Chapter 46 Entering the Wings Alliance

MGA: Chapter 46 – Entering the Wings Alliance

“Here, drink a cup of tea to keep the fear down!” Su Rou gave a cup of good smelling tea to Chu Feng.

“Thank you Elder Su Rou, I am indeed quite thirsty. ” Chu Feng accepted the tea and poured it all into his mouth. He even wished for more as he asked, “Do you have anymore?”

“I do.”

Su Rou continuously poured a few more cups for Chu Feng and he always finished it with one gulp. After finishing the entire pot of tea, he wiped his mouth with satisfaction. While he wiped his mouth he even burped.

Seeing Chu Feng act like that, Su Rou was surprised, “How is this guy even scared? He is clearly only thirsty.”

To think that a young man at such an age would be so fearless towards such a threatening situation, that kind of courage, insight, and wisdom really made her see him in another light. The more she thought, the more she felt that she saved the right person today.

“Elder Su Rou, thank you for your help today. Or else I’m afraid that my little life really would have been ended.” Chu Feng stood up and sincerely thanked.

But, he also guessed that Su Rou saved him because she wanted to rope him in. But, after all, she did save him. If he did not give his gratitude then that would simply be deceiving himself.

“No need for thanks. In this situation, Liu Mang wronged first and as an elder in the Azure Dragon School, it’s normal for me to protect you. In any case, you are still such a rare and excellent disciple.”

Su Rou sweetly smiled, and after that she extended her hand towards Chu Feng, “Since you already know the Three Thunder Styles then hand it back. A martial skill like that cannot be spread outside.”

“Ehh, Elder Su Rou, I’ll be honest. Within the Three Thunder Styles, I can only use two of them and I haven’t understood the 3rd one yet.” Chu Feng took the Three Thunder Styles out but he was a bit reluctant to part with it.

Su Rou took the Three Thunder Styles, then smiled and said to Chu Feng, “I won’t hide this. Other than the founder of this school, no one truly understood the 3rd style, so if you mastered the first two then it’s fine.”

“Oh?” Hearing Su Rou’s words, Chu Feng was hiddenly happy. Because faintly, he felt that there was some crucial point in the 3rd style that he didn’t completely understand yet.

But Chu Feng also felt that one day he could completely understand it. At that time, wouldn’t he be the only other person to know the 3rd style other than the Azure Dragon Founder?

After that, Su Rou chatted a bit with Chu Feng, but those were only the concerns of an elder towards a disciple and she did not mention anything about roping Chu Feng.

After leaving the elders’ building, Chu Feng had an evaluation in his heart. Although Su Rou seemed a lot more gentler than Su Mei, her thinking was a lot deeper than Su Mei.

“Oi, you finally came out.” Just as Chu Feng walked out of the large door of the elders’ building, he heard a sweet voice.

Looking over, he saw a butterfly-like figure coming near him. It was Su Rou’s younger sister, Su Mei.

“Thanks to you this time.” Chu Feng smiled. He knew the reason why Su Rou helped him was most likely because of this girl. At least it was her that informed Su Rou.

“Oh? I couldn’t tell, but you seem to still have a heart. But, if you’re going to give me gratitude, you can’t only use your mouth right? Shouldn’t you express it a more materialistically?”

“You want me to kiss you?”


“You want me to hug you?”

“Leave right now!”

“Fine. I’ll take a deficit and I’ll marry you.”

“Instantly leave right now!”

Su Mei’s little face was red from anger. Although she knew that Chu Feng was shameless, she never would have thought that he was that shameless. So, she didn’t pay attention to him anymore and turned around to leave.

Seeing Su Mei pouting and leaving, Chu Feng laughed. Although he didn’t dare to tease Su Rou, he dared to tease this little girl.

But after a bit of laughter, Chu Feng still caught up and said while smiling, “How about I join the Wings Alliance?”

“Really?” Hearing those words, Su Mei instantly stopped walking. A pair of shiny eyes were staring at Chu Feng while flickering.

“Of course. I owe you sisters a favour which I will return sooner or later. This doesn’t count as repaying you, it’s just to satisfy your small little wish.”

Chu Feng words came from his heart. Although Su Mei saw his potential, currently, he was nothing.

If it wasn’t for them saving him, he wouldn’t even have his life. One must know favours and return them. Chu Feng was that kind of person.

At first, when he refused the Dragon and Tiger brothers, he was worried about exposing his innate gift, but now it was already exposed.

He refused today because he didn’t like how Su Mei was threatening him. But, right now, with his strength, he still had no way to protect Chu Yue and his family in the inner court.

So, he felt that entering the Wings Alliance right now had hundreds of benefits and no harm. It would greatly help his Chu family’s development as well.

Also, very faintly, Chu Feng could feel that Su Mei and Su Rou’s background were not simple and the so-called Su family would not be simple as well.

A family that had the Mysterious Techniques would absolutely not be a normal power. It would be at least comparable to the Azure Dragon School.

So, he felt that the reason why Su Rou and Su Mei went to the Azure Dragon School was to find a person who had strength in which they could rope them to their own family.

Just like that Liu Chengen who asked Su Rou. Why did she stay in the inner court when she had that kind of strength? Why not become a core elder?

That was because core disciples would not easily be roped in by other people. But, most of the inner court disciples were new people. They were easy to attract and even easier to rope in.

At the end, those sisters were developing their family’s power. Chu Feng also decided to join in their family.

[TN: “Clan” may have been a better word of choice here, but I just kept it as “family” for consistency.]

“So you still have a bit of conscience.” Hearing that Chu Feng really did agree, Su Mei sweetly smiled and said to Chu Feng, “There just happens to be a mission for our Wings Alliance tomorrow. You join as well.”

“Mission? What mission needs so many people to participate?”

Chu Feng expressed confusion. Looking at the quality of the Wings Alliance members, everyone of them had the power to finish a high difficulty mission all by themselves. Why would they need him to join as well?

“You think it’s going to be a trash mission like those at the Mission Selection Location? I’ll tell you this. The Wings Alliance will never do those missions. The missions that we do are no easier than the ones that the core disciples do so you better prepare yourself.”

“Also, the reward for this mission is also very generous. It’s because no one is giving the mission to us, it’s that we’re taking everything from the mission.” Su Mei said seriously.

“Damn. We’re not doing a group robbery are we?” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Idiot. Tomorrow noon, come here and find me. Also, don’t wear the clothing of the Azure Dragon School.”

Su Mei gave a paper slip and a badge to Chu Feng. The slip stated the location to meet tomorrow, and the badge was the symbol of the Wings Alliance.