Chapter 100 Extermination

MGA: Chapter 100 – Extermination

Under the command of Chen Hui, two officers aggressively rushed over and dragged manager Lin away from the crowd.

“City lord, please have mercy! City lord, have mercy!!!”

That broke manager Lin from fear. However, no matter how much more he begged, be it Chen Hui or the two officers, they were expressionless.

When the two officers dragged him to an empty land, one of them pulled out a blade from his waist, raised it up, and with a snapping sound, the head of manager Lin fell on the ground.


That scene terrified the crowd. Almost everyone had expressions of shock and their heads were full of fog without knowing what to do.

“Milord.” After beheading manager Lin, one of the officers put the Golden-purple Commanding Badge into Chen Hui’s hands.

Chen Hui accepted the commanding badge while smiling as he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, have you heard of the Vermilion Bird City?”

“Mm?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but stare blankly. His experiences were limited so he never heard of the Vermilion Bird City.

Seeing that, Chen Hui lightly smiled and explained patiently, “Chu Feng, I believe that you should know that our Nine Provinces is ruled by the Jiang Dynasty. For better governing, the Jiang Dynasty let the 9 Prince’s Mansions to manage the Nine Provinces. The one who rules the Azure Province is the Qilin Prince Mansion.”

“As for the Qilin Prince Mansion, for more order while managing the Azure Province, 8 first-rate cities and 160 second-rate cities were chosen throughout the Azure Province. They covered the entire Azure Province as if they were throwing a net out. As for the cities, they had the authority of jurisdiction over various areas.”

“My Golden-purple City is a second-rate city. The one who manages my Golden-purple City is not the Qilin Prince Mansion. It’s the first-rate city, the Vermilion Bird City.”

After hearing Chen Hui’s words, Chu Feng had a complete new understanding of the various powers in the Azure Province.

Chu Feng always felt that the Jiang Dynasty was the overlord of the Nine Provinces and the various schools commanded the various areas. He even thought that within the Azure Province, what the Linyun School said was how everything went. However, it seemed like that was clearly not the case.

It could be said that the methods of the Jiang Dynasty were very ingenious because of the management system classification. Although it would not interfere with the development of various schools, in reality, it still tightly grasped the Nine Provinces within its hands.

“If the Azure Province was divided into 8 sections, the highest supervisor in the cities in this section would be the Vermilion Bird City. In 10 days, the Vermilion Bird City will organize a New Excellence Assembly.”

“This so-called New Excellence Assembly is a comparison of skill between the young generation. However, the age is limited and only those under 18 years old can join.”

“Although you are still young, you can still be counted as one of the outstanding people in the young generation. So, I would like you to represent my Golden-purple city to join this year’s New Excellence Assembly.” Chen Hui continued speaking.

“What benefits do I get from joining this assembly?” Chu Feng asked.

“If you only join, there would be no benefits. However, if you can get first place, there’s a reward of 5000 Spiritual Beads.” Chen Hui explained.

“That’s fine, I’ll join.” Chu Feng nodded. 5000 Spiritual Beads were too attracting to him.

“Then it’s decided. I’ll give the Golden-purple Commanding Badge to you. With it, you can freely enter and exit my Golden-purple City. Find me 5 days later and I will send people to bring you to the Vermilion Bird City.”

After Chen Hui handed the Golden-purple Commanding Badge to Chu Feng, he led his thousand men army away. What remained was the group of people that did not recover from the shock earlier.

Looking at the commanding badge in his left hand and the 1000 Spiritual Beads in the tray on his right hand, Chu Feng slightly frowned. He felt that there was something fishy but he could not find the reason.

After thinking for a while yet not getting the answer, Chu Feng did not continue on. He raised the commanding badge in his hand and said to the crowd, “Are there any more who refuse to obey my Chu family?”

“We are willing to follow the Chu family and we vow to be loyal and devoted.”

The instant Chu Feng finished talking, the surrounding people all kneeled down. With a thunderous sound, they vowed.

If it was said that they acknowledged their allegiance before to Chu Feng because they were forced to by his strength, then at that instant, they had to acknowledge their allegiance because they were forced to by his background. With the lord of the Golden-purple City as a supporter, they really did not dare to offend Chu Feng.

“Very good. But like I said before. I don’t need your mouths to obey, I need your hearts. I, Chu Feng, will not leave the ones who are not loyal around me.”

“So, those who wish to devote themselves to my Chu family, they must do something.”

“Kill all the people from the Fierce Tiger Escort Office, the Xu, Ma, Wang, Zhao, and Li family.”


When Chu Feng’s words came out, it greatly surprised the crowd. Even Chu family members were endlessly shocked. No matter what, they never would have thought that after making the Zhao and Li family surrender, he would exterminate all of them.

That method of handling things had to be said to be ruthless. It was something that many adults couldn’t even do. However, Chu Feng who was only 15 years old said that.

After that, the shock only lasted for a while. Very quickly, people started to attack people from the Zhao family, the Li family, and the Fierce Tiger Escort Office. To display their devotion, they had no choice but to do that.

Under Chu Feng’s lead, even though the Fierce Tiger Escort Office, the Zhao family and the Li family resisted, very quickly, they still lost their lives. The powers from those families who came to the Leaning Mountain Town were all killed. None lived.

That was not even the end. After finishing off those people, Chu Feng gathered the people who were on scene and separated them into groups. He then sent them towards the Fierce Tiger Escort Office, Xu family, Wang family, Ma family, Zhao family, and the Li family to completely remove their roots in the mountain area.

As Chu Feng personally directed the slaughter, Chen Hui was leading his army and returning to the Golden-purple City.

“Milord, is the black iron mine really going to be completely given to the Chu family? What about our taxes to the Vermilion Bird City this year?” One officer asked worriedly.

“What else could have done? How do I dare to go against that person? If the taxes for the Vermilion Bird City this year isn’t given, at most I would get punished. However, if that person is offended and she says some bad words in front of her father, perhaps even my head cannot be kept.”

As that issue was mentioned, Chen Hui had a face of helplessness. When he thought of the scene earlier today, he still felt some lingering fear.