Chapter 5 Azure Dragon Founder

MGA: Chapter 5 – Azure Dragon Founder

After Su Rou and the other left, the main hall sunk into silence.

A moment later, rapid stepping sounds could be heard from outside of the hall and one disciple quickly ran over.

That person was Duan Yuxuan. But compared to the him before, it was like they were two completely different people.

Messy hair, full of sweat, panting heavily, and running towards the high platform as if he was crazy.

“Haha! At the end, I am the first! You little child Yang Tian Yu, you want to fight me?”

“I secretly endured in the outer court for 6 years. What was it for? I’ll tell you right now, it’s for these!”

Duan Yuxuan ran and cheered, as though he was possessed by a demon. His eyes were tightly glued to the tall platform and he didn’t even notice the corpses of the Fierce Beasts in the hall.

*whoosh* He leaped and stably landed on the tall platform.

But just as he was full of smiles, after looking down, it was like a lightning in a clear sky, and he was instantly shocked.

It was because on that tall platform, it was completely empty! There wasn’t even a single strand of hair!

“Damn, what’s this?”

After a long while, he refocused. Only then did he noticed that fresh blood was everywhere and the corpse of forty Fierce Beasts were scattered in the hall.

The death of every Fierce Beast was very soul-shaking and extremely bloody.

That scene completely frightened him. With a poof he sat on the tall platform. He turned around and looked, but he discovered that the door to pass the exam wasn’t opened.

“What is happening?” Duan Yuxuan didn’t know what to think and his thoughts were all scrambled.

*tatata…* Just at that time, Yang Tian Yu also ran over, but just as he arrived at the entrance of the hall, he stopped.

After looking at the scene in the hall, he looked at the Duan Yuxuan on the platform. He stared with a blank face, “This…You did this?”

Duan Yuxuan lightly chuckled, then said bitterly, “If I said no, would you believe me?”

“Of course I would believe you. It would be impossible for you to have such strong strength.” Yang Tian Yu shot him a glance and entered the hall. He examined the corpses of the Fierce Beasts, “God, there’s even a rank 4 Fierce Beast here. Who’s work is this?”

After observing for a good while, they couldn’t find out the answer. They never would have knew that someone with so much power was within the outer court.

At the end, they even suspected that it was a situation planned by the elders and the elders took the reward for being first.

But when the level 3 Spirit realm disciple army arrived, the dramatic scene happened.

Everyone thought that it was Yang Tian Yu and Duan Yuxuan who killed the Fierce Beasts and the two of them divided the reward between them.

But then funny thing was, as they were facing the gazes of admiration from the crowd, Yang Tian Yu and Duan Yuxuan did not deny it. Just like that, they magically became first.

The huge door opened behind them opened and the cheers also came. Everyone was very happy because when they walked out of that huge door, they would become inner court disciples and a new life would come.

But just as people were cheering, a youth walked over and he attracted everyone's attention.

He was completely naked and he was even crying. He cursed while filled with grievance, “Who the hell is so cruel? Not only did they knock me out, they even took my clothes! What is this madness?!”

As they looked at that scene, people were astonished. Only Chu Feng smiled and he slowly left the crowd while looking at his perfect, undamaged clothes.

The inner court exam had ended. There were over ten thousand people who participated, but there were only two thousand people who passed the exam. However, that was no small amount.

You only become a real Azure Dragon disciple after entering the inner court. At the same time, you would also receive a more preferable treatment.

To welcome the new disciples that entered the inner court, the elders even specially set up a banquet.

The round moon hung high up in the night sky. There was plenty of singing and dancing in the inner court, and that raised the happy mood to the highest point.

But Chu Feng did not join in the feast. He stayed within his new residence and he looked at his wound on his bare upper body.

The wound was healing and the healing speed was extremely fast. If it continued at that speed, it only needed a few days for it to make a full recovery. The healing power was given by the Divine Lightning.

“What are you? Why did you choose me?”

It wasn’t the first time that Chu Feng asked it that question. He asked countless number of times before, but he never got an answer.

He still remembered the night five years ago. The sky of the Azure Province was enveloped by the 9-coloured lightning.

The sky was as bright as the day and the lightning dancing was like a dragon. The thunder in the sky roared and the ground trembled. People even thought that the world was ending and everything was in disarray under the panic.

But the Chu Feng who was only ten years old couldn’t help but run out the door and he headed towards a spacious land.

Even until now, he did not know why he did that. It was as if there was some magic attracting him to go over to that place.

After that, the Divine Lightning attached onto his body.

No one saw it, but he knew the 9-coloured lightning that shook the entire world was inside his dantian.

That Divine Lightning gave Chu Feng such a strong body. However, Chu Feng did not understand why such a powerful thing was attached onto his body.

“Whatever, if you don’t answer, I won’t ask. You and me are one after all.”

Chu Feng smiled with relief. It was luck and not misfortune, and if it was misfortune than he couldn’t avoid it. If this Divine Lightning really wanted to do anything bad to him, then with his current power, he had no chance of resisting.

But up until now, the Divine Lightning had only brought benefits so he didn’t bother thinking about it anymore.

Chu Feng put his clothes back on and cast his gaze at the book on the head of the bed. On the book, there were three big words. “Three Thunder Styles”.

Chu Feng picked up the book and started to flip through it. It was the first time that he got in touch with a martial skill book so he was a bit excited in his heart.

“Rank 4 skill, Three Thunder Styles. Created by the Azure Dragon Founder.”

“After mastering: Lightning speed. Thunderous power. As strong as a rank 5 skill.”

After looking at the short description, Chu Feng took in a breath of cold air and said surprisingly, “This is a skill that was created by the ancestor who founded this school!”

The Azure Dragon Founder was the founder of the Azure Dragon School. A thousand years ago, he was unrivaled as he travelled around the world. He had powers to fly in the sky, escape in the ground, move mountains, and fill oceans. He was a real expert in martial cultivation.

In that era, the Azure Dragon School that was lead by the Azure Dragon Founder could be said to be the #1 school in all of the Nine Provinces.

The only one who could resist against the Azure Dragon School was the current overlord of the Nine Provinces, the imperial court.

But the good scene did not last for long. After the Azure Dragon Founder passed away, the Azure Dragon School started to decline and it quickly fell from the ranks of the top schools of the Nine Provinces.

Today, even within the borders of the Azure Province, they were only a second class school. However, that really emphasized the personal strength of the Azure Dragon Founder.

The skill he created would certainly be quite a fine product within skill books. You could not get it with begging, but rather by chance instead.

As he was being excited, Chu Feng quickly read the training methods and swore to succeed in practicing the Three Thunder Styles.

Chu Feng did not sleep at all, but at least he understood the ways to train the Three Thunder Styles.

First style was form. The second style was intention. The third style could create lightning. All in all, to train in the Three Thunder Styles was extremely hard, but Chu Feng wanted to give it a try.

After some washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Chu Feng didn’t feel sleepy so he headed towards the inner court’s Martial Skill Building.

First of all, the Martial Skill Building had the facilities for training martial skills. Also, because he couldn’t expose that he was training in the Three Thunder Styles, he needed to train in another martial skill to fool people.

“This is quite lively.” He walked into the Martial Skill Building, and suddenly, there was a huge opening. It was overcrowded in the vast main hall of the Martial Skill Building.

But that was reasonable. After all, there were two thousand or so disciples that joined in the inner court yesterday. Those new disciples probably wanted to cultivate some martial skills.

The Martial Skill Building was divided into six floors. The 1st floor for choosing rank 1 skills, the 2nd floor for choosing rank 2 skills, the 3rd floor for choosing rank 3 skills, and for floor 4, 5, and 6, they were areas for cultivating the martial skills.

Chu Feng kept on going up. He found out that the 1st floor was packed with people. The 2nd floor was a lot better, and as for the 3rd floor , there were very few people.

That was all within expectations. Although it was said that the different ranks of the martial skills had different powers, the training difficulty was different as well.

That was why a lot of people who entered the inner court would start training in the rank 1 skills, then after they mastered it they would choose the rank 2s, then lastly the rank 3s.

But Chu Feng’s goal was very clear. Even if the martial skill was only for defense, Chu Feng had to choose the strongest.

“Young man, I recommend that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. The skills in here are not suited for you.” But just as Chu Feng stepped onto the 3rd floor, an aged voice entered his ears.