Chapter 3153 - Journeying Alone

Chapter 3153 - Journeying Alone

At that moment, Chu Hongyi even had the urge to die.

Earlier, he was so incomparably confident when he said that it was not an abnormal sign caused by a Heavenly Bloodline possessor’s breakthrough in cultivation.

However, it was now proven to be precisely an abnormal sign brought forth by a Heavenly Bloodline possessor’s breakthrough in cultivation before everyone. Furthermore, the person who had brought forth the abnormal sign was none other than the person he hated the most, Chu Feng.

Chu Hongyi found this to be unacceptable, extremely unacceptable!!!

“In that case, that means that little brother Chu Feng made two successive breakthroughs in cultivation?”

“Could it be that you all really discovered the undercurrent of the Immortal River?”

Suddenly, someone realized that Chu Feng’s two successive cultivation breakthroughs might be related to the undercurrent of the Immortal River.

“Little brother Chu Feng indeed discovered the undercurrent,” Chu Ping said. As he spoke, he released his aura.

Following that, Chu Huanyu also spoke, “That undercurrent truly had an enormous amount of power. It actually allowed me, who had been unable to make a breakthrough for so long, to make progress.”

Seemingly trying to deliberately let the crowd know that they’d benefitted from the undercurrent, Chu Ping, Chu Huanyu, Chu Haoyan and even Chu Qing all revealed their auras completely.

Upon sensing the cultivations of the four of them, their cultivations that had increased by an entire level, the crowd all felt enormous remorse.

They were truly regretful for not believing in Chu Feng back then.

Else, even if they didn’t manage to make a breakthrough in cultivation, they would definitely have been able to benefit more from the undercurrent than by following Chu Hongyi.

At the same time, the crowd were looking at Chu Feng with ashamed expressions.

As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Today, they had realized exactly who was actually good to them.

That said, Chu Feng did not say anything when faced with the crowd’s ashamed and grateful gazes. Instead, he had Chu Ping and the others bring everyone back to their territory and look for a place to hide.

As for Chu Feng, he proceeded for the Dongguo Heavenly Clan alone.

Due to the location of the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory, Chu Feng would have to pass through other territories to reach the Dongguo Heavenly Clan.

When the Chu Heavenly Clan had a friendly relationship with the Dongguo Heavenly Clan, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were allowed to pass through those territories controlled by other powers at will, and no one would say anything about it.

However, the situation was different now. After the relationship between the Dongguo Heavenly Clan and the Chu Heavenly Clan fractured, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen were no longer allowed to enter those territories.

For other people, the path to the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory could be said to be considerably dangerous.

Likely, Chu Feng was the only person in the entire Chu Heavenly Clan that dared to journey through those territories.

Because Chu Feng did not wish to invite unnecessary troubles, he concealed himself and his aura.

As such, his journey so far had been completely harmonious. In fact, the powers controlling those territories did not even know that Chu Feng had passed through them.

After journeying for some time, Chu Feng finally arrived at the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory.

On the journey there, Chu Feng’s attention was not particularly caught by any of the territories he traveled through. However, when he arrived at the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory, he realized why the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm was deemed to be a sacred ground for cultivation.

There were a lot of cultivation resources in the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory. Chu Feng was able to detect them merely with his Heaven’s Eyes.

Although those cultivation resources were not of much assistance to the current him, they would definitely be of help to Chu Shuangshuang and the others.

As for those cultivation resources, they were present all over the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory.

Most importantly, the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s territory was very large. It was over a thousand times the size of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s territory.

There was not a single person guarding this extremely vast land.

However, as he journeyed through their territory, Chu Feng did not see anyone from other powers apart from people with Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s title plates on their waists.

Likely, this was the power of deterrence.

The Dongguo Heavenly Clan was so powerful that they no longer had to send guards out to guard their territory, as the surrounding powers did not dare to set foot in their territory.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived at the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s headquarters.

Apart from their territory being so vast, the palaces of the Dongguo Heavenly Clan were not particularly imposing. They were quite similar to those of their Chu Heavenly Clan.

However, the palaces that the Dongguo Heavenly Clan lived in not only had guards on the city walls, but there were also powerful defensive barriers. The defensive barriers were extremely strong, and the work of an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Not even Chu Feng was able to sense through that powerful defensive formation. As such, he was unable to detect exactly what sorts of experts were present within the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s vast city walls.

What sort of expert was capable of allowing the Dongguo Heavenly Clan to obtain such a status in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm?

Chu Feng had already revealed himself when he was still quite some distance away from the Dongguo Heavenly Clan’s city.

Chu Feng was able to sense that there were several eyes that immediately focused on him the moment he approached the city walls.

“Who goes there?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

That voice was very resounding and powerful. However, it was not excessively domineering or imposing.

From this, it could be seen that even though the Dongguo Heavenly Clan was one of the Three Great Powers of the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm’s Eastern Region, they were not as tyrannical as the Cyanfeather Monstrous Clan.

At the very least, they were very courteous toward people that came to them.

Chu Feng descended from the sky and clasped his fist, “I am Chu Feng of the Chu Heavenly Clan. I have come here to pay a visit.”

“Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Hearing the words ‘Chu Heavenly Clan,’ a displeased voice was immediately heard from within the city.

Following that, the city gates opened, and five figures walked out from the city gates.