Chapter 2304 - Rank Nine Heavenly Immortal

Chapter 3204

"This!!!" Hearing those words, the crowd's expressions all changed enormously.

It was impossible for the crowd present to not know about Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan.

Furthermore, the crowd also knew about the relationship those two individuals had with Chu Feng.

They were none other than Chu Feng's grandfather and father.

Back then, the two of them had both brought about two peaks in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. Furthermore, both of them managed to summon the Holy Spirit Formation of Light upon first arriving in the Overlord Region.

And now, after their descendant Chu Feng entered the New Excellence Formation, the fifth floor was opened. Was this truly a coincidence? At that moment, everyone thought of a possibility -- there was very possibly a person on the fifth floor. As for that person, it was very possibly Chu Feng.

At that moment, Li Anzhi spoke, "Earlier, who was the one that said Chu Feng was a coward, and had hidden himself?"

Hearing what Li Anzhi said, the people that had ridiculed Chu Feng earlier all revealed ashamed expressions. Many among them even lowered their heads in embarrassment.

"Humph, how can you be certain that the opening of the fifth floor is related to Chu Feng?" Puyang Han sneered.

He had no choice but to sneer. After all, he was one of the people that had been ridiculing Chu Feng the entire time.

In fact, he was the first one that had started provoking and ridiculing Chu Feng,

As such, he would naturally not be willing to admit that Chu Feng had accomplished such an outstanding feat.

"The flight of steps is completely open without any oppression to hinder us. All of us will be able to enter the fifth floor through that flight of steps. If you wish to know the result, you merely need to follow me up the steps to check things out."

Li Anzhi smiled lightly. Then, his body shifted, and he took the lead to climb the flight of steps and ascend to the fifth floor.

Seeing this, the crowd also began to fly toward the flight of steps in succession.

However, at the moment when the great majority of people were proceeding for the fifth floor, Puyang Han and Puyang Qi were looking at one other. The two of them were unable to remain collected.

As matters stood, they were also wondering whether or not it was possible that the Chu Feng that they'd been insulting and humiliating the entire time might be on the fifth floor.

If Chu Feng was really on the fifth floor, the two of them would've completely humiliated themselves.

Although they were panicking, they had no other choice. As such, they clenched their teeth and decided to follow the crowd to ascend to the fifth floor.


When they reached the fifth floor, what they witnessed were countless bolts of multi-colored lightning.

"Heavens! What is this?!"

Seeing the lightning in their surroundings, even Puyang Han and Puyang Qi began to step back repeatedly in fear. In fact, they were even trembling.

The reason for that was because the lightning before them was simply too terrifying. The power contained within the lightning was simply beyond measure. That lightning was capable of easily annihilating them completely.

"How could you all be members of a Heavenly Clan and not recognize the lightning brought about by one's Heavenly Bloodline?" Li Anzhi let out a mocking laugh.

"What? That's from a Heavenly Bloodline?"

Hearing those words, the two men's expressions changed. In fact, it was not only the two of them. The great majority of the Heavenly Clansmen present all had astonished expressions on their faces.

Although they were all members of Heavenly Clans and had dealt with Nine-colored Divine Lightning all their lives, they'd never before seen such frightening lightning.

"Actually, your ignorance is understandable too. After all... this is the Tribulation Lightning brought forth by the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique," Li Anzhi added.

"Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?" Hearing those words, the crowd's expressions changed once more. After all, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was a legendary mysterious technique.

Suddenly, the crowd recalled that Chu Feng's grandfather, Chu Hanxian, and his father, Chu Xuanyuan, seemed to both have trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

With this, wouldn't it mean that Chu Feng was truly here?

At that moment, the crowd all turned their gazes to the depths of the fifth floor.

As the crowd were all staring deep into the fifth floor, the Divine Tribulation's lightning began to dissipate. After the Divine Tribulation's lightning disappeared, a figure appeared in the crowd's view.

That person was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

Even though it was the first time that the great majority of people present had seen the young man before them, they all immediately recognized that he was Chu Feng.

The reason why they were able to tell he was Chu Feng was because on the rune on Chu Feng's forehead showed the words 'Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng.'

"He really did all this?"

After the Divine Tribulation's lightning dispersed, the crowd were not only able to clearly see Chu Feng, but they were also able to clearly see the fifth floor.

At that moment, the crowd realized that the fifth floor's walls were completely bare. There was simply no sign of a picture formed by the condensation of natural energies.

This meant that it was truly Chu Feng who had completely comprehended the natural energies there and caused the complete opening of the fifth floor.

That was also what had truly happened. After Chu Feng finished comprehending the natural energies and martial comprehension there, he immediately began to attempt a breakthrough.

Because of that, Chu Feng had successfully increased his cultivation from rank eight Heavenly Immortal to rank nine Heavenly Immortal.

As such, Chu Feng had gained an enormous harvest this time around. In fact, he had even managed to reach the threshold to the Martial Immortal realm.

Chu Feng was only a bit away from making a breakthrough to becoming a Martial Immortal.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes and immediately stood up.

Chu Feng simply did not notice Li Anzhi and the others after opening his eyes. Instead, he looked up, looked to the ceiling of the fifth floor.

Chu Feng was able to feel that an enormous power was gathering above.

That said, Chu Feng was the only one capable of sensing that power.

Because of that, the crowd were extremely puzzled by Chu Feng's sudden action.

If they must describe what was going on, they all felt that Chu Feng was holding them in contempt.

No, Chu Feng was not showing contempt for them, he was simply disregarding their existence completely.

Puyang Han felt extremely displeased after being disregarded by Chu Feng. He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, "Chu Feng, you are truly too arrogant and condescending!"

"Oh?" Hearing Puyang Han's shout, Chu Feng turned his gaze to focus on him.

Actually, with Chu Feng's senses, how could he have not noticed them?

It was merely that Chu Feng was more focused on the enormous power that was gathering above him.

However, since that Puyang Han had spoken, it would be unsuitable for Chu Feng to not respond.

"You know me?" Chu Feng asked.

"Your name is written on your forehead. Even if I didn't wish to know you, I would still know who you are,” Puyang Han replied coldly.

"Oh, I'd nearly forgotten about that," Chu Feng smiled upon hearing those words. Then, he said, "In that case, what do you want?"