Chapter 127 - Murderous 7-Injuring Fists

MGA: Chapter 127 - Murderous 7-Injuring Fists

One blackened-gold blade left Ding Chou’s hand. It flew off the fighting stage and stabbed into the ground. Blood kept on dripping from Ding Chou’s left hand and he was clearly not lightly injured.

Looking back at Chu Feng, both of his hands were tightly holding onto a golden-coloured pike. The golden pike was sparkling and although it was condensed by golden light, it was abnormally powerful and it emitted repressing strength.

“You said, as long as it isn’t a rank 5 martial skill, you can cut it off.”

“So, I might as well let you see what a rank 5 martial skill is.” Chu Feng pointed the golden pike at Ding Chou.

“Heavens, that power is undoubtedly a rank 5 martial skill. It’s really a rank 5 martial skill. That Chu Feng can actually control a rank 5 martial skill!”

At that instant, cries of surprise rang everywhere. It wasn’t that no one on scene couldn’t use a rank 5 martial skill, it was just unheard of to be able to use a rank 5 skill at Chu Feng’s age.

After all, there were extremely high body and comprehension requirements for rank 5 martial skills. If one’s body did not reach the standard, even if they understood the mysteriousness of the skills, they could not use it. If their comprehension power was not enough, even if their body reached the standard, they could not cultivate it.

Most people had cultivated for many years and after reaching a certain understanding on the road of martial cultivation, and also after reaching a certain level in cultivation, they could successfully cultivate rank 5 martial skills.

With Chu Feng’s age and cultivation, it did not make sense how he was able to use rank 5 martial skills.

“Is this person really a genius that is hard to see even in a hundred years?”

At that moment, that thought popped into many people’s minds because Chu Feng’s performance really shocked people too much. Time after time, he smashed the views of other people towards him.

At first, they thought that he was only there to fill in the space as an inferior and they even mocked how the Golden-purple City found a person like him. However, looking back at it, how did he even seem like a weak person? He was simply a genius that one could not even meet in a hundred years.

Especially the participants from the Golden-purple City. In that instant, their emotions were the most complex. They kept on looking down on Chu Feng before and felt that he was losing their Golden-purple City’s face.

However, looking at it now, it was impossible for them to even be compared to him because Chu Feng really was way more outstanding than them. It made them feel quite ashamed.

“The Azure Dragon School will rise abruptly since a disciple like him appeared. In the future, they will certainly have great accomplishments and they will not be a second-rate school anymore.”

Some people even predicted that Chu Feng could bring the Azure Dragon School up to a new position because his performance was too eye-catching right now. Although he had the status of being a disciple of a second-rate school, he had the strength to pressure a disciple from a first-rate school.

He was even so young. No matter if it was cultivation time or battle experience, he was far from others. Those things just so happened to emphasize Chu Feng’s overwhelming areas.

“He’s too strong. This person is so strong. No wonder, no wonder lady Su Rou would say those words.”

Chen Hui and the others were rather astonished and they saw the hope for victory once again. However, only Chen Wanxi tightly frowned and said,

“It won’t be this easy. Do not ever underestimate that Ding Chou. He is unquestionably not an ordinary person since he was able to get first place in the Lingyun School’s core disciple exam.”

“Besides, it was one year ago that he killed the Monstrous Beast. Within the year, it would be impossible for him to have no improvement. After all, rank 5 martial skills don’t only belong to the Azure Dragon School. My Lingyun School has plenty of those as well.”

“Wanxi, your meaning is?” After hearing Chen Wanxi’s words, Chen Hui and the others felt a wave of uneasiness because they suddenly remembered that the Lingyun School was the #1 school in the Azure Province. It was the gathering ground for the most excellent geniuses within the Azure Province.

Furthermore, as Ding Chou was able to get first place in the core disciple exam, he was a genius within geniuses. His strength was most likely not only up to there.

“You think only you know rank 5 skills? I’ve played around with you enough for today. I’ve gotten tired of it and I’ve decided that I will finish you off. I will open your eyes and experience what real rank 5 martial skills are.”

Suddenly, Ding Chou’s aura started to change. A wave of indescribable strong power was exploding out from within his body. His cultivation was rapidly rising.

Even his injured left hand began to heal. It was as if he was being reborn. Even the stage violently trembled from his change and under his feet, cracks were spreading out. Layers of Origin power visible by the naked eye started to surround and revolve around him like a shield made out of a layer of Origin power.

“This aura is strong. His strength is changing and it’s increasing. Heavens! He already reached the peak of the 2nd level of the Origin realm! What martial skill is this? It can perform changes to his own essence!” Feeling Ding Chou’s aura which was constantly strengthening, everyone unendingly exclaimed in surprise.

“Impossible. He actually cultivated this skill, but how is it possible? So many core disciples studied it for years yet they were not successful. However, he was?” Chen Wanxi’s beautiful eyes were perfectly round and on her cold and proud face was shock.

“Wanxi, what martial skill is it?” Chen Hui and the others asked simultaneously.

“It is titled as the rank 5 martial skill which is the hardest to cultivate in my Lingyun School. It is also named as the strongest rank 5 martial skill, the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists!” Chen Wanxi’s tone was filled with surprise and admiration.


Just at that time, Ding Chou suddenly explosively yelled, separated his legs and stamped down with power. Two deep holes got punched out on the stage and he put both of his legs in them. After that, he clenched one of his hands and punched towards Chu Feng through the air.


The fist howled as it was punched out. Formless Origin power surged out and it gradually materialized. It formed into a half-transparent Origin power fist with might that was seemingly unstoppable as it flew towards Chu Feng.

The fist was extremely quick and there was almost no way to dodge nor avoid it. Facing that situation, Chu Feng immediately waved his right arm and threw the golden pike out.

*bang* The two things collided and instantly, an ear-piercing boom exploded out. The strong energy ripples permeated through the air and formed into a tornado made out of streams of air and it started engulfing everything.

“Quite some methods, but let me see how you’re going to block the next ones.”

Ding Chou coldly smiled and angrily yelled out again. He threw out several fists and the densely packed Origin power fists howled in the air. The power of every single fist was no weaker than the first one. That might was rather terrifying.

“Hmph. I’ll show you how I will block this.”

Seeing that, Chu Feng coldly snorted and suddenly grasped with his left hand. A golden shield came into shape. The shield was very large and after putting it in front of him, it was exactly big enough to be able to defend himself.

*boom boom boom boom*

Just at that time, the Origin power fists arrived and started to endlessly strike the golden shield. Strong force quickly dimmed the golden shield as it was unable to hold back against the force and it was going to disappear soon.

“I do not believe that I will lose to you today!”

Chu Feng grinded his teeth and started to continually channel the Spirit power within his body into the golden shield on his left hand. With that, it maintained the status of the golden shield and held back against Ding Chou’s Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.