Chapter 3199 - The Meaning Of Humiliation

Chapter 3199 - The Meaning Of Humiliation

That place no longer resembled the inside of an ancient pagoda.

Upon entering, Chu Feng simply felt as if he had entered a completely different world.

When Chu Feng raised his head toward the sky, what he saw was a blue sky filled with white clouds.

When he looked down, beneath his feet was a vast land. Around him was forest as far as the eye could see.

Most importantly, in there, Chu Feng was not only able to hear the sounds of birds and animals, but he was even able to sense the natural energies there. The natural energies were much denser than those on the first floor.

In other words, compared to a simple pagoda like the first floor, the second floor resembled a world of martial cultivators even more.

The reason for that was because there were both dangers and opportunities in there. But they were all hidden and unknown.

To martial cultivators, this place was simply fascinating.

“It would appear that I must seek out the entrance to the third floor myself.”

Although Chu Feng was not very old, he had experienced a lot of tribulations, crashed his way through countless forbidden areas, and entered countless formations all the way from the Nine Provinces Continent. As such, he was a very experienced individual.

As such, upon entering the second floor, Chu Feng immediately managed to see through the secret of the New Excellence Formation’s second floor.

With that, Chu Feng unleashed his Heaven’s Eyes and began to look around.

Under the gaze of his Heaven’s Eyes, all the secrets invisible to the naked eye began to appear.

Soon, Chu Feng discovered the entrance to the third floor.

It was an invisible ladder that led directly into the horizon. The ladder was hidden deep inside the forest’s southeastern region. If one did not possess some ability it would truly be difficult to discover the ladder.

Not only did Chu Feng discover the ladder leading to the third floor, but he also discovered that there were some cultivation resources concealed on the second floor.

However, those cultivation resources were all located in different directions. Although it was very easy for Chu Feng to discover them, he would have to put forth quite a bit of effort in order to gather them all.

Furthermore, to the current Chu Feng, the natural energies and martial comprehension that those cultivation resources contained were simply too weak, and would not provide much assistance to him.

As such, Chu Feng did not stay, and directly left to proceed for the ladder leading to the third floor. He then successfully entered the third floor.

The New Excellence Formation's third floor was actually quite similar to the second floor. The only difference was that the natural energies on the third floor were much denser. Furthermore, the cultivation resources on the third floor were also much more powerful than those on the second floor.

Furthermore, the entrance leading to the fourth floor had become more difficult to find. In fact, there were a lot of traps at the entrance to the fourth floor.

However, all of this was seen through by Chu Feng with a single glance.

Chu Feng did not stay on the third floor either. Instead, he proceeded directly for the fourth floor.

Upon reaching the fourth floor, finding the entrance to the fifth floor became very difficult. Furthermore, the cultivation resources on the fourth floor were definitely useful to Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng still did not seek out those cultivation resources. Instead, he went directly to seek out the entrance to the fifth floor.

Although Chu Feng had to go through some twists and turns, and had to spend quite some effort to find it, he ultimately found the entrance to the fifth floor successfully.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, Chu Feng became wild with joy. He felt that his decision to directly give up on the fourth floor to proceed for the fifth floor was the correct decision.

The reason for that was because the fifth floor was different from the second, third and fourth floors.

The fifth floor returned to the appearance of a pagoda. However, the walls of the fifth floor were completely covered in powerful runes and symbols. The runes and symbols were shining brightly and reflecting upon one another. They simply resembled a beautiful drawing.

Emitting from that beautiful drawing were extremely rich natural energies, and martial comprehension that were capable of shaking Chu Feng's heart.

Chu Feng felt that the fifth floor should be the final floor of the New Excellence Formation.

However, Chu Feng never imagined the cultivation resources on the fifth floor to be so direct.

There was simply no need for Chu Feng to seek it out. The fifth floor's cultivation resources were placed right before him.

It simply seemed like the fifth floor's cultivation resources were telling people to attempt to comprehend it if they could.

Indeed, although the cultivation resource was right in front of him, one must comprehend it in order to obtain it.

As for how much one could comprehend, it would all depend on the martial cultivator's ability.

"This New Excellence Formation's fifth floor is simply made for me."

Chu Feng smiled. Then, he sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Whilst Chu Feng had closed his eyes, everything that was happening in his surroundings were being seen by him.

Chu Feng was comprehending the contents of the beautiful picture composed of natural energies and martial comprehension on the wall with his heart.

Meanwhile, whilst Chu Feng was focused on comprehending the beautiful picture, Li Anzhi, Puyang Han and Puyang Qi had all entered the New Excellence Formation, and had all arrived at the third floor.

In fact, they were not the only ones that had arrived at the New Excellence Formation's third floor. There were people from all four regions that had managed to reach the third floor.

Of course, the ones that managed to reach the third floor the fastest were Li Anzhi, Puyang Han and Puyang Qi.

Although they were not the first people to enter the New Excellence Formation, and were stunned momentraily by Chu Feng being able to enter the New Excellence Formation so quickly, they still managed to obtain the second, third and fourth spots on the ranking list.

This showed their strength. Furthermore, it was worthy of mentioning that the person who managed to enter after Chu Feng to obtain second place was Li Anzhi.

This greatly displeased Puyang Han and Puyang Qi.

It displeased them so much that their expressions remained ugly the entire time after they entered the New Excellence Formation.

This was especially true at that moment. Their expressions had turned extremely ugly.

"Chu Feng! Where the hell are you hiding?! If you have the ability to be the first person to enter the New Excellence Formation, then you should have the courage to stand before your daddy!"

"Come, Chu Feng, show yourself! I am the Puyang Heavenly Clan's Puyang Han! Show yourself! Show your daddy exactly what sort of ability you, the son of Chu Xuanyuan, have!"

"Chu Feng! Stop hiding! Come out and tell me how you managed to enter the New Excellence Formation this quickly! Tell me if someone told you some sort of secret, reveal to me what sort of trick you've used! Come! Get out here and confess to your daddy!!!"

Puyang Han and Puyang Qi's voices were even more resounding than thunder as they echoed in the air.

Their words were filled with insults toward Chu Feng.