Chapter 75 A Similar Genius

MGA: Chapter 75 – A Similar Genius

“Jian Fengyi, who’s that guy that dared to speak to you like that?” Looking at Chu Feng’s back which was free and easy, the alliance master of the World Alliance was full of shock.

He basically recognized all the experts of the Wings Alliance but he never even seen Chu Feng before. Also, the only person that would dare to speak to Jian Fengyi like that could only be Situ Yu. So, Chu Feng’s actions shocked him quite a bit.

“A brat that doesn’t want to live. I will let him pay the price.” Jian Fengyi’s tone was extremely dark and cold. It could be seen that he really hated Chu Feng down to the bone.

“Haha, of course. This time, no one from the Wings Alliance should even think of passing this exam. After we get to the Azure Dragon Flower Garden, you can teach that boy a lesson however you wish.”

“Oh, not Su Mei though. I’ll take care of her. Although I can’t do much to her, grabbing onto chances, I can still take tiny advantages…”

The alliance master of the World Alliance shamelessly laughed, then he went next to Jian Fengyi’s ears and quietly asked, “Jian Fengyi, are you sure that the mechanism decoding map is correct? It better not be wrong and harm my group of brothers.”

“Don’t worry, it is absolutely correct. As long as you follow the methods of the mechanism map, I guarantee that all of them will safely pass the stage.”

“You just need to remind them to quickly pass it. This time, we have to completely surround the Wings Alliance members in the Azure Dragon Flower Garden. Not a single one of them can pass the exam.” Jian Fengyi said with confidence.

“Of course. The people from the Wings Alliance think that their geniuses and this time, we’ll make them lose all their faces. I can die from excitement just by thinking of the reactions when the news of the Wings Alliance members’ exam failure gets spread throughout the inner court.” The alliance master of the World Alliance happily laughed loudly.

“Hmph. Geniuses? They’re just idiots that believe themselves to be infallible. All the Wings Alliance members that were so arrogant in the inner court, when they got to the core zone, weren’t they just all defeated by that person?” Jian Fengyi disdainfully said.

“You’re saying the #1 disciple in our Azure Dragon School, Gong Luyun?”

“Who else other than him!”

“That’s correct. Gong Luyun is way too powerful. I hear that he’s going to enter the Profound realm soon. I wonder if it’s true or false!” Mentioning Gong Luyun, admiration surged onto the face of the alliance master of the World Alliance.

“Yeah, I hear that he’s the genius that appeared after Zhang Tianyi. He’s only 20 years old today, and if he really enters the Profound realm, he would have unlimited achievements in the future. The position of the head of school could only belong to him.” Jian Fengyi also endlessly admired him.

“Sorry for the wait.” Just at that time, a warm and clear voice rang out. Su Rou led a group of elders and solemnly went on the stage.

When Su Rou appeared, the people from all 3 powers couldn’t help but quiet down. They knew Su Rou’s appearance was as beautiful like a fox and she was also extremely gentle to others, but her methods were feared by many people. At least within the inner court, no one dared to offend her.

After Su Rou appeared, she explained the exam rules in detail. They were pretty much exactly the same as what Situ Yu said. After explaining the rules, several entrances slowly opened and Chu Feng and the others rushed into them instantly.

“Hehe, was this made just for me to test the Imperial Sky Technique?”

At that instant, Chu Feng looked at the mechanisms. They were iron blades sticking out and there were only a few safe areas that could be landed on. His heart was filled with joy.


Suddenly, strong wind was revolving under his feet. The tip of his toes lightly tapped and with a bang, his entire body was like an arrow as he ran with flying speed. He was actually stepping on the iron blades to walk. Within a blink, he entered deep into the tunnel and disappeared.

The Imperial Sky Technique, rated as a rank 7 martial skill. Who cared that Chu Feng only mastered the early stage? His speed completely exceeded everyone’s imagination. If it was about the leg power, perhaps even experts of the Origin realm could not be compared with Chu Feng.

Using the speed of the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng rushed through the underground palace like the wind. He didn’t even decipher the mechanisms yet he passed them all.

The so-called core disciple exam was just like a child’s play. After a short moment, Chu Feng already stepped outside of the underground palace and the scene displayed in front of him was the so-called Azure Dragon Flower Garden.

The emerald green grass was under his feet and there were all sorts of strange flowers and weird grasses in front of him. The lively cry of birds endlessly rang next to his ear, and suddenly, a burst of light wind passed him and the fragrant smell leaped towards his nose. All around him were birdsongs and fragrant flowers. It was just like a real, otherworldly garden.

“There are quite a few spiritual medicines here. But other than the top-quality spiritual medicine, the Spiritual Bead, nothing else has too much meaning to me.”

The first thing that Chu Feng did was spread out his Spirit power and felt the environment of his surroundings in detail. He discovered that the Azure Dragon Flower Garden was really big and there were indeed many spiritual medicines planted there.

But, Chu Feng did not pick them. His body moved and he went deeper into the flower garden. Other than the Spiritual Bead, he was not interested in other spiritual medicines at all. What he wanted to find was the 7-Coloured Flower.

“Elder Su Rou, why hasn’t Chu Feng moved yet? Does he want to give up on this exam?” Within the observation room in the underground palace, Su Rou and some elders were gathered there.

At that place, although they were not able to see what was happening in every single tunnel, they could tell changes in the mechanisms. The exam already started, but in Chu Feng’s tunnel, the mechanisms hadn’t even been touched yet and that confused many people.

“Leave. Follow me and have a look.”

Su Rou who had very good impressions of Chu Feng slightly frowned. She pushed the door opened and walked out. The other elders also quickly followed her.

But when they opened Chu Feng’s tunnel, they were all shocked. They discovered that the mechanisms in the tunnel were completely untouched yet Chu Feng was not there.

Facing that scene, almost everyone could guess what happened. After all, when one’s strength reached a certain point and grasped superb techniques, they could directly pass the underground palace without damaging the mechanisms.

But for that to happen, one had to be at least in the Origin realm. However, Chu Feng was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm. So, seeing that situation happening on Chu Feng, of course they were endlessly astonished.

“This guy is really comparable to the him back in the days.” As she was shocked, Su Rou slowly closed her eyes.

She suddenly thought of the genius many years ago. The person who created the Wings Alliance and swept the strong in the core zone. Reaching the Profound realm at the age of 16 and becoming the #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School. The Chu Feng today was really similar to him back at that time.

In Su Rou’s eyes, only people like them could be called a real genius.