Chapter 110 - Spirit Connection Contract

MGA: Chapter 110 - Spirit Connection Contract

After all the contacting over her body, Chu Feng confirmed that the girl did not threaten him in any way.

Rather, it was the girl who was in a dangerous position. After all, she was extremely pretty and she was imprisoned in the Spirit world with no way of escaping. The most important part was, while being in the Spirit world, Chu Feng was able to touch and feel her.

It was simply locking an unrivaled beauty within his body. She was even so light, soft, easy to push down...But luckily, Chu Feng wasn’t that type of person, or else…

“Oi, bastard, what are you thinking about?” Seeing Chu Feng who kept on staring at her with an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, the girl bellowed.

“I say, Eggy. You said that as long as you and me combined into one, you can help me defeat Gong Luyun. Was that true?” Chu Feng laughed as he said that but his laugh was very wicked.

“Go die. No one would combine with you.” The girl grinded her teeth in anger and smoke came out from her ears. Her pair of round eyes were glaring at him, but no matter how he saw it, she was still cute and it asked for one’s cherishment.

It was true that when a person reached a certain realm of beauty, even if they did any unbearable expressions, they were still a type of beauty.

“Look. Didn’t you say as long...”

“You bastard! It’s residing, not combining!”

“Residing? How do you do that?” Chu Feng was quite curious.

“As long as you and me establish a Spirit Connection Contract, I will be able to share the Spirit world with you. Also, as long as you are willing to, I can enter your body from your Spirit world and send my power to you.”

“However, since my current cultivation is completely sealed and I don’t know how to undo it, I can only start from the bottom. So, if you want my help, you need to help me cultivate. As long as you can help me get into the Profound realm in 1 year, naturally, you would be able to fight against Gong Luyun.” The girl explained.

“What? Help you cultivate? The time that I spend helping you reach the Profound realm would probably be enough for me to reach the Heaven realm.” Chu Feng said depressedly.

“Hmph. Is it even possible for you to reach the Heaven realm in 1 year? Even reaching the Profound realm would be difficult. But, if you are willing to help me, without a doubt, I can reach the Profound realm in 1 year.”

“Also, my cultivation will not disturb your cultivation. Rather, helping me cultivate will even increase your Spirit Formation technique.” The girl curled her lips and said.

“Is that true?” Chu Feng had doubts.

“Of course.” The girl was very confident.

“Tell me how I can help you.” Chu Feng asked.

“There is no free lunch in the world and World Spirits will not serve you humans for free. The reason why World Spiritists can gain the power of World Spirits is because they need to provide ‘Source energy’ to the World Spirits.”

“Source energy? What’s that?”

“In your world, all cultivators will have Source energy. Whether alive or dead, as long as their body were not exterminated, their Source energy would not be exterminated.”

“This Source energy does not have any use for you, however, it has huge enticement towards us World Spirits because it can help us quickly raise our cultivation.”

“For example. If you can find a cultivator at the Profound realm and let me completely suck their Source energy, I can reach the so-called Origin realm. How about it? It’s a lot quicker than your cultivation right?” The girl giggled and said.

“A Profound realm cultivator? Don’t make it seem so easy okay? If I could catch a Profound realm cultivator and let you suck their Source energy, why would I even need your help?” Chu Feng was incomparably gloomy.

“Idiot. Did you not hear what I sad? I said, no matter if they were alive or dead, as long as their body remains, there would be Source energy for absorption. If you can’t catch them alive, can’t you just find dead ones? Remember, you’re a World Spiritist!” The girl was a bit gloomy as well.

“It’s fine even if they’re dead?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked.

“Of course! Or else, why did that dogbutt Elder Zhuge need to consume Leng Wuzui and that old man? Also, did you not discover when you entered the Imperial Sky Sage’s tomb, you couldn’t find his remains?”

The girl shared Chu Feng’s vision and sense of hearing so she knew everything that Chu Feng experienced from his childhood up until now.

“If you say it like that, I do understand. But, didn’t you say that Elder Zhuge doesn’t have a World Spirit that serves him? How did he consume the Source energy then?”

“He does not have the ability to have a World Spirit that would serve him but I’m sure that he has already linked to a World Spirit. Currently, he would be providing offers to that World Spirit so the World Spirit would establish a Spirit Connection Contract.”

“However, your luck is quite good. I am willing to set up a Spirit Connection Contractwith you but the condition is that you must obtain enough Source energy for me.”

Speaking to there, the girl crossed her hands and hit out a strange handprint. At the same time, her skirt fluttered and her slim body emitted bizarre rays of light.

The reason why the rays of light were bizarre was because the light was black. Black represented darkness, and darkness was the direct opposite of light. But, in front of his eyes, the extremely dark black was emitting light, so naturally it would be incomparably bizarre.

However, the even more bizarre thing was that the black light flowed down along the girl’s body and formed a strange pattern on the ground.

The pattern seemed to be the face of a monster that was sinister and scary. It was constantly squirming and with a glance, one’s hair would stand up and their heart would be frightened while they trembled.

“What are you thinking about? Quickly stand in here.”

The girl spoke and the current her was being encircled by the bizarre black light. However, not only did her absolute beauty not change, it looked even more beautiful as if that was the real her.

“What? You want me to stand on the face of that monster?” Chu Feng was a bit afraid. He felt that the face was a living organism that could swallow everything.

“Bastard. This is my Spirit Connection Spirit Formation. Thinking back in the days, how many top-level World Spiritists wanted to establish a contract with me but were all ignored by me? Now, I am willing to create a contract with you yet you refuse?” The eyebrows of the girl slanted inwards and she was slightly angry.

Seeing that, Chu Feng grinded his teeth but he still stepped onto it. However, the moment he stepped in, Chu Feng felt an engulfing power that swallowed himself. Instantly, his brain went white and he lost consciousness after that.


After who knew how long, Chu Feng gradually opened his eyes. He found out that he was still within his room in the Chu family residence and he maintained the position that he was in before he entered the Spirit world.

“Mm? I’m actually alright!” Chu Feng exhaled deeply in relief. Originally, he thought that disaster struck and he was tricked by the girl. However, from what he saw, he was not and he was still nice and alive.

“Oi, smelly Chu Feng, go and find Source energy for me!” But just at that time, the voice of the girl rang out next to Chu Feng’s ears.

“Eggy!! You came out too? Where?” Chu Feng jumped in surprise as he observed his surroundings, but he did not see the girl.

“Idiot, I’m still in your Spirit world.” The voice of the girl rang out again.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng rejoiced and he said quietly, “That means we succeeded?”