Chapter 44 The Arrival of a Disaster

MGA: Chapter 44 – The Arrival of a Disaster

“You…You…Who are you?” That completely broke Liu Mang from fear. He kept on backing away, but he was already at the corner of the walls and there was no more paths of retreat.

*whoosh* Chu Feng said nothing and directly attacked. His hand was like the claw of an eagle. It went straight down at Liu Mang’s lower part and grabbed onto Liu Mang’s groin.

“Speak. How many girls have you wasted with this thing here?” Chu Feng suddenly smiled, but his smile was very strange.

Before Liu Mang was able to react to that, he saw Chu Feng smiling. He even thought that his chance came and he instantly changed his manner and loudly yelled,

“Why are you asking this? Do you not know who I am?! If you touch me then I’ll get you killed!”

“I’m not doing anything, but it’s just from today on, perhaps you can reflect on the girls that you’ve ruined before.” After saying that, Chu Feng’s hand suddenly clenched.

“Chu Feng stop!” Just at that time, Su Mei rushed in. She saw Chu Feng’s movements and yelled at him to stop.

But it was too late. Two sounds of air escaping sounded out and blood splattered everywhere from Chu Feng’s hands.


That Liu Mang howled like a pig dying. Both of his hands were covering that area as he rolled back and forth on the ground. But the pain was unbearable and he quickly fainted.

“Chu Feng! You’ve stirred up a disaster!” Seeing that scene, even Su Mei was not able to stay calm.

“Disaster? He dared to touch my family, so he’s the one who stirred up a disaster!”

“He should be lucky that he didn’t touch Chu Yue or else I wouldn’t have only broke his genitals. I would have taken his life.” Chu Feng coldly snorted and quickly walked towards Chu Yue and Chu Xue.


When Chu Feng untied Chu Yue and Chu Xue’s ropes, the both of them threw themselves into Chu Feng’s embrace and sobbed without sound.

If Chu Feng did not arrive fast, the purity of those two really would have been ruined by Liu Mang.

After that, Chu Feng left with the Chu family. That event instantly stirred up the inner court. The crowd that gathered around the Liu Alliance also got larger and larger.

Everyone knew a young man fought against the hundred Liu Alliance members and stamped over the Liu Alliance, which did nothing but evil, all by himself. That young man was called Chu Feng.

Everyone also knew that the name Chu Feng was going to be spread all across the inner court. But, people did not know whether Chu Feng could live past tomorrow or not.

Not only did Chu Feng stamp over the Liu Alliance, he even broke Liu Mang and cut off the Liu family line.

Facing that kind of thing, as Liu Mang’s grandfather, how could he look on the side and not care? An arrival of a disaster was destined for Chu Feng.

Indeed, after Liu Mang got wasted for not long, the residence in which Chu Feng was at got surrounded by people.

But, those were not simple disciples. They were the inner court elders. All of them were experts of the Origin realm and they were people from the punishment department.

Facing those elders, Chu Feng had no power to resist so he could only obediently let them take him away.

“Finished. Chu Feng’s finished. That Liu Chengen will certainly take Chu Feng’s life.”

“Ahh, what a shame. A genius like him should have a great future just as he enters the inner court, but he provoked a person that he should not have provoked.”

At that instant, there were a lot of people gathered outside of Chu Feng’s residence.Those people tailed Chu Feng and followed him. After seeing Chu Feng being brought away by the punishment department, everyone felt pity for Chu Feng.

But, they did not notice Su Mei who was lingering nearby. At the instant that the elders showed up, she turned around and left.

There were many places in which the elders managed. Other than the Martial Skill Building, punishment department, Mission Selection Location, there was also a very important place. It was the elders’ building.

In the elders’ building, there were thousands of elders there and it was the area where the elders gathered the most. Su Rou was the manager there.

“What? You said Chu Feng destroyed Liu Mang’s genitals?”

In a certain hall in the elders’ building, after listening to Su Mei’s narration, Su Rou’s beautiful face was filled with shock.

“That’s right. You need to help Chu Feng or else he will not be in a good situation.” Su Mei begged and said.

“Not in a good situation? With Liu Chengen’s methods, to be able to let him die happily would already be good luck.”

“Chu Feng is way too rash. I cannot help him.” Su Rou sighed and said regretfully.

“Are you just going to watch as a genius like Chu Feng get killed like that? You know how many benefits our Su family will get if we can rope him in?” Su Mei was a bit panicky.

“Chu Feng is indeed a genius, and if he was developed well he would indeed be helpful for our Su family. But he still isn’t worth it for me to be hostile towards Liu Chengen.” Su Rou shook her head.

“But he’s a person that has the Spirit power! How long have our Su family searched for a person like him? Is he still not worth it for you to help him out?” Su Mei said emotionally.

“What did you say? Say it again?” Hearing those words, Su Rou’s expression instantly changed greatly.

“I said is he still not worth it for you to help him out?”

“No, the previous sentence.”

“He’s a person that has Spirit power!”

“Sister. Is that the truth? Chu Feng has the Spirit power? How did you know?” At that instant, Su Rou excitedly grabbed Su Mei’s shoulders and loudly questioned.

“I personally saw it. Did you not know about it?” Su Mei was stunned by Su Rou’s sudden change.

“You saw it? When did you see it?”

Seeing that Su Rou really did not seem to know that Chu Feng had the Spirit power, Su Mei narrated everything in detail that happened in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt to Su Rou.

“If what you said was the truth, then this Chu Feng really does seem to have the Spirit power.” Su Rou slowly closed her eyes and deeply took a breath. After that chest that was worth of being prideful of rose up and down once, she calmly said, “This Chu Feng must be saved!”

The punishment department was an area that punished disciples that wronged and also an area that imprisoned criminals. The people that were locked in here were not necessarily all people from the Azure Dragon Alliance. But those who did get locked in here could not escape the pain of punishment.

At that instant, in an iron prison in the most strict area in the punishment department, both of Chu Feng’s hands were locked by iron chains and he was hung in mid-air.

In front of him were a dozen or so elders. The head of them was an old man who had white hair and a goatee.

The old man’s sword-like eyebrows were upside down and his beard exploded. With a single glance, one could tell that he was a fierce character. He was the manager of the punishment department, Liu Mang’s grandfather, Liu Chengen.

At that moment, Liu Chengen had both his eyes closed. He asked in a heavy voice, “Can Mang'er’s injuries be healed?”

“Sir. Young master Mang’s injuries are already stable, but I’m afraid that that part cannot be recovered…”

“Trash!” Liu Chengen suddenly stood up and the chair he was sitting on instantly shook and shattered. He pointed at the elder who was next to him and said, “No matter what the price is, Mang'er’s injuries must be healed.”

“Yes yes yes, I will do my best.” That elder kept on backing away in fear, then he turned around and left.

At that instant, Liu Chengen finally cast his vengeful gaze towards Chu Feng and fiercely said,

“Cut off this brat’s genitals, dig out his eyes, cut off his ears, nose, tongue and chop off his four limbs.”

“Yes sir.” Just as Liu Chengen’s words fell, the elders behind him held all sorts of equipments and slowly walked towards Chu Feng.

Sinister expressions were hung on their faces as if they were going to chop Chu Feng into eight pieces. In reality, they were indeed preparing to do that.

*rumble* Just at that time, the iron prison’s thick iron door shattered. At the same time, a beautiful figure also appeared in front of the door.