Chapter 214 - News of Death

MGA: Chapter 214 - News of Death

“Eh? School head, why have you risen so early today?”

Although suspicions were raised in Chu Feng’s heart, he still walked over relaxedly because he was not afraid of the head of the Void School. Perhaps it sounded quite bad, but with Chu Feng’s current strength, other than the old monster hidden inside the Void Tower, no one could stop him in the Void School.

“Mister, it’s great that you’re back. I received a letter just now and it was mentioned that it should be given to you.”

“I was worried that your news was exposed so I immediately came here to find you.” The head of the Void School nervously gave the letter to Chu Feng.

After seeing the letter, Chu Feng’s heart also tightened because the letter was very special. Only those who had quite good relationships with the head of the Void School would have letters that were valued by the Void School. Those letters also immediately get sent into the head of the school’s hands.

As for that letter, it was actually given to Chu Feng by the head of the Void School, and given to Su Rou by Chu Feng because he was worried that after he left, Su Rou and the others would be met with any troubles.

So, Chu Feng told Su Rou where he was, and also told her if she met with any problems, send the letter to the Void School. Nothing else was permitted to be written in the letter. The only thing required was “To Mr. Grey-cloak” and it would be fine.

After Chu Feng opened the letter, there were indeed those words in it, and it was Su Rou’s handwriting.

“It’s nothing, just a friend.” Chu Feng smiled at the head of the Void School and explained. After that, he took his leave and he did not need the school head to send him off. He quickly left the Void School and went to the place that was pre-appointed with Su Rou.

It was a small tavern, and because the location was rather good, there were many guests that came in and out. The beauty Su Rou sat inside it, so naturally, she became the focal point of people.

In fact, next to the table that Su Rou was sitting on were several people who did not have eyes. At that moment, white foam came out from their mouths and they were heavily injured. Of course, they received violent attacks from the result of some teasing. But even so, it was still unable to stop those males from admiring Su Rou’s prettiness. That was the attraction power of beauties!

“I have something to speak with this lady. Everyone, please help out and give us two a clear space!”

Suddenly, a voice exploded like thunder. Even the wine bowls on the tables trembled everywhere.

That change caused everyone in the tavern to panic. How did they even dare to say half a word of no? Every single person rolled and climbed out because they could tell that Chu Feng was a martial cultivating expert. A person like that was not someone whom they could offend.

“What happened?” When everyone left, Chu Feng carefully looked at Su Rou. He discovered that Su Rou’s face was extremely ugly, so something big must have happened.

“Chu Feng. You must remain calm.” Su Rou went in front of Chu Feng and her pair of beautiful eyes were full of worry.

“What happened?” Chu Feng felt uneasiness. He was aware that the matter was very possibly related to him.

“The Golden-purple City has been massacred. Other than the young generations who went out to cultivate, everyone else in your Chu family has been killed!” Su Rou said those words with great difficulty.

*ta ta ta...* When those words were said, Chu Feng stepped three steps back. Instantly, his face turned deathly-white and his breathing quickened.

“Chu Feng, are you okay?” Seeing that, Su Rou quickly went up to support Chu Feng and she was even more worried.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s body quivered a bit. Only after a good while did he calm down. He asked with a deep voice, “How about my father? My elder brother? Chu Yue and the others, are they fine?”

“Your elder brother is still in the Lingyun School cultivating. Chu Yue and the others are in the Azure Dragon School so all of them are fine. But your father...” Su Rou did not finish her words.

However, Chu Feng already understood her meaning. He closed both of his eyes, and in that instant, two streams of tears already slid down his face from his eyes. His body which he just calmed down trembled once again and it became even more intense.

“I will return to the Golden-purple City.” Chu Feng walked out of the tavern and he whistled at the sky. After a cry rang out, a huge White-headed Eagle slid down from the sky like an arrow.

*whoosh* Before even letting the White-headed Eagle land, Chu Feng leaped up and jumped onto the White-headed Eagle.

“I will come as well!” Su Rou also lept up and hugged Chu Feng’s waist.

After another long cry from the White-headed Eagle, it rose into the sky. Under the stunned gazes of everyone, they disappeared into the distant horizon..

The Golden-purple City, the second-rate city was massacred. After getting that news, the lords of the nearby cities immediately rushed there. Even the city lord of the Vermilion Bird City personally went towards the Golden-purple City.

In the instant that the city lords entered the Golden-purple City, their faces couldn’t help but greatly change because at that very moment, the Golden-purple City could only be describe with several words. The most fitting were: A sight too appalling to look at.

When Chu Feng massacred the Shangguan family, he only massacred their family. But the Golden-purple City being massacred was the entire city. Within the Golden-purple City, no matter if they were high ranking officials, noble clans, or even commoners, not a single person lived.

Although the blood already dried out, the Gods could still see the dark-redness. Blood splattered everywhere, and after entering the city, a strong stench could be smelt. It was the smell of blood.

“Who could have possibly done this kind of thing?” A tall city lord who just arrived was enraged after he saw that scene.

“They came for the Chu family.” Just at that time, a slightly fat male walked out of the city. He was also a city lord from a neighbouring city.

“Chu family?” The tall and big city lord expressed confusion.

“It’s the family of Chu Feng.” The slightly fat city lord replied.

“Chu Feng? That young man? How did you know that they came for the Chu family?” The tall and big city lord closely questioned.

“You will know after entering.” The slightly fat city lord pointed towards the city.

In response, the tall and big city lord quickly went down the horse and walked into the city. The guards behind him closely followed, but after they entered the city, they stood where they were and shock filled their faces.

In the Golden-purple City’s plaza, a tall and big frame was erected there. Under the frame were corpses that were all over the place without order. Several heads were hung on top of the frame. They were all people from the Chu family.

In the plaza, there were even several huge words written with blood. “A debt of blood must be paid with blood. Chu Feng touched my brother, so I annihilate his entire family!”