Chapter 53 Map of the Symbols

MGA: Chapter 53 – Map of the Symbols

Following the cultivation methods of the Secret Spirit Technique, Chu Feng started to train his control over his Spirit power.

Pretty much other than eating and sleeping, in every day and every moment, he was studying it. As Chu Feng cultivated diligently, more and more people entered the Ancient City. At the end, the Ancient City was overcrowded and many people could only station themselves outside of the city.

As Su Mei predicted, the people from the Azure Dragon School also came. Although there weren’t as many people from the Azure Dragon School than the Thousand Wind School, all of them were core elders and core disciples. The elites of the school.

Following that, more and more powers came as well. The Ancient City really became the land where everyone mixed together. Conflicts happened almost every day, and looking at the situation, Chu Feng knew that there would be blood battles when the tomb was opened.


At that instant, Chu Feng was standing near the window and looking at an elder from the Thousand Wind School on the streets. Suddenly, his eyes opened and a small smile curled up on his mouth, “9th level of the Spirit realm. This Thousand Wind School elder is very ordinary.”

After a few days of cultivating, Chu Feng already proficiently grasped the controlling methods of the Spirit power. As long as the power between him and the opponent wasn’t too big, Chu Feng could see through their cultivation.

“If I put Spirit power on this, I should be able to move it right?” Closing the windows, Chu Feng took the World Spirit Compass out.

In these days, other than reading the spirit techniques until he was familiar with them, Chu Feng also looked over the other books that he got from the old man. Some of them were actually the notes of a World Spiritist, and on it, it recorded the uses of the World Spirit Compass.

Chu Feng also knew that the World Spirit Compass was a treasure. He could find a trace of opportunity to live within a battle or find the road within a maze if he used the World Spirit Compass. In more simple terms, it was a tool to search for treasures.

*bzz* Chu Feng moved his mind and a strand of formless Spirit power surged out from his brain. It was like an invisible little snake that was wandering around in the air. At the end, it merged into the World Spirit Compass.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh~~~*

The instant that the Spirit power merged with it, the words on the World Spirit Compass started to faintly glow. It even left the World Spirit Compass and floated in the air. Then, it started to rapidly circle around the World Spirit Compass.

“It really is a treasure!” See that, Chu Feng rejoiced. He knew that this World Spirit Compass was the real thing. As long as he took it into the tomb, he would certainly have unimaginable uses for it.

After all, in the tomb of a Profound realm expert, without even thinking, one would know that it would be filled with mechanisms and danger would be everywhere. That was also why all sorts of powers sent out their best experts.

Chu Feng had the World Spirit Compass, so even if his strength wasn’t enough, he would at least have some opportunities and be able to protect himself in the tomb.

*whoosh* Chu Feng stuffed the World Spirit Compass in the Cosmos Sack. The symbols on the sack spun and sucked the World Spirit Compass that was several times larger than it in. It was also the mysteriousness of the Cosmos Sack.

Chu Feng patted the sack on his waist with satisfaction and laid on the bed. But, suddenly, his eyes lit up and suddenly remembered the strange symbols on his chest that came from the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

“I wonder if I can use the Spirit power to investigate this thing.”

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng didn’t neglect it and a strand of his Spirit power threw itself into the symbols in his chest. It wasn’t too important, but the strange symbols actually did have a trace of movement!

Seeing that, Chu Feng stood up immediately and started to control the Spirit power within his brain. He endlessly sent it to his chest and at that instant, the strange symbols that stuck to his chest went through his clothes and floated out.

It formed into a huge drawing in front of Chu Feng. Following Chu Feng’s endless Spirit power, the drawing created from the symbols gradually started to rotate. Although it was complex, Chu Feng could still tell that it was a map.

“Is it possible that there really are treasures in the Thousand Bone Graveyard? This would be the map to open the Thousand Bone Graveyard!”

Chu Feng was extremely excited. It more or less said that not only were the strange symbols harmless to him, it may have been good luck instead.

*bzz* But just as the map was going to be formed into a shape, a wave of pain entered Chu Feng’s brain and he completely used up his Spirit power.

“It seems if I want to read this map, I would need extremely strong Spirit power.” Massaging his aching brain, Chu Feng was not sad and instead he smiled.

His harvest today was too big. Anyone would feel excited if they thought about a map that could lead him to treasure which was hidden on their body.

After waiting for his Spirit power to recover, Chu Feng tried to use it towards his own dantian. He was most curious to the things hidden in it.

But it was useless. There was like a barrier around his dantian and his Spirit power had no way of entering. With that result, at first it made Chu Feng depressed, but very quickly Chu Feng got insanely happy.

If his own Spirit power could not see through his dantian, it also meant that other people who had the Spirit power could not search his dantian as well! With that, the secret of the Divine Lightning within his dantian would not be discovered by anyone.

His mood was too good, so Chu Feng wanted to take a breather outside of the tavern. But before walking out for far, he got attracted to a string of curses.

“You’re stealing? Let’s see if you steal anymore! Damn beggar. I’ll beat you to death!”

In a certain alley, two huge people were ganging up and beating one person. It was the thick-haired, broken-clothed beggar.

Chu Feng originally did not want to bother those kinds of things. But, that beggar was not affected under the beatings of the big people. He was even minding his own business and eating the bun in his hands.

Out of curiosity, Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power. When it went through the beggar, he got a result. It was an ordinary person that did not cultivate before. But, how could a normal person have such a good body?

“Stop!” Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng spoke to stop them.

Hearing that someone yelled, the two people also quickly stopped. Especially when they saw Chu Feng’s appearance. It made them feel that he was a person that cultivated so their attitude were very polite.

“What’s happening?” Chu Feng inquired.

“This beggar stole our bun.” One of them replied.

“I’ll pay for the stolen bun. Also, go bring 10 more over here.” Chu Feng gave the big person several copper coins.

“Yes yes yes…” The big persons did not move slow and quickly brought 10 buns over then tactfully left.

At that instant, in the alley, only Chu Feng and the beggar remained. Chu Feng evaluated the beggar in detail.

He discovered that his age was not too big. He seemed to be under the middle-ages and his eye expression was lifeless as if he was confused. If Chu Feng gave the buns to him he would eat them, if he didn’t give the buns to the beggar then he would not take them. But, he would look at the buns in Chu Feng’s hands dully and continuously drooled.

“This is…”

Just at that time, Chu Feng’s pupil suddenly enlarged. He found out with astonishment that on the forehead of that big person, there was a bizarre scar. If it was said to be a scar, it wouldn’t fit too well because it seemed like it was brought from the heavens and grown from the flesh.

The reason why he said it was bizarre was because the shape was strange. It was like a ball of flame and it gave people a vivid feeling as if it was currently burning.

Out of curiousity, Chu Feng stuck out his finger and wanted to touch that flame-like scar.

“What are you doing?!”

But just as Chu Feng touched the scar, the big person suddenly bellowed as if it was a completely different person. A hand that was like a steel clam firmly grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s face greatly changed and he hiddenly cursed. He could clearly feel that layers of terrifying, suffocating pressure was surging out from that person’s palm. It entered his body, and if it continued, after a short moment, his body would certainly explode and he would die.