Chapter 143 - When You Should Attack, Go Attack

MGA: Chapter 143 - When You Should Attack, Go Attack

“Brother, my family’s miss came to join the White Dragon Villa servant exam.” The big person chuckled as he explained.

“What time is it now? The exam has already concluded so come next month.” That servant did not even look straight into their eyes and his attitude was very stubborn.

Seeing that, Wang Lin slightly frowned but she was helpless against their status. She did not dare to be too aggressive so she could only force out a light smile out and say,

“We hurried here from a far place and it was quite difficult, so could you help out a bit?”

Wang Lin had quite a nice appearance, so after that servant saw her, he couldn’t help but hesitate and his expression clearly turned for the better. Yet, he still said resolutely, “I cannot.”

At the same time, many other servants all around the plaza appeared and almost all of them closed their tents. Everyone was forbidden from nearing.

At that instant, the three of them were stupefied. Although they could still come next month if they couldn’t make it this month, the three of them did not want to travel for nothing.

“Here are some of my kind feelings, please accept them.” As he panicked, the old man took out 10 taels of silvers out from his pocket and passed them over.

“Old bastard? You think I need your 10 taels of silvers?”

“Get out of here, or else I’ll catch all of you.” The actions of the old man actually angered the servant as he started pointing and cursing.

“Sorry, sorry...”

That terrified the old man. They quickly apologized, and turned around at the same time, not daring to nag anymore.

However, as the three of them gave up, Chu Feng swaggeringly walked over, brushed by their shoulders, and walked straight towards the tent.

“Stop. Did you not hear what I just said?”

“Shoo.” The servant already had flames of fury burning, and when he saw a person who dared to go up, he instantly bellowed.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear it clear enough.” Chu Feng extended his ear forward and acted as if he did not understand.

“I said, sho…”


Before the servant even finished speaking, Chu Feng’s clear slap landed on his face.

At the same time, Chu Feng raised his foot and kicked. He directly kicked the servant until his face pointed up into the sky and he ferociously fell to the ground.


That scene happened way too fast, but there were still quite a few people that saw it. The servants of the White Tiger Villa all surrounded over and they seemed to want to attack Chu Feng.

Wang Lin was dumbstruck. She never would have thought that Chu Feng would directly attack. It was unimaginable.

“Miss, let’s quickly leave.”

The old man and the big person grabbed onto Wang Lin at the same time and pulled her away. They both felt that Chu Feng was dead. Commoners who attacked people from the White Tiger Villa were simply looking to die. so, they tried their best to distant themselves from Chu Feng to erase all relationships with Chu Feng.

“Block them, they’re together.”

But just at that time, the servant who got hit pointed and yelled at Wang Lin and the others.

The other servants speedily obstructed their path. They surrounded Wang Lin and the others along with Chu Feng.

“You bumpkin. We’ve been dragged down by you!”

At that instant, the old man and the big person were extremely frightened. Both of their bodies were trembling and they couldn’t help but blame Chu Feng.

Although Wang Lin was a bit stronger than the other two, she was clearly scared as well. Only Chu Feng remained calm and both of his hands were looped in front of his chest. There was even a trace of disdain in his gaze.

“Dammit! You dare to hit me? Beat him to death.” The servant that was beaten got himself up and rushed towards Chu Feng. The other servants also surged forward.

“Stop.” But before they even attacked, an angry shout suddenly resounded.

After hearing that voice, the faces of the servants changed greatly. Not only did they stop their movements, they even went to the side and formed a path. Looking over, an old man was walking towards them.

The old man wore cloth clothing and it was very simple and plain. However, there was fierceness between his eyebrows. In addition to the respectful attitude that the servants were treating him with, everyone subconsciously felt that the old man came from an unordinary place.

Chu Feng could feel that the old man was a cultivator at the 5th level of the Origin realm. Although those at the 5th level of the Origin realm were not much in Chu Feng’s eyes, the old man’s cultivation was a lot stronger when compared to the servants from the White Tiger Villa.

“What is happening?” The old man asked.

“This boy dared to attack us.” The servants said the same things as they pointed at Chu Feng.

“Oh?” The old man looked at the servant who was attacked, then assessed Chu Feng. Not only was he not angry, shock even emerged into his eyes.

The reason was very simple. The servant had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Spirit realm, and those who were able to beat him certainly had strength that surpassed him. Chu Feng was so young yet had that kind of strength so naturally, he would be viewed in another light.

“You are here to join the servant exam?” The old man looked at Chu Feng and his tone was very gentle.

“Yes.” Chu Feng’s attitude was very polite as well.

“Enter.” The old man spun around and walked towards the tent.

That change endlessly stunned the crowd. Not to mention the surrounding people, even the servants didn’t know what to do.

A commoner attacked a person from the White Tiger Villa. Not only did he not get punished, he even got accepted to the servant exam. That did not make sense.

“Manager Zhang, this...”

“What 'this'? The sky isn’t dark so the exam for servants will continue. Don’t think I don’t know what all of you are doing.”

“If you dare to break the rules without permission next time, don’t blame me if I don’t restrain myself.”

The servant who was beaten felt bitter so he wanted give his point of view, but what he got instead was the strict reprimand of manager Zhang.

After being rebuked, the expressions of the servants were very ugly and no one dared to speak anymore.

The surrounding people could also hear that exam was not finished, but it was just that the servants wanted to return early to the residences so they blocked the people who wanted to participate in the exam.

At that instant, not only Chu Feng, everyone who wanted to join the exam went over.

Looking at the people who ceaselessly entered the tent, Wang Lin stood where she was. She silently lowered her head. She wanted to go, yet she had no courage.

Their current chance was fought for by Chu Feng. However, when Chu Feng was in danger, not only did she not help him, she cowered back. That made her feel guilty towards Chu Feng and she had no face to go over.

“Oi, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you coming?” But just at that time, a familiar sound suddenly rang out.

Raising her head to look, Chu Feng was standing in front of the tent while chuckling and looking at Wang Lin.

At that instant, Wang Lin felt very touched in her heart. She did not expect that he would treat her so friendly even after her previous treatment towards Chu Feng.

After a split moment of hesitation, Wang Lin still walked over because she did not want to miss that chance. After arriving next to Chu Feng, the two of them looked at each other, smiled, then walked into the tent together.