Chapter 3165 - Taking Care Of Chu Feng

Chapter 3165 - Taking Care Of Chu Feng

“Chu Xuanyuan’s son, interesting,” Qingyu Ruize spoke with a light smile. No one knew what he was thinking, and what sort of decision he had come to.

“Big brother Ruize, we must properly teach that Chu Feng a lesson. Or else, if word of this matter spreads out, our Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan’s reputation will be completely ruined. How will we stand tall in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm then?” Qingyu Fengming said.

However, right after Qingyu Fengming said those words, someone immediately stood forth to refute him, “No, we mustn’t. Is that Wuma Shengjie not enough of a precedent for us? It’s very possible that Chu Feng will become the second Wuma Shengjie.”

“Even if that Chu Feng could become the second Wuma Shengjie, should we not then take care of him before he matures?”

“Else, once he matures, there will only be days of suffering for us,” Qingyu Fengming said.

“Fengming, you don’t understand. Those kinds of geniuses are all people with enormous fortune. Did you really think you could eliminate him? Back then, the people that wanted to eliminate Wuma Shengjie also held the same opinion as you. However, what ended up happening? In the end, not only did they fail to eliminate Wuma Shengjie, but they were instead taken care of by him,” someone urged against it.

“Enough, I’ve already told you all to stop arguing! Let me think about this,” Qingyu Ruize spoke loudly.

Once he said that, everyone, including Qingyu Fengming, closed their mouths.

They were able to hear anger in Qingyu Ruize’s tone. They knew very well that if he were to become angry, they would suffer grave consequences.

None of them were willing to enrage Qingyu Ruize.

“Big brother Ruize, the Burnfield Monstrous Clan’s Fenye Ganghao has come to request a meeting with you,” right at that moment, a voice was heard from outside.

“Why did he come here? I’m not seeing him,” Qingyu Ruize spoke coldly.

To Qingyu Ruize, the Burnfield Monstrous Clan were nothing more than his dogs, his lackeys. Whilst he did not care much when his mood was good, he had no intention to meet people like them when his mood was bad.

“Big brother Ruize, Fenye Ganghao came today because of the Chu Heavenly Clan,” the person outside said.

Hearing those words, not to mention Qingyu Ruize, the expressions of everyone present in the palace hall changed.

“It’s the Chu Heavenly Clan again?” At that moment, Qingyu Ruize started to frown deeply. Then, he waved his sleeve, and the tightly closed entrance to the palace hall opened. He shouted, “Bring him here!”

Not long after Qingyu Ruize’s order left his mouth, Fenye Ganghao appeared before him.

Seeing Fenye Ganghao entering, the people of the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan were all astonished.

The reason for that was because they discovered that Fenye Ganghao had actually crawled his way in.

“Fenye Ganghao, what are you doing? Even if you have a request to make, there is no need for you to act like this, no?” Qingyu Ruize said.

“Milord, it is not that this lowly one wants to act this way. Rather, I am simply incapable of standing up right now, and can only kneel,” Fenye Ganghao spoke with an expression of grievance.

Their Burnfield Monstrous Clan was clearly a clan of fiendish-looking giants many times more fierce than humans.

Yet now, not only did Fenye Ganghao have an expression of grievance covering his face, but tears were also falling like rain as he spoke.

“Exactly what happened?” Qingyu Ruize asked.

Fenye Ganghao began to inform Qingyu Ruize of what happened. Of course, he was naturally not telling the truth. Fearing that the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan would refuse to help him, Fenye Ganghao added details to his story and spoke a lot of malicious words regarding Chu Feng.

“That Chu Feng is actually so arrogant?!”

Sure enough, after hearing what Fenye Ganghao said, the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clansmen all revealed furious looks.

“Not only that, that Chu Feng also ordered me to bring word to you,” Fenye Ganghao said.

“Oh? What did he want to say?” Qingyu Ruize asked.

“Chu Feng ordered me to inform you to wait, he said that the ones that they will take care of next is your Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan,” Fenye Ganghao said.


Once Fenye Ganghao’s words left his mouth, a loud explosion was heard.

It was the tea table beside Qingyu Ruize. Qingyu Ruize had smashed that table apart with his palm.

At that moment, Qingyu Ruize had stood up, and anger and murderous desire filled his eyes.

“That Chu Feng actually does not know the immensity of heaven and earth. If I am to continue watching with folded arms, he might really bring his atrocious behavior to me.”

“Yunlong, Yunhu!” Suddenly, Qingyu Ruize shouted.

“Yunlong, here!”

“Yunhu, here!”

Once Qinyu Ruize said those words, two men immediately stood forth.

Those two were a pair of twins. They were also Qingyu Ruize’s generals. They could be said to be the two strongest people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm apart from Qinyu Ruize.

Inside the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s Eastern Region, the two of them were known as the Dragon and Tiger Brothers. They were equally as famous as the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s Mighty Dongguo Duo.

[1. Dragon and Tiger because Yunlong means Cloud Dragon and Yunhu means Cloud Tiger.]

“The two of you are to personally lead our clansmen to suppress the Chu Heavenly Clan. You must capture that Chu Feng and bring him back here,” Qingyu Ruize spoke loudly.

“As you wish!” Qingyu Yunlong and Qingyu Yunhu spoke in unison.

At that moment, Qingyu Fengming revealed a complacent smile.

Even though he had already witnessed Chu Feng’s strength, he felt that Chu Feng would still be doomed should Qingyu Yunlong and Qingyu Yunhu set out to take care of him.

After all, the two of them were both Martial Immortal-level experts.

“Big brother Ruize, in that case, when should we set out?” Qingyu Fengming asked. He was itching to see Chu Feng’s misfortune.

“There’s no time to waste, you all are to set out immediately,” Qingyu Ruize said.

“Yes,” hearing those words, the Dragon and Tiger Brothers, Qingyu Fengming and the others immediately clasped their fists and prepared to leave.


However, right at that moment, a voice was heard.

At the same time, a figure appeared in the palace hall.

That was a little girl. She had a head full of white hair. Although she looked quite strange, she was very naive, innocent and cute-looking.

However, after the little girl appeared, everyone stood there in a stunned manner.

In fact, to a greater or lesser degree, they all revealed traces of unease in their eyes.

The reason for that was because the little girl who had leaped in here vivaciously was called Bai Liluo.

The people from the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan knew very well that beneath her cute appearance was a vicious and merciless monster.