Chapter 19 I’m Called Justice

MGA: Chapter 19 – I’m Called Justice

“Get lost right now and I’ll let you live.”

When that person pointed the cold, glittering iron sword at Chu Gao and the others, killing intent was revealed in his tone.

As they faced the life threats, the Chu family and the others' feelings were shook and some people even started moving back.

Although Chu Xue was their master, and they had mountains of favours towards the Chu family, their choice was actually very simple when the decision related to their own life.

“All of you…” Chu Xue’s heart had some unspeakable bitterness when she saw the servants thinking about abandoning her. From a young age, they were people that stayed by her side and followed all of her the orders since then.

She wanted to scold, yet she was so helpless because she knew that she was already done for.

In the Azure Dragon School, she had no influence nor power, and against the people that she could not offend, even if she was tainted, she could only endure it since she still didn’t want to die.


But just as Chu Xue was despairing, a shadow leaped out from the forest like a monster and landed in front of Chu Xue.

*bang bang bang*

After landing, that person attacked with lightning speed. Countless afterimages of the palm brought killing intent with them and they flew straight towards the three people from the Sword Alliance.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

It surprised the three Sword Alliance members when they saw such a sudden change. They tapped the ground with the tip of their toe and suddenly leaped back.

They focused their eyes and the three of them discovered that the person who surprise attacked them was a young man.

But the person who was the most astonished was Chu Xue. She would have never thought when the people whom she trusted the most had thoughts of abandoning her, Chu Feng would be standing in front of her while ignoring his own safety.

“Who are you? You dare to interrupt my good occasion?” The Sword Alliance member who had a full face of pockmarks pointed at Chu Feng while angrily yelling.

“You are not fit to know my name, but you can call me justice.” Chu Feng faintly smiled.

“Justice? Ha!” The pockmark male moved the iron sword in his hands and countless of wind blades flew at Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng pushed with one of his palms and a warm force pushed Chu Xue out of the way.

After that, he quickly dodged, and after dodging the attack, he ran straight at the male and struck out with one Illusionary Palm.

“Brat, you’re looking for death.”

Seeing that Chu Feng even dared to counterattack, the other two Sword Alliance members also pulled out their iron swords from their back and stabbed at Chu Feng with some strange sword style.

*whoosh whoosh*

Not only did Chu Feng not dodge, he changed his attacking style, and all three Illusionary Palms stuck at the same time making the three iron swords collide into each other.

*clang clang clang*

Three heavy sounds resonated, and the four people stepped back a bit. But, from Chu Feng’s palms, a numbing feeling came from it. Chu Feng also frowned and his expression became more heavy.

He knew that the three of them were experts of the 5th level of the Spirit realm and they didn’t even use their full power.

The three Sword Alliance members also frowned. They already found out that Chu Feng was in the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

But, when a little child who was in the 4th level was able to knock the three of them back, it meant that they could not underestimate the strength of the little child.

“Boy, we are complete strangers. You don’t need to offend our Sword Alliance for some people you don’t know.”

“That’s right. I see that you have quite some talent. As long as you are a bit understandable, we can give an introduction for you to join the Sword Alliance. I guarantee that your future will be bright.” Seeing that Chu Feng wasn’t as easy to take care as they thought, the three of them wanted to rope Chu Feng into their own alliance.

Chu Feng didn't react as he listened to those words, but Chu Xue instantly got more nervous.

She and Chu Feng had deep history and Chu Feng didn’t really even have any reason to help her. Now that the Sword Alliance opened such conditions, she was really worried that Chu Feng would put her to the side and abandon her.

But, she also knew that hoping Chu Feng would protect was beyond reason. However, the Chu Feng in front of her was her only hope.

“Sword Alliance? I think it’s better that it be called as the Beast Alliance. Trash like you want to rope me into your alliance? Ha!” Chu Feng fiercely spit a mouthful of saliva.

“You are forcing this upon us.” Seeing that the attempted roping failed and they got humiliated instead, the three of them got angry and while holding the iron sword, they all started to attack Chu Feng.

It was obvious that the three people used their true strength this time. The sword didn’t even arrive yet the wind did. Even Chu Feng had to narrow his eyes and treat this seriously.

“What are you looking at? You don’t want to leave? Don’t affect my evil extermination power.”

Chu Feng yelled at Chu Xue and the others first. Only then did his body move, and with the waves of the arms, countless invisible palms filled the air and attacked the three people.

“It’s the Illusionary Palm, careful.”

One of them recognized Chu Feng’s martial skill, and at the same time that he was shocked, his sword style changed accordingly. A cold glitter surged out, and the three people displayed the exact same techniques and surrounded Chu Feng within it.

“Chu Feng…”

As she saw Chu Feng battling with three experts at the 5th level of the Spirit realm, Chu Xue’s emotions were extremely complicated. She knew what that meant. It meant that Chu Feng was risking himself for her, and that risk might very well cost him his life.

“Still not gone?” Just as Chu Xue was hesitating, Chu Feng bellowed again.

“Miss, let’s go.” At the same time, the Chu family people also came and dragged Chu Xue into the forest.

“Leave me.” Chu Xue flung away those people and deeply looked at Chu Feng with meaning.

Seeing the Chu Feng that was surrounded by afterimages of the swords and doing his best to struggle, Chu Xue gnashed her teeth as if doing a very difficult decision.

“Leave!” Chu Feng bellowed once again.

At that instant, Chu Xue’s frail body couldn’t help but shake, and two sparkling tears fell from the corner of her eyes. After saying a “thank you”, she went back into the forest.

“Brat, you dare interrupt my good occasion. I will cripple you today.”

Seeing the fat meat that was right in front of their mouth escaping, the three of them burned with anger. The points of their swords were aimed at critical body points and they wanted to kill Chu Feng.

“It’ll depend on your strength.”

Although Chu Feng’s face showed that he was holding on, he also felt the pressure. Against three people who were a whole level above him really strained him.

Those three people. Although they were not extraordinary people, not only was the sword in their hands strong, the martial skills that they cultivated made it so that the sharp weapon in their hands was used to the extreme. In addition with them three combining their powers, Chu Feng had quite some difficulty going against them.

The most important thing was that Chu Feng didn’t want to expose his Three Thunder Styles so he decided that he didn’t want to mess around with them three anymore.

*whoosh whoosh*

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng faked a move, then leaped into the air and jumped out like a lightning out of their three-man circle.

“You three trash, try and catch me.” After jumping out, Chu Feng taunted them and smiled, then leaped into the forest like a monkey.

“Want to escape? Chase.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was escaping, how could the three people let him go? They quickly chased after him.

But they still underestimated Chu Feng. Even though they used their spiritual power to the maximum and used all sorts of martial skill, they had no way of chasing up to Chu Feng. There was always a distance between them.