Chapter 112 - Face Contest

MGA: Chapter 112 - Face Contest

“Wan bro, I never would have thought that you already became a core disciple of the Wind Listener School. You are really the strongest in the young generation of our Golden-purple City!”

“You entered the Origin realm when you were 18 years old! You really make me admire you.”

“With Wan bro, this time, our Golden-purple City will certainly get first place in the New Excellence Assembly.”

When Wan Wenpeng appeared, the remaining males and females in the hall all stood and went up. They seemed fairly close to him so they should have met before.

“Everyone, you really glorify me too much. Not to mention the many geniuses within other cities, even within this Golden-purple City, I, Wan Wenpeng, do not dare to call myself the strongest.”

Wan Wenpeng humbly shook his head. However, from his smile, one could tell that he really enjoyed the praise of others.

“Oh? There’s a person stronger than Wan bro within the young generation of the Golden-purple City?” Everyone expressed astonishment.

“Everyone, don’t you know that the eldest daughter of the Golden-purple City’s lord, Chen Wanxi, already entered the Origin realm a year earlier and became a core disciple in the Lingyun School?”

“Wan bro, you are quite well-informed. Actually, we only knew about this recently so we never would have thought that you knew it as well.”The two people who mocked Chu Feng earlier spoke. As inner court disciples of the Lingyun School, obviously, they knew about the things that happened within their own school.

“So that means it’s true?” At that instant, some others were shocked. The Lingyun School was the #1 school in the Azure Province! To be able to become a core disciple in that school meant that they were the pride of the heavens. Their position were absolutely not comparable to theirs.

Although Wan Wenpeng was also a core disciple in a first-rate school, there was still a chunk of difference when compared to core disciples from the Lingyun school.

“Chen Wanxi is indeed strong. However, I’ve heard that because her mother died many years ago, she left in a rage. She hasn’t returned to the Golden-purple City in many years so I’m afraid she won’t return for this year’s New Excellence Assembly. Perhaps within her eyes, the honor or disgrace of the Golden-purple City has no relation with her.” Someone sighed and said.

“Who said that I wouldn’t return.” But just at that time, a fierce voice suddenly rang outside of the hall. Those who looked over were stunned.

A young lady was standing outside of the hall and coldly staring at those who were within. Behind her, Chen Hui and several officers were standing there. Without much thinking, that person was the Chen Wanxi that everyone was talking about.

“This...” After seeing Chen Wanxi, the young man who spoke before paled and did not dare to speak any more.

“Sister Wanxi, is it you? Do you recognize me, Wan Wenpeng?”

Seeing that, Wan Wenpeng tidied up his clothes and moved closer to her. That year, when Chen Wanxi left the Golden-purple City, she was still a little girl. But now she already grew to be a slender young lady. Although her facial changes were the biggest, that special cold yet elegant airs was still there.

“Chen Hui, the distance to the Vermilion Bird City is quite far so let’s leave early.” However, the shocking thing was that Chen Wanxi did not even look at Wan Wenpeng and she even directly called her father’s famous name.

While facing that situation, Chen Hui could only dryly laugh and he arranged the carriages to prepare to bring Chu Feng and the others to the Vermilion Bird City.

As for Wan Wenpeng, his face was full of unpleasantness. He stood there stupefied and did not know what to do. No matter what, he never would have thought that Chen Wanxi would treat him like that.

“Hehe, this girl is quite prideful. However, she does have quite a few reasons to be proud.”

On the other hand, when Chu Feng faced that scene as a bystander, he only faintly smiled because he could tell that Chen Wanxi had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Origin realm. Having that kind of strength at that age really was unordinary. At least, it was extremely rare within the Azure Dragon School.

After that, Chen Hui called 10 carriages over. Every single carriage was very luxurious and within the carriage, there were all sorts of delicious foods. There were even servants to treat them. It could be seen that Chen Hui really valued Chu Feng and the others.

But after thinking about it in more detail, his actions were quite normal. After all, these 10 people were the most outstanding young generation within a thousand miles. Every single one had excellence talent and their future was unlimited.

Any one of them could become a famous person that would be extremely influential in the Azure Province. At that time, not to mention his Golden-purple City, perhaps they would not even put the Vermilion Bird City within their eyes.

Even as a city lord, Chen Hui did not dare to offend these kinds of people. He could only flatter them to gain their good impressions.

So, under the escorting of the city’s army, 10 luxurious carriages headed towards the Vermilion Bird City. Finally, 5 days later, they arrived at their destination.

The Vermilion Bird City was built partially on a mountain and it was not as sumptuous as expected. It was an old city and it was filled with the aura of ancient mysteriousness.

The strength of the Vermilion Bird City was close to the second-rate Azure Dragon School. However, in terms of status, it was not inferior to a first-rate school. As for the reason, naturally, it was because it had the protection of the Jiang Dynasty.

So, even though they were geniuses from everywhere or disciples of first-rate schools, they did not dare to have half a point of disrespect while being in the territory of the Vermilion Bird City. Rather, they would even want to have connections to the Vermilion Bird Cty.

Of course, in the world where strength ruled all, they were certainly not afraid of the Vermilion Bird City. They were afraid of the Jiang Dynasty that was behind the Vermilion Bird City. The huge monster that ruled the Nine Provinces.

At that instant, within the Vermilion Bird City, on a vast, wide plaza, 20 groups of carriages stood there neatly. The 20 second-rate cities managed by the Vermilion Bird City had arrived.

The 20 city lords brought their carefully invited young geniuses down the carriages. The disciples from schools everywhere, wearing all sorts of special clothing all gathered in the middle of the plaza.

“Oh? Isn’t it Chen Hui?”

A group of people walked towards Chen Hui and the others. The one who led was a fat-faced, big-eared, fatty. He was the city lord of a second-rate and he had some history with Chen Hui so the both of the were always on bad terms.

There were a group of young males and females behind the fatty. All of them had prideful expressions and they had no one in their eyes. They were looking down so badly that their faces were raised to the sky.

“Problem?”Chen Hui slightly frowned. Looking at the 10 young males and females behind the fatty, he could see that all of them came from the Lingyun School. One of them was even a core disciple so he knew that the fatty was going to flaunt.

“From how you’re talking, we’ve already known each other for a long time. Even if there’s nothing, can’t I just come and greet you?”

The fatty lightly smiled and narrowed his eyes. He started evaluating Chu Feng and the others who were behind Chen Hui. After seeing Chen Wanxi, he coldn’t help but slightly frowned and a displeased look flashed into his eyes.

He originally thought that since he invited so many strong geniuses, he could use that power to pressure Chen Hui a bit and take the chance to mock him. However, he did not expect that Chen Hui also got a core disciple from the Lingyun School. That way, it was quite difficult for him to speak.

However, when his gaze landed on Chu Feng, he instantly rejoiced and said, “Chen Hui, do you have no one else in your Golden-purple City? Why are disciples from the Azure Dragon School even here?”

“If you can’t find any decent people in the Golden-purple City, you can ask me and I can lend you two! Haha...”

His words were said extremely loudly and he was intentionally letting the surrounding people hear it. Indeed, when his words came out of his mouth, the people from various cities all cast their gaze over. After seeing Chu Feng, a smile of contempt rose from their mouths. In situations like these, disciples from second-rate school really could not be brought.

While facing that situation, Chen Hui did not know how to rebuke. If it wasn’t for Su Rou’s request, he would have never been willing to invite Chu Feng. After all, all the cities invited disciples from first-rate schools. Only his Golden-purple City got a disciple from a second-rate school. In terms of face, it was not too good for him.

“Are you looking down on the people from the Azure Dragon School?”

But just at that time, a woman’s voice suddenly rang out. Looking over, everyone couldn’t help but stare blankly. They saw two absolute beauties slowly walking over. On their bodies, they were wearing the clothes of the second-rate school, the “Azure Dragon School”.