Chapter 32 I Concede

MGA: Chapter 32 – I Concede

“Chu Feng, I’ll kill you.”

When the incomparably depressed Chu Xun saw Chu Feng, he was like a bomb that met fire. The fiery anger that was piled in his heart instantly exploded.

He spread his pressure which was the 5th level of the Spirit realm out, and ignoring the gazes of others, he raised his fist and rushed over to Chu Feng. With his power, he really wanted to kill Chu Feng in one punch.

“Who dares to touch my brother.”

But before Chu Xun even got close, he heard an angry yell in his eardrums. At the same time, a strong wind pounced towards his face and kept on blowing him back, nearly making him fall on the ground.

“Chu Guyu!”

Looking over, Chu Xun was alarmed because next to Chu Feng was a handsome young man It was Chu Feng’s elder brother, Chu Guyu.

In that instant, the fire that Chu Xun lit was instantly extinguished. He could not be more familiar with Chu Guyu because he was recognized as the #1 person in the Chu family’s younger generation and he was not a person that he could offend.

“Chu Xun, listen up. I will cripple you if you dare to attack my brother anymore.” Chu Guyu pointed at Chu Xun and warned.

Chu Feng’s heart was warmed by that scene and it was the same as when he was young. Anytime someone bullied him, the first person that would stand out to protect him would be his elder brother Chu Guyu. Looking at him today, his elder brother just seemed even more reliable.

“Hey, such an imposing manner! You two brothers got a lot more arrogant in the few years that I haven’t seen you.”

Suddenly, a sharp voice rang. Turning their heads to look, they saw several young generations of the Chu family walking over. The one who was leading was a youth that had a white and an extremely sinister face.

Seeing that person, Chu Feng and Chu Guyu’s faces both changed and waves of anger were stirred up in their hearts.

Although they haven’t seen each other in many years, Chu Feng still recognized him with one look. He was the person that beat them down to the ground and humiliated them heavily, Chu Hongfei.

“Chu Hongfei. You really did come back, and I think it’s time to even out some debts from that year.” Chu Guyu said coldly and anger was hiddenly flickering in his eyes.

“Ahh, staying in the Linyun School for a few years made your temper a bit too poor. You think that you really are #1 in the Chu family’s young generation? You think you can beat me?” Chu Hongfei looked at Chu Guyu with contempt.

“You will know whether I am the #1 in the young generation in the Chu family or not.” Chu Guyu’s voice got colder and colder. People could even feel the chill emitting from his body as he was forcefully enduring the anger in his heart.

“Not bad, you have spirit. Then how about you Chu Feng?” Chu Hongfei looked at Chu Feng, “I hear that you stayed in the outer court for 5 years at that second-rate Azure Dragon School?”

“How stupid are you to stay 5 years in that horrible place? Even if you aren’t from our Chu family, you still have the name of the Chu family. Don’t you feel shameless losing our Chu family’s face?”

“I’ll warn you. You two better not meet me in the competition or else I will beat you until you can’t crawl back up just like 7 years ago.”

“I will also tell you that the position of master will belong to my father, Chu Nanshan, because he has an excellent son like me, Chu Hongfei.”

After saying that, Chu Honfei brought the group of people over to the competition registration.

Chu Guyu originally wanted to go up and say something, but he felt that someone tugged on his clothes. He looked back, and it was Chu Feng.

“Brother, there’s no need to say too much to these kinds of people. Getting him to lie on the ground in the competition is the best way.” Chu Feng said calmly.

Looking at that Chu Feng, Chu Guyu couldn’t help but stare blankly. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart and he felt that his brother was different. As for the specifics, he didn’t know where, but it seemed that his entire person changed into a deep and unpredictable person.

After Chu Yuanba said some polite words, the young generation of the Chu family stepped into the martial arts training ground. The first competition started just like that.

Taking the number that he drawn, Chu Feng went up onto the 5th stage. The moment he went on the stage, some humiliating voices also came along.

“That’s Chu Feng right? Isn’t that the person who stayed as an outer court disciple for 5 years in the Azure Dragon School? He finally entered into the inner court this year?”

“Even if he entered the inner court he is still garbage. How dare he enter the competition? He really doesn’t know how high the sky or how thick the ground is.”

“Isn’t this great though? This will give him a good lesson and also let Chu Yuan know whether his son is garbage or not.”

Most of the people who knew Chu Feng were from the Chu family, and the people who dared to humiliate Chu Feng were also people that had some status in the Chu family. Not only did they want to embarrass Chu Feng, they wanted to embarrass Chu Yuan even more.

“Chu Feng, it’s you.” Just at that time, another person went onto the stage.

Chu Feng was speechless as he saw the person from nearby. It was an old enemy, Chu Zhen.

But compared to Chu Feng, Chu Zhen’s face was extremely ugly. The corner of his mouth was twitching and he cursed his bad luck on how he met Chu Feng in the first round.

“Chu Zhen. If remember correctly, I think that this guy entered the 4th level of the Spirit realm 2 days ago. It seems that Chu Feng will receive some suffering.”

The Chu family members that didn’t know the true situation saw that Chu Zhen was going against Chu Feng and they were secretly delighted. They all felt that it was a piece of cake for Chu Zhen to take care of Chu Feng.

The Chu Zhen brothers didn’t like Chu Feng since a small age. They all believed that if Chu Zhen attacked he would not restrain himself. So, they were all expecting the scene in which Chu Feng got harshly beaten up.

“I concede!”

But just at that time, the Chu Zhen on the stage raised his right hand and yelled out loud. He gave up.

“Chu Zhen you brat, what are you saying? You didn’t even start yet you conceded?” A fierce yell came from nearby, and it was Chu Zhen’s father.

Facing his father’s sharp gaze, Chu Zhen’s expression fluctuated, but at the end he clenched his teeth, turned around, and walked down the stage.

“What…What is this?”

That scene shock everyone. Conceded? That was something that you didn’t see in the Chu family competitions often, and the one conceding was Chu Zhen, and his opponent was Chu Feng?

How was that possible? Was Chu Zhen an idiot? Were there problems with his brain? What happened?

The Chu family members that did not know the truth were speechless. Although they didn’t know why Chu Zhen did that, his actions really surprised them quite a bit.

Even Chu Yuanba was drawn towards Chu Zhen’s actions. He frowned, and from his aged gaze, one could tell that even he was confused.

“Chu Feng wins this round.”

But no matter what, Chu Feng really did win. Although it gave people an unfathomable feeling, Chu Feng really did become the first person to achieve victory in the competition.

After the first round, Chu Feng was quickly arranged to another stage. When he clearly saw, on the stage, a person that he just recently beat, even Chu Feng couldn’t help but smile.

That person was Chu Zhen’s elder brother, Chu Cheng.

At that moment, Chu Cheng had a pale face and green lips. He cursed in his heart: “Us two brothers really have the bad luck of 8 generations. How did we meet this fiend?”

Although he was extremely unwilling in his heart, he suffered too much from Chu Feng and he didn’t want to exchange any blows with him. After some thought, he did an action that stupefied the Chu family.

“I concede!!!”