Chapter 83 No One Should Even Think Of Bullying Me

MGA: Chapter 83 – No One Should Even Think Of Bullying Me

“You want a life or death match?” Gong Luyun coldly smiled.

“I do want a life or death match. Scared?” Chu Feng asked.

“Scared? Would I be scared of you? Haha…very funny.” Gong Luyun laughed loudly and his laughter was abnormally loud. It was as if he heard the funniest thing in the world and then he said to the crowd behind him,

“Today, I set a life or death battle with this person. 1 year later, at the same place, one battle will take place to determine the winner or loser. If he can block 3 of my attacks, I, Gong Luyun, will cut my throat right here without half a word of complaint.”

Gong Luyun’s words were aggressive, direct, and incomparably arrogant. It could be seen that he was filled with confidence. But the strangest thing was that people approved of his confidence. It was as if at that instant, they could see Chu Feng’s wretched death at this place 1 year later.

1 year. What could he do in 1 year? Not to mention that Chu Feng was still in the Spirit realm, but even if he was in the Origin realm, he could not enter the Profound realm in 1 year.

In addition, Gong Luyun was the publicly recognized #1 genius in the Azure Dragon School. Within the year, his strength was going to be raised by even more. So, everyone felt that the winning chance of Chu Feng was almost zero.

“But, one year later, if you cannot take 3 of my attacks, I will beat you to death and no one will be able to save you.”

Gong Luyun pointed at Chu Feng and fiercely left those words. After a cold snort, he quickly left and the people that came with them also coldly smiled while looking at Chu Feng before chasing after him.

“Chu Feng, sorry, it’s my fault…” Su Mei went next to Chu Feng, and seeing the bloody traces on Chu Feng’s face, she cried out again from the pain in her heart.

“It’s nothing, they’re just minor wounds so don’t cry.”

Chu Feng wiped Su Mei’s tears away from her face. After that, he cast his gaze towards Situ Yu and the others who were nearby, smiled, then said, “No need to fear. Since we’re not Wings Alliance members anymore, we don’t have any relations between us. I won’t spread the trouble.”

“Chu Feng, we…”

Hearing Chu Feng say those words, Situ Yu and the other’s face changed. Indeed, they didn’t dare to go near Chu Feng. Indeed, they were afraid that Chu Feng would spread the trouble to them. Who told him to offend the #1 disciple Gong Luyun right?

“Heh. You don’t need to look at me with that insincerity. I don’t owe you anything, and you don’t owe me anything. From now on, we are strangers.”

Chu Feng waved his hand towards Situ Yu and the others. Although there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, his gaze was unusually cold. He did not need false friendships around him.

Seeing Chu Feng like that, Situ Yu did not put up any acts. After deeply looking at Chu Feng, they went their ways. They had to remove the relationship between them and Chu Feng or else disaster would fall upon them.

“Little friend, with a year of time, how confident would you be in defeating Gong Luyun?” Just at that time, Elder Li spoke.

“Hehe, I’ll be honest. The current me isn’t even 10% confident.” Chu Feng spoke honestly.

“What? You’re not even 10% confident yet you dared to set a life or death battle? Are you trying to trap me?” Elder Li instantly blew his beard and glared his eyes.

“Heh, thank you for you help just now. But, although I am not even 10% confident right now, after a year, I will certainly be 100% confident?” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Little boy, where did all the confidence come from?” Elder Li slanted his eyes and looked at Chu Feng.

“My confidence comes from pressure. 1 year later, if I don’t win I die. Therefore I must win.” Chu Feng smiled again.

“Ahh, the young people these days.” Elder Li said no more. He took out a roll of paper from his Cosmos Sack, went in front of the announcement board in the plaza, opened up the paper and posted it up there.

At that instant, many disciples surrounded there. They wanted to know what Chu Feng and the other’s exam results were. But, they wanted to know the most what Chu Feng’s talent was since he dared to challenge Gong Luyun.

When Chu Feng’s results were posted on the board, everyone was stupefied. Unclear talent. What did that mean? After being in the core zone for so long, it was the first time that people saw a person who had unclear talent.

“Ho. He was unable to activate the testing stone so naturally, his talent is unclear.” Seemingly knowing the suspicions of the crowd, Elder Li smiled and explained.

“What? Unable to activate the testing stone? Doesn’t that mean that he doesn’t even have low-rank talent? Damn. After acting all that, at the end he’s just trash?”

Everyone were endlessly shocked. Their gazes towards Chu Feng were even filled with even more contempt. Elder Li did not say anything about the crowd’s opinions. After posting all 12 rolls of paper, he waved his sleeve and walked into his own, old palace.

“This old man really is not simple.”

Chu Feng originally wanted to go and thank him again, but after seeing Elder Li who didn’t even look at him, he didn’t go. He knew that Elder Li had plans when he saved him, but he did not know what they were.

Even if he said any more words of gratitude, they would be useless. That was because gratitude should not be said with words. It should be given by actions. What Chu Feng needed to do was to defeat Gong Luyun in 1 year. That was the best way of thanking him. At least, it would let people know that Elder Li saving him today was the correct action.

Within countless of discussions, under countless of gazes, Chu Feng held the core disciple token and headed towards his residence in the core zone.

From start until the end, Su Mei was always by his side. She did not care about the words from others and she only looked at Chu Feng with an aching heart. That really warmed Chu Feng’s heart.

“Chu Feng, it’s my fault that I’ve made trouble for you.”

“Leave the Azure Dragon School and head towards my family. Let my family protect you and don’t fight with that Gong Luyun.” After entering the palace, Su Mei quickly spoke.

“What do you mean? You want me to be a turtle that has its head tucked in within its shell?” Chu Feng was a bit displeased. Although he knew that Su Mei only had good intentions for him, he still felt uncomfortable.

“You don’t know the background or the power of Gong Luyun and his family. It is no smaller than the Azure Dragon School. The reason why he came to the Azure Dragon School for cultivation was to become the head of the Azure Dragon School and to occupy this place.”

“Let’s not talk about the tiny hope of you winning over him 1 year later. Even if you can win, you cannot kill him. If you do, his family will certainly kill you.”

“All in all, you almost have no winning hope in this arranged battle. Him and his family will not give you that hope.” Su Mei said seriously.

“Ho. If it’s like that, not only will I kill him, I will annihilate his family.”

“Su Mei, I know that you’re thinking for me, but I, Chu Feng, am never afraid. Since I dared to arrange a battle today, I will stick to my word. Even if the person that will die is me, I will admit it.”

“I am not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of living cowardly. Since Gong Luyun humiliated me like this today, I will return the humiliation 100 times back. Or else what would the meaning of me living be? Do I live in this world to be humiliated by others?”

“No. I, Chu Feng, am a person that does not get bullied. No matter who it is, they should not even think about beating me down. I can endure a moment of humiliation, but I will never endure a lifelong of humiliation. All those who bully me will pay the price.”

“Since Gong Luyun dared to bully me, I dare to kill him. If his family dares to bully me, I will exterminate his family. If everyone in the world dares to bully me, I will massacre everyone in the world. Unless I die, no one in the entire world should even think of bullying me, Chu Feng!”