Chapter 3161 - Slave From Now On

Chapter 3161 - Slave From Now On

“That Chu Feng…”

At that moment, in addition to the guests, even the people from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan were completely flabbergasted.

It was only at that moment that they suddenly realized exactly how frightening of a strength this young man from the Chu Heavenly Clan possessed.

However, they had no idea that what they were witnessing was not the full extent of Chu Feng’s power.


Suddenly, Chu Feng lashed out with the lightning whip in his hand.

Once he did that, countless bolts of lightning flew out of the whip, filling the entire sky, and landed on all of the Burnfield Monstrous Clan’s clansmen at the same time.


At that moment, screams began to be heard repeatedly. It was not only the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen; even the strongest individual among them, Fenye Ganghao, was grimacing and screaming bitterly in pain.

Whilst the lightning whip in Chu Feng’s hand appeared to be very simple, it actually contained enormous power. Not only was it capable of tearing one’s body, but it was also capable of penetrating one’s soul and bringing about unbearable pain.

“Stop, milord, please stop! We were wrong, we were wrong!”

In merely a blink of an eye, the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen that were repeating over and over that they would make Chu Feng pay earlier immediately changed their tune.

Not only were they begging for forgiveness, but there were even people among them that kneeled before Chu Feng and began to kowtow to him.

However, Chu Feng remained completely emotionless toward their actions. Coldly, he snorted, “I’ve already given you all the chance earlier. Unfortunately, you did not understand the meaning of treasuring that opportunity.”

“Since that’s the case, don’t blame me, Chu Feng, for being vicious and merciless. Today, this punishment of mine is merely a lesson to you all.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to lash his whip even more ruthlessly, and the people from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan began to scream even more ear-piercingly, even more miserably.

In the blink of an eye, the people from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan were all badly mutilated, and covered completely in blood and wounds.

However, Chu Feng still continued on even with that being the case. He did not stop until a long while had passed.

“Bow before me right now. Otherwise… the following punishment will be even more painful.”

Not only did Chu Feng speak those words very coldly, but there was also killing intent in his tone when he said those words. Even that warm and beautiful region became frost-cold like a bone-chilling winter.

After being tortured by Chu Feng, the spirits of the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen had practically crumbled. They only wanted Chu feng to stop his torment of them. As such, how could they possibly withstand Chu Feng’s threat?

As such, once Chu Feng said those words, over half of the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen immediately knelt onto the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Feng whilst begging for forgiveness. In fact, they were even loudly addressing Chu Feng as ‘master.’

However, Chu Feng simply did not even bother to take a look at the people kneeling on the ground that had submitted to him.

Chu Feng’s gaze was fixed on the people that did not kneel.

It must be said that there were quite a few unyielding fellows among the Burnfield Monstrous Clan.

“It would appear that there are still people that are unwilling to obey. In that case, don’t blame me, Chu Feng, for being ruthless.”

Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and countless lightning bolts flew out from it. The lightning turned into many ropes that tightly tied Fenye Ganghao and the others that had refused to kneel.


In the next moment, electric light began to flicker as black smoke began to emit from the bodies of the people tied by the lightning ropes.


At that instant, Fenye Ganghao and the others immediately fell to the ground and began to roll back and forth. Their screams became even more miserable than before.

Seeing this scene, the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen that were kneeling on the ground were not only shivering in fear, but tears were also streaming down their faces.

They had truly never ever imagined that their Burnfield Monstrous Clan would end up in such a state. Furthermore, the person that brought such misery upon them was someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan that they had always looked down on.

“Stop, stop! I am willing to recognize you as my master, I will become your slave from this point on! Quickly, spare me! Please, I beg of you, spare me!”

Soon, someone began to beg for forgiveness.

Not long afterwards, even Fenye Ganghao began to beg for forgiveness.

From this, it could be seen how cruel and ruthless Chu Feng’s torture was.

However, even though they were all begging for forgiveness, Chu Feng did not stop his torture immediately. Instead, he continued to torture them for an entire hour before finally waving his sleeve and turning the ropes that tied Fenye Ganghao and the others up into lightning that scattered into thin air.

At that moment, the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen, including Fenye Ganghao, were so weak and powerless that they were unable to even climb back up. They were only twitching and shivering repeatedly.

“I will ask you again, who are the masters and who are the slaves?” Chu Feng asked.

“We are the slaves, we are the slaves.”

Once Chu Feng asked that, the people from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan immediately responded in unison. They were truly afraid that they would be ruthlessly tortured by Chu Feng again should they not respond immediately.

“With this, you have all submitted to our Chu Heavenly Clan of your own accord. Do not say that I have forced you to submit,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, the Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen were crying tears from their eyes and bleeding blood from their hearts.

Who would possibly willingly serve another? They were clearly forced into submission through torture.

However, even though they were feeling wronged, none of them dared to speak their mind. Instead, they all began to express their desire to serve Chu Feng.

“Rest assured, you will not have submitted to me in vain. I will not treat you all unfairly. Here, this is your gift.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to form hand seals with one hand and clenched his other hand tightly.

At that moment, light began to shine in his clenched hand. Golden-bright and dazzling power began to emit from Chu Feng’s body, imbuing his clenched fist.

It was Exalted level spirit power!!!