Chapter 70 Jealousy

MGA: Chapter 70 – Jealousy

On the sky, the round moon was hung up high. On the ground, there was a male and a female.

On the stone path in the dark and quiet night, Chu Feng and Su Mei were walking shoulder-to-shoulder. Borrowing the bright moonlight, Chu Feng would occasionally and secretly peek at Su Mei who was next to him. He couldn’t help but hiddenly sigh. That girl was quite pretty.

Her long and thin eyebrows, water-like eyes, tall and beautiful nose, pink and soft lips, perfect curve of the convex in front of her chest, and in addition, her snow-like white skin. It really made people’s heart bump loudly. Even if it was said that she was a descended fairy, it would be correct.

As he was absorbed into looking, Chu Feng couldn’t endure it and opened his arms. He extended his dirty hand towards Su Mei. So, a painful cry rang out again.


“Damn it girl. Isn’t it just a hug? No need to bite so fiercely…” Chu Feng looked at the two perfect rows of little teeth marks on his hand and painfully grimaced.

Luckily, he had thick and rough skin and he could be compared to steel tendons and iron bones. Or else, Su Mei’s bite really would have bit off a big chunk of his meat. It could be seen that she really dared to do that.

“Who let you do that? Damn scoundrel.” Su Mei fiercely glared at Chu Feng then said, “I hear that you stayed in the Cultivation Formation for 8 hours. Was that true?”

“Mm. What about it?”

“You really are a monster. Don’t you know that in the Cultivation Formation, even core disciples could only stay there for 6 hours? You’ve already become a freak in the inner court right now.”

“Is that so? It just means those guys are garbage right?”

Chu Feng was not boasting. If it wasn’t because he felt that he already mastered the early stage of the Imperial Sky Technique and decided to waste no more time, he would have no problems staying for a few more hours in the Cultivation Formation.

“It’s not that they’re garbage, it’s just that you’re too abnormal.” Su Mei curled her lips then squinted her eyes and giggled, “In a while, you’re going to meet all of the Wings Alliance members. Are you nervous?”

“What’s there to be nervous about?” Chu Feng denied that.

He originally thought that Su Mei had some good things for him since she looked for him at such a late time, but he didn’t know that it was for the meeting of the Wings Alliance members. As for why, naturally, it was for tomorrow’s core disciple exam.

Including Chu Feng, there were only 33 members in the Wings Alliance. But, in this year’s core disciple exam, there were at least 12 people joining. Those 12 people could be said to be the strongest within the Wings Alliance.

It meant that the Wings Alliance in the inner court was going to have quite some changes. Not only did they need to choose a new alliance master, they also needed to plan for the exam.

For this core disciple exam, not only did the Wings Alliance wait for a long time, the Sword Alliance and the World Alliance also waited for a long time. The exam was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. It would very likely be a battle between the top inner court disciples.

“I already know that you are inhuman and wouldn’t be nervous because of them.” Su Mei sweetly smiled and revealed some admiration within her eyes.

Accompanied by Su Mei, Chu Feng arrived at a residence. It was where the alliance master of the Wings Alliance lived in and also the gathering location of the Wings Alliance. Before his eyes, all of the members of the Wings Alliance were already in the residence.

As he entered the residence, Chu Feng felt countless gazes focusing on him and looking around his body. Some had surprise, some were strange, and some also contained disdain and suspicion.

But, what Chu Feng first felt was the strong aura of those people. The Wings Alliance were indeed worthy of being called the alliance of geniuses. So it turned out that the Dragon and Tiger brothers were only at the bottom within the Wings Alliance.

Within the bodies of the 31 people, Chu Feng found some familiar faces. For example, Bai Long, Bai Hu, Ye Taozi, Zhang Tingzi, Bai Tong and the others. Chu Feng had seen those people before.

“This is Chu Feng right? I am the alliance master of the Wings Alliance, Situ Yu.” A handsome male walked towards Chu Feng. He was the one that lead all the Wings Alliance members.

Situ Yu’s age was similar to Jian Fengyi’s age, even his cultivation was at the 9th level of the Spirit realm as well. But, his aura was a bit thicker than Jian Fengyi’s. However, although he seemed polite on the surface, Chu Feng could feel that he was not as kind as he seemed.

“Hey! My brother is speaking to you. Did you not hear it?” As Chu Feng was staring blankly, a black-faced young man who was behind Situ Yu rushed forward.

The age of the young man was close to Chu Feng’s. Even if he was older he would be no older than 2 years. With the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm at that age, it was not bad.

But his current attitude was extremely nasty. He pointed at Chu Feng and bellowed while his nose was blowing and his eyes glaring. Looking how he was, it really seemed like he wanted to beat Chu Feng up.

“Little Liang.”

Seeing that, Situ Yu pulled the black-faced young man back. After that, he apologetically said to Chu Feng, “This is my brother Situ Liang. His character is a bit violent but he’s not a bad person in his heart. I do hope that you don’t mind that.”

“Don’t worry, I, Chu Feng, am always very graceful.” Chu Feng waved his hand without caring.

“You…” Situ Liang grinded his teeth from Chu Feng’s actions that were full of contempt. Smoke was even going to rise from his nose, but before he lashed out, he was stopped by Situ Yu.

After that, Situ Yu introduced all the members of the Wings Alliance to Chu Feng. Although they were quite polite on the surface, Chu Feng could feel that those people obviously disliked him.

Most of the people who disliked Chu Feng were male. As for the reason, it was not hard for him to guess them. It was certainly because he was very close with Su Mei recently. After all, the gazes of the males that looked at Su Mei were not right.

But other than the male members, the female members were quite friendly towards Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng did not know that the reason why they were friendly towards him was because Chu Feng’s got more and more famous within the inner court. After all, females would have indescribable favourable impressions towards more outstanding males.

“Since all the members are here, let’s get into business. Everyone, please sit.” After some short chatting, Situ Yu spoke seriously.

At that instant, all of the Wings Alliance members sat. But, Chu Feng suddenly discovered a problem. In the 33 chairs in the hall, 31 of them were already sat on. There were 2 remaining positions.

One of the spots was at the top, close to Situ Yu. At that instant, Su Mei was being led to that spot by the brothers, Situ Yu and Situ Liang.

The last spot was at the end. Logically, it wasn’t anything important. After all, it was just a seat.

But, Chu Feng found out that the positioning of the seats had reason for them. The ones that sat at the top were strong people, the ones at the end were the less strong people such as the Dragon and Tiger brothers. Which meant that the Wings Alliance took him as useless firewood.

“Chu Feng, sit here.” Just at that time, the young female next to the end of the seat spoke.

The female was quite nice looking. On her white face, there was a pair of fox-like eyes. Her long hair scattered along her shoulders and she could be counted to be a first-class beauty. Her chest was especially impressive. The purple robe was bulging out and it was as if it was going to puff out.

The most important thing was that the big-chested beauty was currently winking at Chu Feng. It was obvious that she was trying to seduce Chu Feng.

Speaking of it, Chu Feng was still a male. Although he was honest, it did not mean that he would refuse the seduction of females. So, he did not think too much about that. He lightly smiled and sat on the spot at the end.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard that you were quite fierce, previously completely stepping over the Liu Alliance.” After Chu Feng sat down, the big-chested beauty actually grabbed Chu Feng’s arm and the two round balls of softness fiercely pressed upon it.

“Waa.” That was Chu Feng’s current voice in his heart. Being pressed by those two round balls of softness, Chu Feng only had one word to describe that feeling. Comfortable! That was the true big-chestedness! The ones from Su Mei hadn’t been developed as much yet and obviously they could not be compared to hers.

“You, stand up.” Just at that time, a fierce yell rang next to him.

Raising their heads to look, Chu Feng and the big-chested female, even everyone in the hall were stunned.

They saw Su Mei with one hand on her little waist and the other hand pointing at the big-chested beauty beside Chu Feng. Her little mouth was curled up and her eyes were glaring. There was visible jealousy hung on her sweet little face.