Chapter 3190 - The Cruel Past

Chapter 3190 - The Cruel Past

Afterwards, the black silhouette began to narrate the story of the village and Bai Liluo to Chu Feng.

The residents of that village were all natural oddities. Due to the fact that they had grown up in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, they were capable of sensing other awakened natural oddities.

Furthermore, whenever they sensed that a natural oddity was about to awaken, they would immediately find that natural oddity and bring them there.

The reason for that was because they viewed all awakened natural oddities as their comrades, and considered their comrades as their fellow clansmen. They felt that only natural oddies were their family.

One day, they found an awakened comrade again. Merely, that comrade was somewhat peculiar. Although it had clearly awoken and possessed consciousness, it was still in the state of a natural oddity, and was unable to take human form or move about on its own.

In a nutshell, the natural oddity had yet to awaken completely.

For the sake of protecting its safety, the villagers brought it back to the village and specially ordered people to look after it and tend to its needs. The person that was tasked to look after it was the woman who was lying in that grave, Bai Liluo.

For the sake of allowing that natural oddity to awaken sooner, the villagers began to imbue it with power in succession. They could be said to have put forth a great amount of effort in nurturing it.

Although that natural oddity was unable to move, it was capable of talking, and also possessed its own intelligence. As it spent all day interacting with Bai Liluo, they developed deep sentiments for one another.

Bai Liluo addressed it as its younger sister, and it addressed Bai Liluo as its big sister.

It also regarded all of the villagers as its family.

After many years passed, that natural oddity was finally about to fully awaken.

The villagers were all extremely excited. The reason for that was because they had all realized that that natural oddity was different from them.

Although they were all natural oddities, they did not have great talent for martial cultivation after awakening. However, that natural oddity was different. It possessed enormous power.

The villagers all felt that after the natural oddity awakened, it would become their guardian, their protector. They even felt that that natural oddity would be able to lead them to retake the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm from the hands of martial cultivators, returning to them the freedom to travel about the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm at will.

Because of that, the villagers were extremely excited when that natural oddity awakened, and even went as far as to celebrate ceremoniously.

However, never did they ever imagine that the day that they were longing for day and night would actually be their doomsday.

That day, that natural oddity really ended up awakening fully. However, it devoured all of the villager's souls in order to awaken.

For the great majority of villagers, only half of their souls were devoured. Because of that, they only lost their minds.

However, the one that suffered the most miserable fate was the young lady who had meticulously cared for that natural oddity, Bai Liluo.

Her soul was completely devoured. Because her soul was completely devoured, she ended up dying.

After hearing what the black silhouette said, Chu Feng's heart began to fluctuate enormously.

"What you said is the truth?" Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng found it unbelievable that Bai Liluo would do such a merciless thing, that she would kill the person that looked after her for many years and bring harm upon the entire village for the sake of her own self-interest.

"This matter is absolutely true. If you do not believe me, you can confront Bai Liluo about it yourself when I bring you down to her later. You can ask her if what I’ve told you is the truth or not," That black silhouette said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng's heart tensed up. With how confident the black silhouette was, it seemed like he possessed absolute certainty.

"Tell me who you are first. Otherwise... I will not help you," Chu Feng said.

"I am her younger brother," The black silhouette said.

"You are her younger brother?" Chu Feng was startled upon hearing those words.

Chu Feng had guessed that the black silhouette was most likely related to the village to be able to know so much. Likely, he was also a natural oddity.

However, Chu Feng had never expected the black silhouette to say that it was Bai Liluo's younger brother.

"Bai Liluo and I were originally one. Although I was unable to speak the entire time before she awakened, I had existed since that time, and experienced the nurture from all our family members in the village. However, when my big sister personally massacred them, I was unable to stop her."

"It is precisely because I am her younger brother that I know about her ambition. She will devour all the natural oddities in this Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm. In fact, she will devour all the cultivators here, and thereby bring ruin to this entire Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm."

"However, that is not her destination either. After leaving the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, she will seek out more power by fair means or foul," The black silhouette said.

"I am able to tell that you also possess extraordinary strength. Why don't you take care of her yourself? Why do you need my help?" Chu Feng asked.

"I might as well tell you the truth. When Bai Liluo's strength increases, my strength will also increase, as she and I were originally one. However, because we were originally one, I am incapable of killing her. At the same time, she is also incapable of killing me."

"That is why I need your help," The black silhouette said.

"But, if I am to kill her, wouldn't you die too?" Chu Feng asked.

"Indeed, I will die. However, I will have avenged all my relatives in this village. Even if I am to die, I must still take my revenge," The black silhouette said.

"I have one final question. Why did Bai Liluo decide to use her name?" Chu Feng pointed at the tomb.

"Humph. When mentioning that, I find it even more unbearable."

"She declared that she would carry on big sister's name and complete what big sister wanted to do. However, she ended up carrying big sister's name and went out to do all sorts of malicious deeds."

"You also know that Bai Liluo is known to be a monster in the entire Eastern Region. Although she carries big sister's name, she has completely defamed it."

"She is simply blaspheming big sister. She had already murdered big sister, yet she is still unwilling to let her go," The black silhouette was very emotional when he said those words. Even Chu Feng was capable of sensing its anger.

Although he was incapable of speaking back then, he seemed to have truly considered the woman inside the tomb to be his older sister judging by the tone of his words.

"Very well. Bring me down there. I will help you take care of this monster," Chu Feng said.