Chapter 3202 - The Entire Formation Changed

Chapter 3202 - The Entire Formation Changed

After more than twenty hours passed, the cultivation resources on the fourth floor were finally completely scoured clean by the crowd.

The ones to benefit the most from the cultivation resources were naturally Puyang Han, Puyang Qi and Li Anzhi.

This was especially true for Li Anzhi. He had managed to increase his cultivation by an entire level using the cultivation resources he obtained on the fourth floor.

Moreover, he made his breakthrough on the spot. The Heavenly Tribulation lightning that he caused had also caught the crowd's attention.

Currently, Li Anzhi had successfully increased his cultivation to rank eight Heavenly Immortal, and surpassed both Puyang Han and Puyang Qi.

This caused Puyang Han and Puyang Qi to feel extremely displeased.

After all, they all had the same level of cultivation earlier. At that time, they both felt that their strength surpassed that of Li Anzhi.

Furthermore, they were extremely confident that they were stronger than Li Anzhi.

However, in the blink of an eye, Li Anzhi had surpassed them.

With an entire level of cultivation difference between them now, no matter how confident they might be, they knew that they were no match for Li Anzhi.

"Li Anzhi, you are truly the brilliant one. You deceived us by saying that Chu Feng had entered the fourth floor so as to exploit us to help you enter the fourth floor. And now, you've obtained what you wanted," Puyang Han spoke with displeasure and jealousy.

"Puyang Han, don’t make such harsh accusations. We all entered the fourth floor at the same time. The two of you have not obtained fewer cultivation resources than I, Li Anzhi."

"The reason why you two failed to successfully make a breakthrough is only because you lack sufficient natural energies and martial comprehension as a base," Li Anzhi said.

"Humph," Puyang Han and Puyang Qi both snorted coldly at the same time. Evidently, the two of them did not accept Li Anzhi's claims.

However, the two of them actually knew in their hearts that what Li Anzhi said was the truth.

All three of them entered the fourth floor at the same time. They all started out at the same starting line. Everything was extremely fair.

For Li Anzhi to have successfully reached a breakthrough, and for the two of them to not have been able to reach a breakthrough, they could only blame themselves for being inferior to Li Anzhi.

Suddenly, someone said, "It would appear that Chu Feng truly hid himself."

The person who spoke was one of the people who had been flattering Puyang Han and Puyang Qi the entire time.

That said, they also knew that Li Anzhi's strength was stronger than Puyang Han and Puyang Qi. Because of this, for the sake of alleviating the awkward situation, they decided to shift the topic to Chu Feng.

Once that person spoke, the others present immediately came to a tacit understanding, and began to turn the target of their ridicule to Chu Feng.

"The way I see it, that Chu Feng must still be on the second floor or the third floor."

"That's for certain. We've practically gone through the entire fourth floor. Yet, we saw absolutely no sign of him. Moreover, we've all experienced how difficult it was to reach the fourth floor. How could that Chu Feng possibly be able to enter the fourth floor alone?"

The crowd were all spitting on Chu Feng.

Neither Li Anzhi nor the people from the Dongguo Heavenly Clan said anything. They'd become accustomed to people attacking Chu Feng in such a manner.

There was nothing that could be done. Their behavior was only natural. People would usually scoff at people that they did not know who had accomplished things that were deemed to be impossible. It was as if they would be able to show that they were not inferior to those people by doing so.

That said, it was not that no one was affected by the insults the crowd were shuttling toward Chu Feng.

For example, Puyang Han and Puyang Qi were extremely pleased by the crowd's insults of Chu Feng.


However, right at that moment, the fourth floor's ground suddenly began to tremble.

Following that, dazzling light began to shine from the entrance to the fourth floor.

"What's going on?"

Seeing that, the crowd's expressions all changed.

Not long afterward, several figures flew out of the flight of steps leading from the third floor to the fourth floor.

"It's them. How did they manage to come in here? Didn't they fail to ascend the flight of steps?"

Puyang Han and the others all revealed puzzled expressions upon seeing those people.

Confused, Puyang Han shouted, "Hey! You all, get over here!"

Originally, those people were all immersed in the joy of being able to ascend to the fourth floor. Upon hearing Puyang Han's shout and discovering that Puyang Han and the others were all nearby, they all began to fly over to them.

"How did you all manage to get in here?" Puyang Han stepped forward and asked them.

"We also have no idea. The hidden flight of steps suddenly appeared and began to shine brightly. The light was so dazzling. We decided to try to climb it, and managed to do so without any hindrance."

"Not only that, but the flight of steps from the second floor leading to the third floor is also shining brightly with light. Through my observational ability, I was able to see that the people that were originally unable to reach the third floor were now arriving on the third floor. Likely, they will soon discover the flight of steps leading to the fourth floor, and climb it to come here," someone said.

"What?! There's such a thing?!"

The crowd all revealed distressed expressions. Fortunately, they'd already completely refined all the cultivation resources on the fourth floor. Otherwise, they'd have to share those cultivation resources with those bunch of nobodies.

Although they were no longer worried, as they'd refined all of the cultivation resources, they were still puzzled by what was happening.

They seemed to have never heard of a change like that.

Sure enough, not long afterward, the people that were originally only able to stay on the second floor began to arrive on the fourth floor in succession.

At that moment, practically all of the newcomers that had entered the New Excellence Formation were on the fourth floor.

"This is truly strange. Why would such a change suddenly occur?"

Seeing the people that they’d considered to be trash arriving on the fourth floor, the geniuses revealed uncomfortable expressions.

"Look! Aren't those people from the Chu Heavenly Clan?" Soon, someone discovered Chu Shuangshuang, Chu Qing and the others.

"Hey! You all from the Chu Heavenly Clan, get over here!" Someone shouted in a very domineering tone. That shout was simply a command.

Being shouted at in such a manner, Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan revealed displeased expressions.

However, as the person who had shouted at them was much stronger than them, they did not attempt to make trouble, and flew over to that person.

Upon landing, Chu Qing indicated to Chu Huanyu and the others not to say anything. Then, Chu Qing calmly walked over to that person and asked, "May I ask what you might need?"