School, two Origin realm core disciples silently tailed him.