Chapter 129 - Kiss of Deep Emotion

MGA: Chapter 129 - Kiss of Deep Emotion

Under the gazes of innumerable people, Chu Feng continued forward step by step. Finally, he arrived in front of Ding Chou. With a golden shield clenched by his left hand and a golden longsword held by his right hand, he pointed at Ding Chou then said, “This is the end.”


In the instant that he finished talking, Chu Feng attacked with a flash. Lightning under his feet surged and he disappeared within a blink. When he reappeared, he was behind Ding Chou.

“Don’t underestimate me.”

Ding Chou’s reactions were extremely quick. He spun his body around and threw out a punch. In the range in which they could almost reach, an Origin power fist went straight towards Chu Feng.


Chu Feng coldly snorted and dissipated the golden shield in his left hand. Both of his hands tightly clenched the golden longsword as he slightly leaned to the side and dodged the Origin power fist.

Chu Feng then arrived in front of Ding Chou. Putting power in his arms, he stabbed straight. With a poof, the golden longsword piercing into the chest of Ding Chou.


The longsword went straight through Ding Chou’s chest and his complexion instantly became ghastly-white. Not only did he stop the attacks from his hands, he opened his mouth and a mouthful of blood sprayed out.


Suddenly, he howled towards the sky as if releasing all the bitterness in his head. After roaring for a good while, he fell on the ground with a poof and laid on the stage without power. Both of his eyes were dull as if they did not even have any strength. It could be seen that the overwhelming Murderous 7-Injuring Fists had a great burden on him and he had already reached the limit.

Looking back at Chu Feng, although his countenance was pale as well with dripping drops of sweat which were as big as beans, clothing completely soaked by sweat, rough breathing, and was clearly tired, he was still standing. Nothing was the same as he stood on the seemingly desolate stage after the great battle.

Won. Chu Feng won. At the end, Chu Feng won in the confrontation between two geniuses at their peak!

A disciple from a second-rate school successfully defeated a core disciple from a first-rate school, a genius-level disciple from the Lingyun School, and successfully became the champion of the New Excellence Assembly.


At that instant, thunder-like clapping sounds resonated everywhere. They were cheering for Chu Feng because after the young man who was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm successfully defeated a person who was at the 2nd level of the Origin realm, they could not control the excited emotions within their heart and they couldn't help but want to clap and cheer for the young man.

“Chu Feng, you’re the best!”

Other than the resonation of excited cheering, a beautiful figure suddenly lept onto the stage and hugged Chu Feng.

Looking at that scene, everyone couldn’t help but be dumbfounded because that person was none other than the 2nd daughter of Su Hen, the Vermilion Bird City’s lord, Su Mei.

“What’s this? Isn’t that the Su family’s third lady, Su Mei? Isn’t she the fiancée of Shangguan Ya? Why is she so close to Chu Feng like this? What relationship do those two have?”

The crowd neverendingly guessed. After all, people from the Vermilion Bird City knew that Su Mei was Shangguan Ya’s fiancée. Their marriage was already determined when Su Mei was born.

However, at that instant, what did Su Mei’s actions mean? She embraced Chu Feng in front of so many people! Wasn’t that slapping the face of the Shangguan family, slapping the face of Shangguan Ya?

“Damn it.” Shangguan Ya who was standing outside of the plaza tightly clenched his fists. Cold glint shot out of his eyes because Su Mei’s actions were undoubtedly showing that she had a relationship with another man instead of him and it made him lose all face.

“Rou'er, this...” Even Su Hen greatly changed his expression and he was aware that the situation was amiss.

“Father, in any case, you already promised me that as long as Chu Feng won against Ding Chou, you would cancel the marriage between little Mei and that Shangguan Ya. Since this marriage will get canceled sooner or later, why do you need to worry about other people’s views?”

“You should be able to see that Chu Feng is a lot more outstanding when compared to Shangguan Ya right? Wouldn’t it be better to give little Mei to Chu Feng?” Su Rou charmingly smiled as if she already predicted that ending.

“This matter isn’t as simple as you think it is.” Su Hen didn’t know what to do and he was obviously in a difficult position.

But just at that time, Su Mei did something that astounded the crowd even more. She stuck out her soft red lips and kissed Chu Feng’s face. Chu Feng did not avoid it either and that became a scene that made everyone stupefied.

The third lady of the Su family, the fiancée of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Ya, kissed Chu Feng in front of everyone.

“Damn it. I will kill that Chu Feng.” Shangguan Ya had no way of accepting that. The flames of fury assaulted his heart and as he spoke, he was preparing to attack.

*bam* But at that moment, a dried up yet powerful palm patted Shangguan Ya’s shoulder. A wave of strong Profound power surged into his body and within an instant, all of the Origin power fluctuations got pressed back down.

“Grandfather?” Turning his head and looking back, Shangguan Ya couldn’t help but be at a loss because at that moment, standing behind him was a single-eyed old man who had a blind eye. The old man also had white hair and beard and that person was the current family master of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Yue.

“What are you doing? You want to attack him in front of Su Hen? Do not forget that Su Hen is the lord of this Vermilion Bird City.” Shangguan Yue’s voice was very calm.

“But.” Shangguan Ya cast his gaze towards Chu Feng and he grinded his teeth in anger.

“The time is not ripe yet. My Shangguan family cannot be hostile towards the Su family yet.” Shangguan Yue said in a low voice.

“Then do we leave him and do nothing?” Shangguan Ya was indignant.

“No.” Shangguan Yue shook his head and viciously said, “This person must be removed!”

At that instant, Chu Feng was completely submerged in the happiness of victory and only when Su Mei kissed with deep emotion did he suddenly pull himself together. He couldn’t help but hold onto Su Mei’s tender small waist and said while chuckling,

“Have you been captivated by my handsome bravery and wish to give yourself to me?”

“I...Who wants to give themself to you. Bastard.”

She did all that from the heat of the moment as she got over-excited, so that was why she took it a bit too far. At that moment, being held by the waist by Chu Feng, Su Mei’s little face became pink and she embarrassedly pushed Chu Feng away.


However, at that moment, Ding Chou who was laying nearby started to painful bawl. His body convulsed and his aura became extremely weak. At the end, his pale-white skin became ashen and both of his eyes overturned. White foam came out from his mouth and it was as if he was going to die.

“Damn it! This is just a round of sparring but you dare to murder Ding Chou!” Seeing that the situation wasn’t right, the city lord of the Wind Cloud City rushed forward, pointed at Chu Feng and angrily rebuked.

“Ha! Before, Ding Chou’s attacks were even more ruthless than Chu Feng. If it wasn’t because Chu Feng had strength that exceeded others, he would have already died by Ding Chou’s mad explosions.”

“Now you blame him for murdering? If he really did have intentions to murder, Ding Chou would already be dead. How would he be laying down here panting?” Su Mei who stood next to Chu Feng resentfully refuted.


The Wind Cloud City lord was speechless while facing Su Mei’s reprimands. He was clearly very embarrassed. He could point and blame Chu Feng and even attack him, however, when facing the Su family’s third lady, he did not even dare to say anything back.