Chapter 3192 - The Truth About The Past

Chapter 3192 - The Truth About The Past

At that moment, black gaseous flames were emitted from Bai Liluo’s body. Her expression became increasingly ugly. Then, with a ‘putt,’ she knelt on the ground.

Bai Liluo became extremely weak. It was not only her; that black silhouette also became extremely weak.

However, after a while, that black silhouette actually flew out from Bai Liluo’s body and returned to Chu Feng’s side.

Upon landing, the black silhouette made the same sort of movement as Bai Liluo. It was as if the two of them were synchronized with one another.


Seeing the black silhouette, Bai Liluo revealed an astonished look. She then asked, “You’re actually capable of separating yourself from me after fusing with me???”

The black silhouette did not answer Bai Liluo’s question. Instead, he shouted to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, do it!”

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He clenched his palm. Immediately, black flames filled his hand as a five-meter-long black spear emerged from his palm.

Following that, Chu Feng slowly walked over to Bai Liluo.

“Little girl, you’ve committed enormous sins. Don’t blame me for being ruthless. I, Chu Feng, am doing this to eliminate evil for the heavens.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he pierced the spear in his hand into Bai Liluo’s heart.


After the black spear pierced into Bai Liluo’s heart, Bai Liluo immediately revealed a painful look, and began to roll about on the ground.

Even though the black spear had disappeared, the expression of pain on Bai Liluo’s face was growing more and more intense.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng noticed that while Bai Liluo was in miserable pain and imminent peril, the black silhouette did not show any sign of pain.

“What’s going on with you? Didn’t you say that you and her shared the same fate, that if she dies, you too will die?” Chu Feng asked the black silhouette.

“Chu Feng, since he is capable of separating himself from me, it means that our fates are no longer connected. Right now, whilst he is able to control me, I am also able to control him. However, if I am to die, he will not die.”

“Although he and I are still inextricably linked, he has already become an independent life form," Bai Liluo spoke with an expression of miserable pain.

"Correct," the black silhouette revealed a wicked smile on his face as he said that.

"So you've deceived me?" Chu Feng immediately narrowed his brows. Anger appeared in his eyes.

"It seems to be a bit late for you to only realize that I've deceived you now, no?"

"I might as well let you know the truth. The one who devoured the souls of big sister Liluo and the other villagers back then was not her at all. Instead, it was me," the black silhouette said.

"It was you?" Not only did Chu Feng reveal an astonished expression, but Bai Liluo also revealed an astonished expression.

In all those years, Bai Liluo had always thought that she ended up devouring the villager's souls because she went berserk. She had never imagined that it was caused by her younger brother.

"Only you and I possess the power to devour souls. Since it wasn’t you, it was naturally me."

"If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being so foolish and naive to think that you'd lost control of yourself, and never imagined that it might have been me who devoured their souls."

The black silhouette's smile was filled with ridicule.

"Little brother, they’re all our relatives, how could you have the heart to, for the sake of awakening your power, devour their souls?!" Bai Liluo had a furious look on her face.

"Little brother? Haha. Did you really think that I was your little brother?"

"Could it be that you don’t even know why you didn't manage to awaken completely?" The black silhouette asked with a sneer.

"Why?" Bai Liluo's eyes opened wide. She seemed to have realized something.

"You and I were never one to begin with. We are two separate natural oddities."

"As for me, I innately possess the power to devour other natural oddities and living creatures."

"Back then, I had still not completely awakened, but had already gained consciousness. Not only was I able to move about at will, but I was also able to use a portion of my power. With that, I began to attempt to devour other natural oddities."

"When I sensed your existence, I planned to devour you and absorb your power."

"However, never would have I expected that you possessed such enormous power. Not only did I fail to devour you, but I instead received a backlash from your power. Not only did you obtain my devouring power, but you even managed to suppress me and made me coexist with you as one."

"With no other choice, I ended up using my spirit power to interact with you, to deceive you and make you think that you and I were one, that we were siblings. I made you think that was the reason why we ended up being the same natural oddity."

"I planned to find an opportunity in the future to devour you completely."

"However, never did I expect you and I to be fused to such a state. You are incapable of killing me yourself, and I am also incapable of killing you myself. Thus... if I want to kill you, I must do so with foreign help," the black silhouette said.

"You... you actually..." Bai Liluo had an extremely furious look on her face. Evidently, she found the truth very difficult to accept.

The reason for that was because she had considered the black silhouette to be her little brother, her closest relative, the entire time. Thus, even though she knew that the black silhouette was an evildoer, she decided to turn a blind eye to his crimes.

In fact, during the times when the black silhouette did things to harm her, she would decide to endure it all and restrain herself out of guilt.

However, she had now discovered that the black silhouette had not only brought harm upon all the villagers, but he was also not her little brother. Instead, he was an enemy that wanted to devour her strength.

The truth was not only extremely difficult for Bai Liluo to accept, but it also caused the anger and fury she had endured for many years to explode at that instant.

"I had guessed that what happened back then was related to you. However, never did I expect for you to be so despicable," Chu Feng said.

"Judging from your tone, you've suspected me?" The black silhouette asked.

"Why else do you think I agreed to help you without hesitation? I decided to help you like this because I wanted to expose your true colors as quickly as possible," Chu Feng said.

"Haha. What a joke! Expose my true colors?"

"The two of you now know my true colors. However, what can you possibly do?"

"Bai Liluo has been pierced by you. She is no longer capable of contending against me. Soon, she will end up dying. When she dies, your daddy here will be able to drown you with a single spit."

Not only was the black silhouette's tone filled with killing intent, but it was also filled with pride and arrogance. It was as if he were the actual winner.

"That's not necessarily the case," however, at that moment when the black silhouette was planning to attack Chu Feng with the intent to kill him, Bai Liluo, who was shivering in pain on the ground, suddenly stood up.

At that moment, Bai Liluo's body suddenly started to emit dazzling white light. After that, she once again started to show a painful look on her face.

However, at the same time as that happened to her, the black silhouette also revealed a painful look on his face. His expression of pain was identical to Bai Liluo's.

The black silhouette and Bai Liluo once again entered the same state. They both had their powers restricted. The reason for that was because Bai Liluo had sealed her own power.