Chapter 3158 - Invasion From The Chu Heavenly Clan

Chapter 3158 - Invasion From The Chu Heavenly Clan

The Burnfield Monstrous Clan’s territory resembled a paradise. Beautiful scenery filled it completely.

However, in terms of being the most eye-catching, it would be their main city.

That vast main city was not a dazzling city covered in gold and jade. However, it was an extremely majestic city, a city filled with magical airs.

Towers that penetrated through the clouds were arranged in a formation. There were palaces that could be used to train in that were activating some sort of unknown formation.

This city was simply a spectacle.

That said, that majestic city was not constructed by the Burnfield Monstrous Clan.

It was instead constructed by people from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Merely, the flag on the city had the name ‘Burnfield Monstrous Clan.’

The Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen were all gathered in the main city.

Even the strongest individual among the Burnfield Monstrous Clan, Fenye Ganghao, was present. [1. Fenye = Burnfield.]

Fenye Ganghao was sitting in the plaza’s master seat.

His appearance was very similar to that of the other Burnfield Monstrous Clansmen. Merely, his aura was extremely powerful.

He gave off the airs of a ruler. It was extremely impressive.

Sitting there, he made all the others appear very small and insignificant.

However, there were actually many powerful individuals sitting beside Fenye Ganghao. Although they were weaker than him, their strength still could not be looked down upon.

Those people were not from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan. Instead, they were all guests invited over by the Burnfield Monstrous Clan.

The reason why the Burnfield Monstrous Clan had invited those people over was precisely to prove to them how powerful they were.

As for how they would prove themselves, it was very simple. The few people that were hanging in midair were a way for them to prove themselves.

Those people were none other than Chu Qing, Chu Ping, Chu Shuangshuang, Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu.

The five of them were all completely covered with wounds, scars and bruises.

However, as the crowd looked to them, there was not a single person among them that showed any trace of sympathy in their eyes. Instead, they were all ridiculing them. It was as if Chu Qing and the others deserved it all..

"The Chu Heavenly Clan has truly grown tired of living. They actually dared to offend you all."

"They deserved what happened to them."

The people that were invited over spoke with flattering tones.

Afterwards, someone asked curiously, "Brother Fenye, wasn't the Chu Heavenly Clan always afraid of your Burnfield Monstrous Clan? Didn't they always hide when they encountered you? Why would they dare to offend you now? Exactly what is going on here?"

"That's because there's a brat with an enormous origin that came from the Chu Heavenly Clan this year," Fenye Ganghao said.

"A brat with an enormous origin?" The crowd began to ponder.

"Indeed, his origin is extremely grand. Not only did he injure our clansmen, but he even threatened them, telling them to wait here, saying that he will soon pay us a visit."

"I have invited everyone here precisely so that you all can witness exactly what sort of trick that brat will pull," Fenye Ganghao said.

"Hahaha, did a fool appear in the Chu Heavenly Clan? He actually had such arrogance?"

Once Fenye Ganghao finished saying those words, the crowd immediately burst into loud laughter. Their laughter was filled with mockery. It was as if what Fenye Ganghao had said earlier was an extremely funny joke.

"Oh, that's right, exactly what is the name of that brat with a grand origin?"

"Brother Fenye, why don't you tell us his name so that we can ignore him in the future, so as to not be affected by his low intelligence," someone asked curiously.

As that person belittled Chu Feng even more with his words, the crowd's laughter grew even louder.

"Chu Xuanyuan's son, Chu Feng," Fenye Ganghao said.

Fenye Ganghao spoke those words very calmly. However, his words came as an enormous shock to the crowd present.

Whilst the people from the Burnfield Monstrous Clan were still composed, the guests, those people that did not know the truth, immediately had their laughter and smiles freeze on the spot.

"Brother Fenye, that joke is not funny," someone laughed awkwardly.

"Joke? That is no joke," Fenye Ganghao said.

"That is not a joke?"

"But, I've heard that Chu Feng died long ago. How could he possibly appear here?"

Hearing those words, the crowd became even more astonished. Their expressions turned even more serious.

"I have already interrogated the Chu Heavenly Clansmen. That brat is indeed Chu Xuanyuan's son. This matter is absolutely true. As for the rumors of him being dead, those should only be rumors," Fenye Ganghao said.


Upon verifying Chu Feng's identity, the expressions of the guests were no longer only serious. Instead, they became somewhat uneasy.

Whilst they did not know about Chu Feng, the title of Chu Xuanyuan's son was sufficient to bring them unease.

As for the reason why, it was all because Chu Xuanyuan was simply too grand of a person.

Even though they had never met Chu Xuanyuan before, they were all people that knew of his accomplishments in detail.

Not only did the seniors of their clans mention Chu Xuanyuan multiple times, but they would also have expressions of reverence or adoration on their faces whenever they did so. Their seniors' attitudes when mentioning Chu Xuanyuan allowed them to know that he was an extremely frightening existence back in the day.

And now, Chu Xuanyuan's son was actually there. How could they possibly remain calm and composed?

"What's wrong? Everyone, you all couldn't possibly be afraid, right?" Fenye Ganghao asked.

"Afraid? Of course not. So what if he's that Chu Xuanyuan's son? It couldn't possibly mean for certain that just because he's Chu Xuanyuan's son, he will be a demon-level genius, no?"

"That's right. The way I see it, that brat is nothing more than an egotistical brat that has relied on his father's reputation his entire life, and does not know about the immensity of heaven and earth," the crowd echoed.

They were actually skeptical about exactly how powerful Chu Feng was.

However, they knew Fenye Ganghao's character. As such, they would naturally not say things that were unpleasant for him to hear right before him.

Sure enough, after hearing those words from the crowd, Fenye Ganghao, who originally had a slightly displeased expression on his face, started to smile. He said, "Everyone, rest assured. I have invited you all here so that you can enjoy a great show today."

After saying those words, Fenye Ganghao pointed his finger toward the sky, toward Chu Qing and the others, who were suspended in midair with his spirit formation. He said, "The show that I am going to present for you all to enjoy is not merely taking care of those few."

"The great show that I will present to you all is me, Fenye Ganghao, taking care of Chu Xuanyuan's son."


Right after Fenye Ganghao finished saying those words, a loud explosion sounded from the direction of the city gates.

The crowd's expressions all changed. Immediately afterward, they all stood up, and began to look toward the direction of the city gates using their various observation abilities.

Upon doing so, they discovered that a group of people had entered the main city and were rapidly proceeding toward them. As for the person leading them, he was holding a banner in his hand.

Written on the banner in impressive calligraphy were the words, 'Chu Heavenly Clan.'