Chapter 50 Grasping the Mysterious Technique

MGA: Chapter 50 – Grasping the Mysterious Technique

“Chu Feng, do you really have the Spirit power? You cannot joke on things like this!” Bai Tong’s face became tight and his tone was filled with suspicion.

“He is correct. He is indeed the person that cannot be found even within tens of thousands.” Just at that time, Su Mei spoke.

“Su Mei, is this the truth?” Hearing Su Mei’s words, almost everyone widened their mouths in shock.

“That’s the reason why my sister so strongly insisted to invite him to join the Wings Alliance.” Su Mei sighed helplessly. She knew when Chu Feng’s special power was revealed, everyone would see him in a new light.

At that instant, everyone couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air. When they looked at Chu Feng again, their gazes had an extra hint of respect.

Even Jia Yunfeng that disliked Chu Feng had a complicated expression on. Obviously, he was feeling regret since he disrespected Chu Feng earlier.

A person that had Spirit power may not even show up within 10 thousand people. Even if it was 100 thousand people there may not even be one.

Until today, there were only two people that had the Spirit power within the entire Azure Dragon School. Even if Chu Feng was counted in there were only three.

People like them had naturally high talent for cultivation. Their understanding skills were also extremely fast and their observation skills were even more scarier. Even if they were not able to become a World Spiritist, just in the cultivation side, they could have huge achievements.

People like them could not be offended because before they were even born, they were destined to be unordinary. Naturally, as Jia Yunfeng treated Chu Feng like that before, he had some lingering fear.

“Chu Feng, please don’t take offense from my previous actions.”

“As an apology, I’ll pay for your part in buying the map for the tomb.” As he thought, Jia Yunfeng actually directly apologized to Chu Feng.

Although people were surprised at his sudden actions, they were understandable. If they were in his spot they would do the same thing.

“Eh? Then thank you.” Chu Feng gladly accepted it.

10 Saint Spirit Grasses was not a small number. If there was someone willing to pay for him, naturally, Chu Feng would be willing to accept.

After a bit of chatting, they finally entered the Ancient City. At that instant, Chu Feng could hidden feel the strong aura of the Ancient City.

He could see that within the Ancient City, there were many experts hidden. Chu Feng also saw even more disciples wearing their school’s clothing.

He recognized that they were the disciples from the Thousand Wind School. Chu Xun from the Chu family cultivated in the school.

“It seems that the news of this tomb really attracted quite a few people.” Chu Feng sighed and said.

“Of course. The news about this tomb was already leaked and all sorts of surrounding powers rushed here. Sooner or later, there will be conflicts.” Su Mei secretly explained.

“Are you saying that the Azure Dragon School will also send people here?” Chu Feng questioned closely because the distance between the Azure Dragon School and the desert could be said to be close.

“Of course. The closest schools to this desert wilderness is the Azure Dragon School and the Thousand Wind School. If the Thousand Wind School got the news, then the Azure Dragon School would come as well.”

“Also, with how our Azure Dragon School does things, the people that are sent will certainly be the core disciples and core elders. Perhaps that Zhuge elder would come as well.” Su Mei said.

“Wouldn’t this become a battle between the Azure Dragon School and the Thousand Wind School?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s why we’re in casual clothes and pretending to be a passerby. This way, we can avoid the unnecessary conflicts because at times like these, taking advantage of the conflicts is the best method for us.”

“They can open up the road and they can fight over the treasures. It would be enough as long as we get some junk.”Su Mei’s sweet face was full of that evil smile. So it turned out that she already did all the preparations.

Looking at the girl who was only 14 years old, Chu Feng helplessly shook his head. He could completely imagine when she grows up, her scheming would not be any worse than her elder sister, Su Rou.

Because the position of the tomb was not announced, Chu Feng and the others could only temporary wait in the Ancient City for news.

In a tavern, after closing the door to his room, Chu Feng was very impatient as he took out the Mysterious Technique book “Breathing Technique”.

Mysterious Techniques were separated into beginning level, middle level, and high level. Although the Breathing Technique was only a beginning level Mysterious Technique, it was already worth a lot as it contained strange cultivating effects.

Or else it would not be possible for Su Mei to be so strong at her age. Even Chu Feng felt a bit of fear from that.

After a bit of reading, Chu Feng understood the Breathing Technique a bit. The important part was to naturally breathe through the nose and to revolve the spiritual energy while breathing. The energy was to be moved in certain meridian channels in the body and at the end, running through the entire body to form power that exceeded far beyond normal people.

Although it was easier said than done, it only applied to normal people. To Chu Feng, it was not hard at all. Pretty much after looking at it once, he understood the meaning in it.

Chu Feng did not have such understanding power when he was born. Although Chu Feng’s understanding power was extremely high before, it was obvious after getting the Spirit power, his brain became more sharp.

“hu hu hu”

After standing up and deeply breathing a few times, Chu Feng tried the Breathing Technique.

Just as the energy resolved, Chu Feng felt the spiritual energy within his body was like a surging dragon that started to roar in his body. When such a strong spiritual energy went along the special meridians, Chu Feng’s power instantly rose several times.

“This power is very strong.” Clenching his fist and feeling the spiritual energy that became a lot stronger, Chu Feng felt extremely happy.

The reason why Chu Feng’s power was stronger than normal people was because he had the godly lighting in his body which made the quality of his spiritual energy better than others.

The power of the Mysterious Techniques on the other hand, it used special methods to change the spiritual energy within the body and it made it stronger than others.

Today, Chu Feng had both of them and his power exceeded far beyond normal people. From his estimates, currently, he may not lose if he dueled Su Mei.

But Su Mei was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm and she also cultivated in the Mysterious Techniques before. Chu Feng was only at the 6th level of the Spirit realm. With that power difference yet if he was able to fight her, it was simply overpowered.

“With this, could I participate in this year’s core disciple exam?” After assessing his current strength, Chu Feng started to get excited.

The Azure Dragon School’s core disciple exam was held every year. And looking at the dates, this year’s exam was getting closer.

Compared to the inner court disciple exam, the core disciple exam had an age limit. That was to be under 18 years old. It didn’t matter how strong you were or how much talent you were, if you passed the age limit, participation would not be allowed.

From what Chu Feng knew, as long as your strength reached the 8th level of the Spirit realm you could join the core disciple exam and there was a huge chance to pass it.

Core disciples were those who the Azure Dragon School focused their development on. Even the families of the core disciples received the protection of the Azure Dragon School.

As long as Chu Feng could become a core disciple, not only would it help his cultivation, it would greatly help his Chu family’s development as well.

As he thought of the happy faces of Chu Yuan and the Chu family if he became a core disciple, Chu Feng greatly looked forward to become one.

*thump thump thump* But just at that time, Chu Feng’s door was knocked by someone.

After opening the door, Chu Feng found out that the sweet and charming Su Mei was looking at him while smiling while having both of her hands behind her back.