Chapter 35 Xu Tianyi

MGA: Chapter 35 – Xu Tianyi

On the battle stage, the two brothers were looking at each other with their 4 eyes.

Chu Feng’s face was extremely ugly, while Chu Guyu’s had a smile.

The two of them did not say anything as if using their gazes to transmit their emotions.

Chu Guyu was happy for Chu Feng. Since he was able to reach the 6th level of the Spirit realm at that age, it meant that his talent exceeded his own.

Suddenly, Chu Guyu’s mouth slightly opened, and he turned his head and started to speak towards the Chu family seniors that were off the stage.

“I concede.” But when those two words rang out, Chu Guyu’s smile was instantly frozen. Although those words were the words that he wanted to say, they were not said by him.

“Brother you…” Chu Guyu looked towards Chu Feng and his gaze was filled with anger. He originally wanted to give the chance to Chu Feng, but Chu Feng was a step faster.

Chu Feng face was already a lot better as he calmly walked next to Chu Guyu, smiled and said, “Don’t mind it. I just feel that as both of you are disciples of a first-rate school, you are more suitable to be his opponent.”

“Defeat him and wash away our shame from that year. Beat him and let him know who is the #1 person in the Chu family’s young generation!”

After saying that, Chu Feng elegantly left the stage. But, his actions undoubtedly set up another huge wave.

Some people thought that Chu Feng was affectionate and gave his elder brother a chance.

But there were also some people that felt that Chu Feng knew his limits. He knew that he wasn’t the opponent of Chu Guyu or Chu Hongfei so he gave up.

No matter what the other people thought, Chu Guyu’s heart was very clear on what his younger brother meant in his words.

The competition entered the final stages when Chu Feng conceded. Chu Guyu and Chu Hongfei. Both of them were at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, and both of them entered a first-rate school. Without any more suspense, they became the final opponents.

The most exciting moment of the competition was also reached. Almost everyone’s gaze concentrated on the bodies of the two young people and the battle for the strongest of the Chu family’s young generation started.

*whoosh whoosh*

The two of them exchanged blows and all sorts of dazzling martial skills were used by them without restraint.

They were indeed the disciples of a first-rate school. Not only where their skills strong, their battle techniques were also top quality.

As the magnificent skills and strong wind were flying up and down on the stage, the two of them presented a visual feast for everyone.

“Brother, you must win.”

But when most of the people were in a mood of appreciation, Chu Feng only hoped that Chu Guyu would win.

This battle was not only for the title. It was also representing whether Chu Feng and Chu Guyu’s humiliation marked by Chu Hongfei that year would be wiped away or not.



But when Chu Guyu flew off the stage with a mouthful of blood by Chu Hongfei’s heavy punch, all of Chu Feng’s hopes instantly disappeared along with the dust.


Chu Feng ran as if he was insane towards Chu Guyu and he was deeply afraid that his elder brother was injured greatly.

When he arrived in front of Chu Guyu, he found out that Chu Guyu was silently looking at him with two streams of tears falling. He said with an extremely ashamed tone, “Your elder brother is useless and I’ve disappointed you.”

After saying that, Chu Guyu closed his eyes and fainted away. Seeing that his brother’s injuries were so heavy, Chu Feng instantly panicked.

“Hehe, like I said, in the competition, you brothers better not meet me or else I’ll hit you until you can’t get back up.”

“So? Didn’t I do what I said?” The Chu Honfei that was on the stage coldly smiled and looked at Chu Feng. His tone was filled with mock.

“Bastard, I’ll destroy you!” Seeing that, Chu Feng was like an angry tiger. He wanted to leap onto the stage and decide who was superior.

“Feng'er, stop.” But before Chu Feng even leaped up, a strong hand tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng’s shoulder. He turned around and looked. He was his father, Chu Yuan.

“The round is already set. Don’t be seen as a joke by others.” Although Chu Yuan’s tone was calm, Chu Feng could tell how angry Chu Yuan was from his gaze.

That was correct. Which father would not be angry when they saw their son being beaten up like that? But in situations like this, he had to control his emotions.

“That’s right. Obedient one, listen to your father or else your father will lose the chance for the position of the master.” Chu Hongfei continued mocking.

“Hongfei, I suggest that you speak with a bit of propriety.” Facing that arrogant Chu Hongfei, Chu Yuan’s face couldn’t help but turn cold.

“5th uncle, where am I wrong? The so-called ‘Winner is the king, loser is the thief’. As the winner, I can insult the loser. That is with my right.” Chu Hongfei said disapprovingly, “That’s right 5th uncle, I’m thinking that you already lost your chance on the position of the master.”

“No need to be angry. If you want to blame someone, then you can only blame your two sons. If they could have beaten me then the position of the master would have been yours.”

“But what a shame. The one who won is me, Chu Hongfei and not your two sons. Haha…” Chu Hongfei brought his mad laughter away as he walked.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s anger was burning but he could only endure. The debt that Chu Hongfei left, sooner or later, he would give it all back with interest. But he could not right now because he could not break the rules of the gathering.

Especially now. It was his father’s critical moment in the choosing of the family master so he could not burden Chu Yuan in any way.

Just like that, the curtains of the competition fell. Chu Hongfei became the victor of the competition, and with the approval of the public, also the #1 person in the Chu family’s young generation.

Naturally, Chu Hongfei and his father Chu Nanshan became the biggest victors of the gathering. Everyone felt that since Chu Honfei got first in the competition, Chu Nanshan’s chance of getting the position of the master of the family was even larger.

In reality, it was indeed so. Chu Yuanba personally gave the reward for being first in the competition to Chu Hongfei. He even let Chu Hongfei sit next to him to watch the rest of the details of the gathering. His eyes were drowning in love.

“The juniors from the Chu family do have some skill, but sadly, it is only limited within the Chu family.” But just as the Chu family declared the end of the competition, a voice filled with ridicule suddenly rang out.

People focused their gazes and everyone couldn’t help but stare blankly. In a certain area in the observing crowd, a young man was standing up.

The young man was only 17 or 18 years old but his pair of eyes were very serious. He was currently using that gaze to stare at the Chu Hongfei who was next to Chu Yuanba.

“Who are you? How dare you behave so atrociously in my Chu family?!” Someone asked loudly.

“I am the inner court disciple of the first-rate Hundred Change School. Xu Tianyi, son of Xu Qiang from the Pear Tree Town’s Xu family.”

“Also, I am not here to behave atrociously. I just want to spar and learn a bit from my peers from the Chu family.” Xu Tianyi publicly challenged the young generation of the Chu family causing the elders from the Chu family to be extremely displeased. One after another they criticized Xu Qiang.

“Why are you all so nervous? My son said it very clearly. It’s just some learning from sparing and not some life and death battle.”

“But, if you are not confident and feel that your Chu family’s young generation doesn’t have the ability to win against my son Xu Tianyi, we can leave at this instant.” Xu Qiang faintly smiled and said.

Those words completely trapped the Chu family. If they didn’t accept the challenge, they would be reduced to a laughingstock in the future. So, there was only one road in front of them to choose.