Chapter 235 - 7th Level of the Origin Realm

MGA: Chapter 235 - 7th Level of the Origin Realm

“Ahh…Since he did that, it also meant that sacrificing myself to save him was not in vain.”

“However, if he lost his life just like that, it would really be quite a pity. Can you truly not help him out?” Qi Fengyan looked at the cloth-clothed old man next to him and his gaze brought a bit of pleading.

“Did you really sacrifice yourself to save him just now? You just took your life to threaten me. You knew that I would save you if you were going to die.” The cloth-clothed old man sharply said, then added,

“Oh Fengyang. in this Azure Province, I only have you as a friend. I don’t want the feelings between us to be affected by a boy like him.” After saying that, the cloth-clothed old man patted Fengyang’s shoulder and walked back into his own temple.

As he looked at the departing back, a bitter smile appeared on Qi Fengyang’s face. He understood the meaning behind the cloth-clothed old man’s words. Also, he was very clear that in front of that person, it was already an honor to speak to him as equals. He truly had no qualifications to ask that person to help him do anything.

“Young man, I hope that you have good luck and fate to be able to use your own abilities to leave this place.” After that, Qi Fengyang regrettably looked at the direction Chu Feng left in, and also returned back to the temple.

*whoosh* As Qi Fengyang felt pity for Chu Feng, Chu Feng arrived on top of another mountain peak and he started to lay the Spirit Formation to condense the protective badge that would able him to hold the formation pressure away.

“That didn’t work, it’s too complicated. Although I know the method of condensing it, I can’t condense it out quickly.” Chu Feng tightly frowned. He discovered that the methods of Blue-cloak World Spiritists was indeed very challenging for him, who was a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“Chu Feng, keep on going. I believe that you can. You understand this method of condensation very clearly, but you just don’t have a good enough quality Spirit Formation. However, I believe that you can do it. You have to continue on or else not only will you die, even I will die with you.”

As she faced that situation, Eggy was completely helpless as well. Although she was clear on how to do it, she had no way of helping Chu Feng to do it. Although she could borrow Chu Feng’s body, she could only use her own power to fight but not use the Spirit Formation of her own. So, at that moment, Chu Feng only only rely on himself.

“Right, I must succeed. I cannot fail. I still have too many things to do, and besides, even if I die I can’t let Eggy die with me.”

After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng instantly found the force. He did not even know where he got the power from, but at that moment, it wasn’t as hard to bear as before. Even if there was no air to breathe, he could still concentrate and lay the formation with his full power to condense the badge.

Under a situation like that, like a miracle, Chu Feng lasted for an hour. He did not breathe for an hour, and that was quite a big test on the heart. If he was a normal person, he would have already died. But Chu Feng was able to last that long.

Although the current him had a pale-white face like paper, his gaze was abnormally burning as he tightly stared at the Spirit Formation in front of his eyes. Layer by layer, he merged his Spirit Formation power into it and with clever methods, they combined into one.

*hmm* Finally, hot light spread out from it and the boundless Spirit Formation quickly started to condense. Finally, with four symbols as the shrinking point, it became a small and delicate Spirit Formation badge.

That Spirit Formation badge was as translucent as crystal and it was very beautiful. However, it was filled with Spirit Formation power inside it, and the Spirit Formation power was currently revolving around in complicated paths. It was the formation that Chu Feng condensed out.

At the same time, when he had the badge in his hand, the pressure that lingered around Chu Feng instantly disappeared like smoke and clouds. That meant something. It meant that Chu Feng succeeded.

“Chu Feng, you’ve succeeded. You’ve really succeeded! This is great, you’re able to do something that only Blue-cloak World Spiritists can do!” At that instant, Eggy’s smile was called sweet, and she was skipping and bouncing in the World Spirit Space as she excitedly cheered.

She was truly happy from the bottom of her heart for Chu Feng. Not only did that mean that Chu Feng saved his own life as well as hers since Chu Feng could do that, it also meant that his potential was extremely exceptional and he had extremely high talent.

“I still have to thank that senior. If he didn’t help me by lending the badge to me so I could learn the condensation method for the badge, I’m afraid that I would have been in some huge troubles” Chu Feng bitterly chuckled and a bit of gratitude emerged onto his face.

From then on, Chu Feng who had the badge in his hands was like a fish in water as he was in the Valley of Hundred Bends. Before, he was sharing the treasures along with the young generation of the Azure Province.

But now, he was free to use anything in the Valley of Hundred Bends. Not only the Profound medicines, but even the exquisite fragrant animal meat and also the sweet and tasty spring water there. Chu Feng truly loved that place.

In addition, other than the Valley of Hundred Bends, Chu Feng did not know if he could find another area where he could plunder a large amount of Profound medicines.

So, when Chu Feng stayed in the Valley of Hundred Bends, he stayed for an entire half year. In that period of time, Chu Feng plundered countless Origin medicines and countless Profound medicines, but the Valley of Hundred Bends was truly too big. Even if he searched every day, Profound medicines were as though they were endless and Chu Feng could not find the end to them.

But what Chu Feng was helpless towards was no matter how much stronger his Spirit power was and how many more Profound medicines he refined, it would never be enough for the Divine Lightning in his body to engulf. After half a year of time, Chu Feng’s cultivation only rose by two levels and he only entered the 7th level of the Origin realm.

Although that cultivation did not seem that strong, with Chu Feng’s methods, there was no need to talk about those at the 3rd level of the Profound realm. Only those at the 4th level of the Profound realm could fight with him. So, he felt that with his own cultivation, it was no longer a problem to take care of Gong Luyun.

However, although Chu Feng’s cultivation increased by a bit in the half year, since Eggy could not absorb any strong Source energy, her cultivation had not increased at all and she still remained in the 1st level of the Profound realm.

But knowing that Chu Feng wanted to defeat Gong Luyun with his own strength, Eggy did not blame Chu Feng at all. Rather, she encouraged Chu Feng to cultivate in that place. After all, after the arranged battle, Chu Feng had plenty of time to search for Source energy for Eggy.

On that day, Chu Feng counted the dates a bit and there was less than a month until the arranged battle. As he thought about some things he wanted to take care of before the arranged battle, Chu Feng decided to leave the Valley of Hundred Bends.

It was because the battle would not be as simple as he imagined it to be. After all, on that day, Lin Ran from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion would protect Gong Luyun, so if Chu Feng killed Gong Luyun, after that day, Lin Ran would absolutely not just let it go.

So, Chu Feng had to do some preparations. Or at least before he stirred up a disaster, his family would not be affected by him again.

At the same time that Chu Feng was preparing to leave, on the mountain peak, the cloth-clothed old man and Qi Fengyan were currently playing chess in the temple hall.

“Brother Hengyuan, thanks to you these days, I already feel the critical point for a breakthrough. If this continues, before half a year, I can make a breakthrough from the 9th level of the Profound realm to enter the Heaven realm.” Qi Fengyan gratefully said.